Report: Texans interested in Antonio Smith return

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The Raiders announced the release of defensive lineman Antonio Smith on Tuesday afternoon, clearing $4 million from their salary cap and taking another step away from a 2014 free agent class that failed to bring better results to Oakland.

Smith may not have to wait long to find a new place of employment. He also might not have to familiarize himself with a new city.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans are interested in bringing Smith back to Houston. Smith played in 79-of-80 regular season games for the Texans while he was a member of the team between 2009 and 2013 and he was productive in a fair number of them as the Texans advanced to the playoffs twice with Smith in the fold.

Smith has played inside and outside during his career, which would allow him to provide the team with solid depth behind projected starters J.J. Watt, Vince Wilfork and Jared Crick. Smith had three sacks and 20 tackles while starting all 16 games in his one season with the Raiders.

McClain suggests that the Broncos may also have interest in Smith now that former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and defensive line coach Bill Kollar are all in Denver.

14 responses to “Report: Texans interested in Antonio Smith return

  1. No, hoyer is a career backup. I guess you didn’t see Mallett’s game against Cleveland last year, did you? But don’t let facts get in the way of your argument. And don’t bring up Mallett’s other start from last year – he had a torn pec muscle, so don’t bother.

  2. How’s that “veteran leadership” working out for you Raider fans?

    Told you it was a waste of time and money to sign all these over-the-hill players

  3. Smith has to be the most overhyped Dlineman in the NFL. Seriously do not understand the interest in the guy even from Oakland. I don’t care about his age. Fact is the guy is not a team leader as he is professed to be and most certainly not an effective d linemen. Hasn’t been for years. Smith gets pushed around like a shopping cart at the market. Let the Texans or Denver sign him. Their opponents will love it.

  4. He was pretty productive when he was in Houston; maybe it’s the rest of the Raiders that were the problem.
    However, I’d tell him he can only come back if he drops that ninja/ dance/routine/ whateverthehellitis. That’s downright embarrassing.

  5. Had an awful year last year, so wouldn’t give him more than the minimum. As for mallet, he sucked against Cinci, and to say he was so crippled it isn’t fair to judge him is ridiculous. He should not have played if he was on his death bed like you folks claim.

  6. Htowntexan,

    It’s not ridiculous to take issue with anyone saying Ryan Mallett’s game against Cincinnati should be held against him. He had a torn right pectoral muscle at the beginning of that game. Your hyperbole aside, it would be very difficult to throw accurately with that type of injury.

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