Marcus Mariota also not attending the NFL Draft

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Following in the footsteps of Jameis Winston, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota has also decided to forgo attending the NFL Draft on April 30.

According to Adam Schefter of, Mariota has elected to remain home in Hawaii instead of attending the draft in person in Chicago.

Per Schefter, Mariota feels it’s important for him, personally and culturally, to go through the experience at home.

Winston has elected to remain at home as well because his grandmother has type-2 diabetes and cannot travel to the event. With Mariota also electing not to make the trip, it could very likely mean the top two selections in the draft will not be in attendance to shake hands and provide a photo opportunity with Roger Goodell.

89 responses to “Marcus Mariota also not attending the NFL Draft

  1. Uh oh. Nfl thought it was too expensive to put cameras on the field wait till they have to start paying rookies just to show up to their made for tv event

  2. IDC what personal baggage Winston has or Mariota for that matter. I can only see it as a bad look for the NFL to not have two of your top selections present at the draft.

  3. That’s great! I don’t blame them. The Emperor seems to be losing control of the kingdom. Why should they show up for free, just so the NFL can start making money off of them before they are even in their first contract?

  4. This is bad for the league, the QBs have become the main event. Family comes first, but this is a made for tv event. Mariota seems a bit wishy-washy and he had ny thrown his first NFL pass yet.

  5. Let me guess the NFL will take it as a sign they should have never let the NFL draft get out of NY!

  6. Not a Winston fan but, love the reasons that he and Mariota have elected not to attend.

  7. So after all of you criticized Jameis about staying at home with his family for the draft, you all better stay the same about Marcus Mariota.. just sayin

  8. Oh oh, how long until the NFL makes appearances mandatory – unless you have a Dr’s note…

  9. It’d be pretty funny if all the players selected in the first round were not in attendance when Goodell called their names.

  10. Gotta be fair. I slammed Winston for this and now I gotta slam this as well. Bad advice. Show respect to your new team and show up and take the lumps if you slide. Face of a franchise starts from draft day.

  11. Remember when Rodgers slid down to the 24th pick? The cameras were on him before and after every selection. Why would anybody want to be subjected to that.


  12. Apparently it’s not just the fans who want nothing to do with Goodell……… if we could just get the owners to figure it out.

  13. Painkiller20 Do you realize how old she is??? And is Jameis’s reason somehow worse than Marcus’s just because reason?

  14. m4hawk says:

    Gotta be fair. I slammed Winston for this and now I gotta slam this as well. Bad advice. Show respect to your new team and show up and take the lumps if you slide. Face of a franchise starts from draft day.

    So every player in the draft should be there?

  15. If the 2015 NFL Draft were at Radio City Music Hall in New York City I bet you he would have gone. My belief is this year’s 2015 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago lacks pizazz.

  16. Marcus is not projected to go No.1. The No.1 prospect (Williams or Winston) should ALWAYS attend.

  17. Not from nor do i live in Chicago, but i think its a great city. Not sure why people would knock it ….

    Marcus is staying home because he knows he is sliding to 20. And Jameis (who i’m not sold on yet) is staying home because he wants to be with his grandmother who can’t fly. I see no problem with that either.

    I’m not really sure why this matters. I watch the draft tpo see who gets picked and where, not to see the players put hats on. If not one player showed i would still watch the entire thing

  18. Chicago red carpet seems a little off. I’m sure it will be fine. I’d want to walk up on stage I think.

  19. Goes to show you all this draft hype doesn’t affect Ms
    Marcus one bit. Sure all you idiots will spin in a way that makes him look bad, when really all of this is a great tribute to his way is succeeding . He doesn’t worry about all this hype. Good luck to both of you qbs . Also they won’t be able to cut away to show Marcus , like they did Jonny football, and make up stories why he is falling to the Eagles

  20. As an Eagles fan actually going to the draft who wants to see Mariota get drafted by Philly, this is disappointing to hear.

  21. Mariota has better things to do than attend. I’ve got better things to do than watch a Human Resources reality TV show.


  23. Seems pretty disrespectful to me. Especially with this being the first one in a new city. Sends the message that these guys aren’t willing to play ball to help the brand, or are more about themselves.

    Both of these guys could be there and back home again in about a 24-hour period. Not much of a good look for either of them.

  24. Hawaii or Chicago? Chicago or Hawaii? Now THAT’S a tough choice. Maybe they should move the draft to Hawaii and then every potential pick will knocking down the doors to go.

  25. extra extra read all about it Leonard Williams will now stay home during the draft. Wait what Williams is actually the best player available in the 2015 nfl draft. Williams will be taken with the number 2 pick by the Titans and…… Williams will be at the draft to walk on the stage… stop the crap!

  26. I don’t follow J. Winston but did his grandmother go to the Heismann presentation or travel to road games?

    On the surface saying someone has diabetes is a reason they can’t travel is ridiculous, its more likely complications from diabetes that prevents the travel.

    Personally I could care less about these two guys going to the presentation but it maybe takes something away from the fans. If I was a Tampa fan, I’d want to see my guy walk across the stage and bask in the limelight, gets some interviews, etc… I support the whole family thing but we all know how lame the “I’m retiring or quiting to spend more time with the family” excuse is. Kind of like OJ searching for the killer of his ex-wife.

  27. I agree these puppets should not have to be present so NFL can abuse them some more. I mean, they haven’t been paid a penny, and NFL has been getting a lot of mileage out of them…too much if you ask me.
    There should be a standard 1st round draft rumor stipend. I don’t pay for a ticket to watch them talk about their integrity to the game, or how past mistakes have been rectified…I pay to watch them on the field. This dog and pony show is for the owners who want to sign them.

  28. I love this even more than I hate Goodell, and I hope more of these guys do this. Why not celebrate the moment at home surrounded by your friends family instead of getting the zoo treatment by the media?

  29. It would be nice to show up, make you start off on the right foot with your new team, however they have there reason to stay away, and who are we to complain about it, my team won’t be able to take either one, so I could care less, I just want to see who my team pick in the first 4 rounds. Bill

  30. Guys should start making the league pay them to show up for this. It’s all for entertainment making the league and Roger richer. If the new rookies are the entertainers, they should get a chunk

  31. they should just hold the draft in Vegas.

    lots of players would attend.

    and the draft is just teams gambling over personnel selection anyway. might as well acknowledge it anyway.

  32. I suspect they sense they will become the next Brady Quinn or Johnny Manziel and fall down the draft boards, then to make things even worse, get drafted by the Browns.

  33. I am a 65 yr old grandfather who has type 2 diabetes as well as afib. I am on a week vacation in hawaii right now and 3 weeks after getting h9me will depart on a cruise to india and the middle east. Type 2 diabetes does NOT hold you back

  34. Wouldnt it br funny if most, if not all, major picks don’t show – to spite Goodell. Maybe owners would wake up then.

  35. Just have Manziel accept for all of them. He loves the spotlight and has lots of free time.

  36. Staying at home is one thing… I can’t wait until a draft prospect refuses to allow cameras into their home and the draft simply has a picture on a screen when they’re selected.

  37. So why all the hate on Winston ??

    Attending is overrated. Why be nervous elsewhere in a suit when you have your own bed to relax in?

  38. I applaud these guys for not taking part of this dog and pony show.. the media wants them there so they can watch them sweat should they start to fall..

  39. Was Mark Cuban onto something? Has the NFL jumped the shark? I think the popularity of the NFL is peaking or has peaked. New, credible leadership required.

    Love the fact that both are staying home. Probably leading to many more staying put too.


  40. If we get enough of this maybe they will return the draft back to just that instead of the stupid showcase it has become. The likes of commentary by Deon Sanders and Michael Irving among others is appalling and ridiculous. When something good happens to anybody the best people to share it with is family and freinds. If they must have the stupid interviews camp out at the draftees prospective homes.

  41. Mariotta is trying to hide from The Browns in the hope of them forgetting all about him.

    Which, in light of how the Browns have been been managed for the past 16 years is entirely possible.

  42. Mariotta is just trying to hide from The Browns in the hope of them forgetting all about him.

    Which, in light of how the Browns have been managed for the past 16 years is entirely possible.

  43. “The real reason is nobody wants to go to the toilet of the USA. Chicago is a complete dump.”

    You really need to get out more buddy. Downtown Chicago where this is being held is spectacular. Lake Michigan, Art Institute, Millennium Park. Other than NYC, it’s the #2 destination in the US. Own it.

    With that said, NY can have the whole affair back. It’s a pain in the neck to host and is an NFL boondoggle.

  44. Winston is not going because be doesn’t want to be a possible “Geno Smith” on draft day, though I’m sure he’ll be taken early. Plus his reason for not going is also believable because his grandmother could have serious complications from Diabetes. Mariota staying home is okay too. Let the NFL work out this problem, score one for the players.

  45. The NFL draft is such an overblown-crap-non-event anyways. Good for them! Be with those who love you when your pay day comes in.

    what kind of loser do you have to be to sit around watching the NFL draft on TV? or worse yet, pay to go see it? LAME!

  46. Good for both of them. Who doesn’t want to be paraded around like a prized steer or left sitting in the back room past the round everyone expected you to be drafted, embarrassing yourself and your family. Anyone else getting tired of all these changes for change sake?
    If you want to make playing safer or change rules dealing with off field issues such as rosters – fine. Leave the Game Alone!
    It is the most popular sport in America. Takes a lot of arrogance IMO to think you are smart enough to ‘make it better’.

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