Raiders release Antonio Smith

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The Raiders added several free agents in an attempt to solidify their defense last season, but the results weren’t what Oakland hoped.

The team finished last in the league in points allowed on their way to another losing season and another offseason spent bringing in new faces while getting rid of players who were part of the problems last year. The Raiders added another name to the discard pile on Tuesday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team has released defensive lineman Antonio Smith. Smith started all 16 games for Oakland last season, recording 20 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble. Smith had a particularly tough time against the run last season, but he’s been a durable player and effective pass rusher throughout his career so he may earn another look before the offseason is out.

The Raiders added Dan Williams and re-signed C.J. Wilson on the defensive line in free agency. Adding another defensive lineman is a possibility at the top of the draft, although the Raiders may also opt to bolster their offense by adding Amari Cooper or Kevin White to their receiving corps.

23 responses to “Raiders release Antonio Smith

  1. When the Raiders cut you, it’s time to start thinking about life after football.

  2. What’s the point of cutting him right now. Why not wait until after the draft or at least until you fill all the training camp roster spots and he gets pushed out? It’s not like we have an excess of talent.

  3. When the raiders cut you then you really only have one place left to play…Green Bay.

  4. You cut him now because it allows the player time to negotiate a deal elsewhere before the draft. Increases his ability to catch on with another team. Classy move by RM.

  5. I thought Smith was one of the better Free Agent additions we got last year.. but considering he started every game and only managed 20 tackles and was supposed to make 4 Million this year.. ya, its time to go.

  6. Unless they’re about to land Cam Jordan from New Orleans, this move makes NO sense whatsoever. They have a ridiculous amount of cap money and very little depth on the d-line to be cutting anyone. Sure, he might be making more than he should, but who the heck cares when you’re so far under the cap and have no depth?!?!!? STUPID!

  7. No surprise here. I thought this would happen a few weeks ago.

    The Dline is suddenly young with the exception of Tuck and he may see reduced playing time depending how this all plays out.

  8. What the ignorant don’t realize is that the Raiders are much improved and Smith isn’t good enough anymore.

    Not all teams do nothing in the off season, like the Chiefs.

  9. I always liked Antonio Smith. He’s probably the best player in the NFL that received his college education from a Shaolin Temple. Google it lol

  10. contra74 says: Mar 31, 2015 4:12 PM

    When the raiders cut you then you really only have one place left to play…Green Bay.
    It would have made more sense if you said the Ravens (Schaub), but you can’t expect anything clever at all from the Vikings fans.

  11. Another brilliant acquisition by Toadman, who is leaving the Raiders with a record plus $20M in cap space they will have to eat (not to mention unfulfilled critical needs). Nice work Reg. Ask Marky for a raise.

  12. jjackwagon says: Mar 31, 2015 3:47 PM

    When the Raiders cut you, it’s time to start thinking about life after football.
    Unless your name is Tyvon Branch, Vance Walker, or Marcus Allen.

  13. He’s a beast, not really a 4-3 DT tho. A little on the slim side. Wish him the best!

  14. I know exactly how he feels — got let go from DQ once for giving my buddies free Blizzards.

  15. Reggie M has no idea what he is doing trade for Schaub pay him big money cut him ? Sign A Smith pay him big money cut him trade for Flynn cut him . He is wasting draft picks and cap space on dead beats constantly .

  16. Reggie M doesn’t believe in depth he always cuts them then blames his record on lack of talent .The problem is everybody he cuts gets picked up and starts or adds depth to his new team .

  17. YEA I admit i was shocked at this move ..Smith seemed to have a nice season he played solid for us and gave depth to our front line in our rotation…not just that but he seemed to be well liked in the locker room keeping the guys loose I just think we could of kept him but when you go 3-13 and last in points allowed its hard to stick up for anyone besides Carr and Mack and Woodson and few others…but oh well I do wish him best of luck in his future..seemed like a good dude…

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