No word on Wes Welker as March comes to a close

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Free agency dominates the month of March in the NFL, and by the end of the month, if a player hasn’t signed with anyone, that’s usually a pretty good indication that the player isn’t drawing much interest.

In the case of Wes Welker, there’s been no talk at all about any team trying to sign him. A recent Denver Post report saying it would be a surprise if the Broncos brought him back is just about the only thing anyone has said about him since free agency started.

It’s not hard to see why there’s not a lot of interest in Welker: He turns 34 years old this year and his production has steadily declined, from 1,569 receiving yards in 2011 to 1,354 yards in 2012 to 778 yards in 2013 to 464 yards in 2014. Last year he averaged a career-low 9.5 yards a catch.

Welker was once among the best receivers in the NFL. He led the league in catches three times and was a first-team All-Pro twice. In his six seasons with the Patriots, he topped 110 catches in five of them, falling short only in 2010, when he was recovering from a torn ACL.

But those days are long past. Now Welker is aging, and NFL teams aren’t showing interest. Perhaps he’ll sign with some team for a low-priced deal, or perhaps he’ll decide to take the lack of interest as a hint that it’s time to retire.

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  1. No one wants a guy with previous head injuries. 1 wrong hit in the preseason and he could miss the whole season. How do you build an offensive game plan us I someone like that?

  2. I love the way Wes Welker played during his career. He was an incredible attribute for Tom Brady and later with Peyton Manning. He was nightmare to cover and is admired greatly in Patriot country as well I imagine throughout the country. But if you like Wes Welker and you should, you must be concerned with the beating he has taken over the years and to his head more importantly, grabbing everything a QB threw at him in a game. Sure a team could sign him but if his production as slowed and they think it has anything to do with his physical condition they might not think it’s worth it, for them or for him. His personal health however, very much is. I don’t know why the other teams have not shown an interest so far but maybe….. just maybe these teams know that Wes Welker should hang it up for his own well being. People in New England saw a change in his personality and his on and off the field attics well before he got to Denver. The guy has taken a beating in his career and he should start to think about himself and his family and the years ahead. Wes Welker you are a NFL player of the greatest distinction, no one wants anything bad for you. Football at this stage of your life is not worth ruining the rest of it. The guy is loved, respected and admired for his grit, guts and determination on the fields of the NFL, and that will never change but his life could very well in a negative way. Wes Welker…..Hall of Fame!

  3. If Welker stays in shape some teams will be interested once training camps open if a team or two suddenly has injury problems at their slot WR positions.

  4. Bill always knows when a player is “done”. His track record of moving on when money doesn’t meet production is indisputable. Tommy I love us but your number is coming up very soon my friend.

  5. He’s not willing to play for vet minimum, which in his case is about a million dollars. It’s not worth the risk to him unless he gets more … and he’s not worth it. Looks like his career is over.

  6. Someone will sign him after week one when veteran’s contracts are no longer guaranteed.

    btw, nobody moved the chains better than Wes Welker.

  7. Great receiver, and a tough, tough guy. These smaller slot receivers take a real beating. He should count his blessings and retire.

    Someone will likely give him a broadcasting or coaching job, if he wants it.

  8. Once again, after all the furor, the Pats were right about when to let a player go. Welker had one good year with Denver. Pats did get lucky after they signed the wrong guy to replace him(Amendola), only to have Edelman turn into one of the toughest guys to cover in the NFL. Enjoyed watching Welker play, but I hope he takes his 30 mil that he made in fball, walks away and goes on live his life. Got married recently, owns successful racehorses, not worth it.

  9. Welker is like a lot of players who don’t want to admit that their time in the NFL is over. Football is all they have and once that is gone they sometimes lose themselves in retirement. Hopefully that won’t happen to Welker but he needs to face reality and retire.

  10. patriottony says: Mar 31, 2015 6:05 AM

    sign a one day deal and retire a patriot,,we forgive you for leaving..
    No, most of you Pats fans crapped on him for “dropping” a pass that was high, wide and back against the grain, instead of putting blame where it should have gone, on Tom Brady.

  11. Wish he would sign with Carolina, but I think I would cringe everytime he caught the ball…too many concussions. It would probably be better for his future to just hang them up. I agree with patriottony…sign a one day contract with the Patriots and retire.

  12. “No word on Wes Welker as March comes to a close”

    Sometimes, words aren’t needed. The inaction of teams to sign him speaks volumes.

    I always loved the play of Welker. One of the first things he did that caught my attention was when he was on special teams with the Dolphins. He was fielding a deep kickoff near the out of bounds line. He had the presence of mind to put one foot out of bounds and catch the ball. Out of bounds penalty on the kicking team.

  13. The guy is a young millionaire, played in 2 Super Bowls and is one of the very few who caught passes from Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. He’s got nothing left to prove. Move on, Wes. Your kids want a healthy dad.

  14. How could you write that entire article and make no mention of his head injury history?

    It’s the number 1 reason that a) no one wants him, and b) he shouldn’t be looking for a job in the first place.

  15. You have to love this guy. Tough as nails and was a real weapon for both Brady and Manning. But, it’s time to get out while the getting is good.

    I think he should call it quits because of the head injuries, and when you add in the fact he’s going to get a veteran minimum deal, it just makes no sense whatsoever to take the risk. At least IMHO.

  16. I think his decline in production has more to do with Manning’s fading abilities than his own. If he were to come back to NE he would be productive, maybe not 100 receptions per year, but definitely a solid contributor.

  17. He could be the #1 in Minnesota. It’s not over until you’ve hit rock bottom in Minnesota. He can try to catch under thrown passes from baby hands.

  18. Well said “robbd2226” I suspect he would have played longer if he had stayed with the Pats. Manning has a tendency to throw into deep coverage. Resulting in more head trauma for receivers.

  19. On the bright side, resining with the Pats was a great decision, and he got that ring last year… Oh wait, forgot he left cuz Bill was a meanie. Hahahahahaha. Still love Welker the player, but he made a huge mistake going to Denver. The machine in Foxboro didnt miss a beat

  20. You can here the distinct sound of a dog sled team – MUSH MUSH, whenever Welkers name comes up.

  21. Classic case of the Patriots letting a player get away one year too early.
    I wish Welker the best but I don’t think that beating up his brain anymore qualifies for that.

  22. Manning constantly putting him in harms way with his leading passes into defenders has brought this on… Nothing new from Peyton, just ask Sanders…

  23. The NFL should do him a solid and not sign him to a contract for his own well-being.

  24. Welker reminds me of why the Patriots are so good and so much fun to watch: Punt downed inside your one yard line, what do you do??? For most of NFL it’s rush three times and try to get room to punt. Patriots go empty backfield, five wide and spread the defense out. One time it worked for a 99 yard TD to Welker. Think different.

  25. Too many concussions time to retire and enjoy all the millions that New England and Denver paid you.

    Save your mellon man. You made over 30 mil just with New England. Don’t you still want to be able to count that high and understand what it means 10 or 20 years from now ?

    Also, believe MDS forgot to mention he’s also the only receiver in NFL history with 5 x 100+ catch seasons.

  26. Would like to see Reggie Wayne as Welkers replacement but most likely it will be Cody Latimer

  27. “He led the league in catches three times and was a first-team All-Pro twice.”

    Not a huge Wes fan… but this makes no sense. How was he not a first-team All-Pro THREE times. If you lead the league in catches, you should be an All-Pro period.

  28. Peyton Manning did the same thing to Wes Welker that he did to Austin Collie.

  29. I was never a huge fan of the guy even when he was on the Patriots but he was a great chains mover for them and for the first year in Denver he worked out pretty well, but then Manning threw him one too many ambulance balls and it messed him up. Retire while you still have awareness Wes you’ve earned it.

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    joetoronto says:
    Mar 31, 2015 7:56 AM
    patriottony says: Mar 31, 2015 6:05 AM

    sign a one day deal and retire a patriot,,we forgive you for leaving..
    No, most of you Pats fans crapped on him for “dropping” a pass that was high, wide and back against the grain, instead of putting blame where it should have gone, on Tom Brady.
    Loved Welker (asd aPatriot), but he should have caught that pass. Very catchable. And if you watch the replay, had Brady led him as you implied, Welker would have gotten ploughed bigtime. The throw was where it needed to be.

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