Popp hopes Michael Sam chooses CFL’s Alouettes

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The Montreal Alouettes hold defensive end Michael Sam’s rights in the CFL.  Their General Manager believes Sam may indeed choose to give Canadian football a try.

“The CFL is cut out perfectly for his style,” Popp told the Montreal Gazette.  “It would give him the opportunity to do what he does best.

“His agent knows.  They’re ready.  They know this may be what it is.  It’s Michael who has to make the decision — and he might never come.”

Popp is hesitant because it appeared in 2014 that Sam may join the CFL, but he didn’t.

“The indications were he was ready to come last fall, and he’s still not with us,” Popp said.  “So I really don’t know.  Seriously, I’d say our chances are 50-50.”

If Sam wants to play in the NFL, it should be more like 100-0.  Unwanted by the NFL after leaving Penn State in 2005, Cameron Wake went to the CFL, became a star pass rusher, signed with the Dolphins in 2008, and became a star pass rusher.

So if Sam is serious about getting to the NFL, Sam can show up for the Veteran Combine every year and wait for a call that’s never going to come, or he can go to the CFL and try to play his way to the NFL.  Of course, there’s a chance he may fail.  But if he’s determined to get to the NFL, that shouldn’t stop him from trying.

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  1. Go, perform……get back to NFL……….seems this may be the way for several others, as well…..

  2. The dude should have never came out. He would probably be in the nfl right now. It become a big distraction and took his focus off of football.

  3. Everybody who went to the veteran combine should be clamouring for a spot in the CFL. Yes, it’s a much lesser league, but it’s the closest thing to an NFL developement league there is once you’re out of college.

  4. Nothing wrong with getting paid $80 000 a year to play a game and keep working on your craft.

  5. Cameron Wake, Jerrell Freeman and Brandon Browner. All three of them are defensive players that spent more than a season in the CFL and are now having rather successful NFL careers. Bit of a changing trend as it has been offensive CFL players who successfully transitioned in past years.

  6. He’d rather put the media spotlight on himself every now and then to stay relevent in the marketing sense. Wants to be famous, not a football player.

  7. Michael needs to accept the opportunities that are presented him or he may hold out for something that never materializes.

  8. Hope he sees what it appears is the right move for him and heads to The Great White North for a season or two, and then comes to the NFL more NFL ready perhaps.

  9. Some guys are great in college but just shy of what’s needed in the NFL. Sam is one of those guys and I think a couple years in the Cfl will take him to the next level. I hope he goes to the cfl, I’d like to see him play on a Sunday at some point.

  10. The player that will not go away, last month he was the only player going to the veteran combine, now he is the only player trying to get into the CFL. Funny when the bisexual player in the NFL came out to knock SAM and didn’t want him speaking for other players , that story didn’t make it on this site. I wonder why. Every single thing else Sam does makes it on here. I got a question, will this site start covering CFL games if he makes a team there?

  11. 3 sacks in preseason and SEC Defensive player of the year but can’t make a practice squad? Couldn’t this guy be 10x (at least) more effective than Tim Tebow? Goodell doesn’t care he’s sitting on his 10 mil a year i envision him jumping into a silo of coins ala Scrooge McDuck

  12. I hope so also. It’s the best way for Sam to find his way into the NFL.

    Get your DWTS money then focus on your dream!

  13. Curious to know what they pay in the CFL? But seriously go play football Michael and if you play well; you will always have an opportunity down the road. Not playing football at all is the worst thing he can do.

  14. The key words here are ‘IF he wants to play”. He doesn’t. He wants to be a media celebrity. If he wanted to play, he would have signed with Montreal several months ago. His options were to sit around, get out of game shape, not be in a football routine…or to sign with the Alouettes, play some football, and show the world what he has. For someone that brags about their ‘courage’ he ended up looking like a coward when it comes to showing what skills he has.

  15. After he cut him, seemed like Fisher hinted that Sam’s practice habits could use some improvement. Is this a case of a young man who is a little more enamored of his abilities than he should be? And is he using his status as openly gay person as a salve for the fact that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is?

  16. If we are to treat everyone fairly and equitably, why am I reading about a guy who might make a CFL team? Enough of forcing this on us! If he succeeds on his merits and hard work great for him, the media circus is hurting him and angers the average football fan having to read about this guy.

  17. If he didn’t make it with the Cowboys-that lacked big time in rushing the passer I doubt he will make it anywhere else. CFL or reality TV

  18. who wants to bet he continues to blame his sexuality and not his skillset? Just as was pointed out in the article, he could play his way onto an NFL team by way of the CFL if he had the talent to do so…

  19. Sick of hearing about this guy. Let him and his boyfriend live in peace, or let him back in to Dancing with the Stars. …..

  20. If Sam demontrates that he can concentrate on football without the publicity baggage he may have a chance in the NFL.

  21. Why should we care about some ‘never was’ that wasn’t good enough to make an NFL squad and was bad at the “veteran combine”?

    Where’s all your stories about all the other ‘never was’ ex-college players that never made an NFL team? Why are you discriminating against them?

  22. It would be hard to give up, or temporarily, put your dream of playing in the NFL on hold. But Canada is a beautiful country, and playing in the CFL is nothing to sneeze at…it’s still a dream that the vast majority of football players could never reach. I’ve liked Sam since his time at Mizzou, and I don’t care one bit about the other stuff. The quickest way to squash the notion that his heart isn’t really into football would be to “humble” himself and go to work every day in a less prestigious league. You do that, play hard and play well, and you give NFL teams no choice but to take you seriously.

  23. Please, can we dispense with the Michael Sam stories. When the foremost thought about this guy is that he is gay the reporting he receives on a pro football site should be consistent with his pro football relevance which is very, very little – maybe even zero.

  24. You mean the CFL is tailor made for someone really slow and not talented. I think that Sam will find the talent level and the soccer size field to be harder than he thought.

  25. If Sam doesn’t go to the CFL then he’s not serious about continuing to play football. It’s his only shot to stay in shape and try to improve.

  26. If he’s serious about football he has to come here. If he wants to milk down his celebrity status until the last cent with stuff like dancing with the stars and that circus of a combine, thats another thing.

  27. I have never understood why marginal players who are seeking to carve out an NFL career will NOT go play in the CFL. Whether, it’s Sam, or Tim Tebow, or dozens of other not so well known players, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    If you want to get better at playing football, you have to play football SOMEWHERE if you are going to get better, and thus be good enough to earn a spot on an NFL roster. The CFL is the most prominent place to do that.

  28. He should try but he knows that his crusade for gay people won’t be heard as loud in Canada as it will be here in the US.

  29. I think Michael Sam believes he is already a hero and a star, he’s just waiting for everyone else to realize it.

  30. Jim Popp is one of the best executives in football. This off-season has been phenomenal for the Als. I truly believe Popp will take a turn hoisting the Grey Cup when the Als are presented with it at the end of November.

  31. I just glanced at this headline and found myself wondering why the Pope cared where Michael Sam played football…

  32. So they named a team after a children’s song?

    “Alouette” is a popular French Canadian children’s song about plucking the feathers from a lark, in retribution for being woken up by its song.

  33. If he really wanted to be a football player, he’d talk about his football talent first, and his sexual orientation later. But he’s always putting his sexual orientation at the center of all he talks about.

    It be no different than someone expounding religious or political beliefs.

    I don’t care what your sexual, political, or religious beliefs are.. I just don’t want them glaring in my face every moment. I want to do my job.

  34. Larrydavidstern

    Please tell me why? Because he sacked jonny manzel 2 times and a green bay scrub once in the forth quarter of a mean less pre season game against linemen who also are no longer in the league but because they are straight don’t get media coverage? Or because he was the sec dpoy yet Tebow and troy smith are not in this league despite hisemen trophys.

  35. Larrydavidstern
    Then remind yourself that his first combine wasn’t impressive, so instead of working to sure up his skills he decided to get prepping for an opera reality show about how he already made a team as an openly gay player. Was cut twice and instead of getting ready for the first ever vets combine(which many believe was created for him) he signed up and preps for dancing with the stars, because he “has to make money somehow” and despite being just 23 had his numbers go down like a 30+ year old rb. Maybe just maybe that’s why he isn’t in the leauge. Because his hearts not truly in it

  36. So they named a team after a children’s song?

    “Alouette” is a popular French Canadian children’s song about plucking the feathers from a lark, in retribution for being woken up by its song.

    Haha come on man, they named it after the bird itself. Alouette is french for skylark or lark and 56.9% (majority) of the population of the city of Montreal speak French.

  37. If he doesn’t make it with the Montreal Alouettes, he can always try out for the New York Rockettes. Seems to me he’d fit right in with them.

    Seriously, who cares what this guy does? The guys I feel sorry for are the veteran players who get cut because they’re just average players but are making more money than a rookie would make.

    Ask Sam to take Tebow and Manziel with him, will you?

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