Panthers add linebacker, special teams depth in Jason Trusnik

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The Panthers continued to add bargain free agents to help shore up their special teams.

They announced they had signed unrestricted free agent linebacker Jason Trusnik to a one-year deal.

Trusnik spent the last four seasons with Miami, and has also played with the Jets and Browns. He started five games for the Dolphins last year, but they’re looking for depth and kicking game help with this one.

“Jason is an experienced player who adds more competition to the linebacker position and has also been a special teams ace,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “I expect him to come in and be a leader. Even though he is new to us, he’s got veteran savvy to him.”

The Panthers could use that, as they try to improve a team that went to the playoffs the last two seasons from the bottom third of the roster up.

Trusnik fits in with guys such as Ted Ginn, Teddy Williams and Kurt Coleman as players brought in primarily with special teams roles in mind.

10 responses to “Panthers add linebacker, special teams depth in Jason Trusnik

  1. As a Dolphins fan I am NOT happy that now Miami’s special teams has lost one of the best special teams captains there are. I’d love to know who Philbin has in mind to replace him! You got a good one, Panthers!

  2. DUMB & DUMBER AT IT AGAIN!!! Letting another great player walk!!! I swear that Ross & Philbin are trying to make a loser here in Miami & maybe that IDIOT Ross is trying to bring attendance down to move the team to L.A???

  3. Great player!! As a Dolphin’s fan, I will miss him. He was a fan favorite and did well when he had to fill in for those overpaid garbage LBs Ellerbe and Wheeler.. Wish him the best of luck.

  4. He will be missed and a great signing for the Panthers. He is not Starting caliber and a huge liability in pass coverage on TE and RB, but a Special Teams Ace and can fill- in during injuries. The Dolphins have Tripp, Shepperd, McCain amd even Jordan(?) to replace him. No worries. Wish Trusnik all the best.

  5. You guys say surprise he wasn’t re-sign. if they were going to keep him he would’ve been on the team two weeks ago. I like the guy and wish him the best. The panthers got a good leaders, great ST player and good backup/depth

  6. Good special teams was aweful last year. And the year before that. And the… We’ve been bad on special teams. I like the guys we’ve brought in so far. I wish Dolphins fans gave the same glowing review of Martin but I get it. Good pick up Mr. G

  7. Ted Ginn .. was just trying to remember his name. Better drafts ahead hopefully.

    Panthers just landed a solid player / hard worker best of luck.

  8. joemontanawasthegreatest says:
    Mar 31, 2015 4:08 PM
    Solid backup and good special teamer…..
    Unfortunately, the Panthers need a starting OLB. AJ Klein is not an NFL starter. It’s a huge mistake to think so. Check the stats. All of the record rushing games came with him on the field. He’s slow and can’t get off blocks.

    Plus Davis is getting old. Don’t know this guy, but if he’s a backup, he doesn’t help. If something happens to Luke or Thomas, we’re screwed.

  9. more Dollar Store shopping by Gettleman. I’m so excited for 7-9 and second in the division in 2015. Since apparently that is acceptable around here.

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