Adorable 10-year-old defends hot take criticism of Cam Newton

As with many modern media phenomenons, it all started with a tweet.

After one guy posted a photo of a Skip Bayless-level hot take in an elementary school newspaper ripping Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, the 10-year-old has had a chance to explain himself.

And actually, he’s better than Bayless, because there’s at least an intellectual honesty to the kid’s claims.

The original column in Virginia’s Venable Elementary School’s Gazelle began by suggesting the Panthers should move Newton to running back, decried their inconsistency, but came around to the notion of “Now that I think about it, … Maybe he is not the only bad player.”

Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review caught up with the precocious tyke, who was surprised by the attention, but saw the chance at a greater good.

“I am very surprised and very glad because it means the Panthers might get a new quarterback,” 10-year-old Robert Romer said, when asked about the attention his words had gotten.

Romer grew up in Charlottesville, but his best friend in school has family in North Carolina, so they decided to be Panthers fans. But Robert said he’d prefer a more trustworthy quarterback.

“Cam isn’t reliable like Peyton Manning is. Some days he’ll win, some days he’ll lose,” Robert said.

When it’s mentioned that Manning loses in the playoffs a lot, Robert replied: “Well, he’s old.”

“I think Cam throws too many interceptions,” Robert said. “But I’ll cheer for him because he’s on my favorite football team.”

Believe it or not, there are actually some thin-skinned fans who were offended by the kid’s work, but his journalism advisor said she was proud of it.

“I would be very, very disappointed in mankind if there would be backlash, that people would be critical of a child having an opinion,” teacher Maxine Baskfield-Spears said. “We should be encouraging young people to learn, to express their ideas in the right forum, and in such a way that it can be even debated a little it. . . .

“This is sort of the beginning. I hope by the time he’s in 8th or 9th grade, he’ll be writing articles he can defend and that other people can intellectually question.”

His teacher may be expecting a little much from some of the hot-take merchants, and their customers.

And in a few years, we all may be out of work.

28 responses to “Adorable 10-year-old defends hot take criticism of Cam Newton

  1. Kid has it Lucky, let me have a talk with him about all the QB I seen come and go as a Miami Dolphins fan. The list would go on and on. Trust me I’m a 90 baby, never seen marino play but phinsup

  2. The kid is spot on. Cam Newton is very inconsistent and not the right kind of QB for the Panther offense. The Panthers need the typical 6’5″ 250lb Drop back QB who is only looking to move in the pocket for a better throwing lane. The Panthers hiearchy would do good to look for a trade, Newton would do well in a Chip Kelly type offense.

  3. What’s that expression…oh yeah, Children should be seen and not heard. Especially in restaurants.

    I added that last part.

  4. “We should be encouraging young people to learn, to express their ideas in the right forum, and in such a way that it can be even debated a little it. . . .”

    I agree that we should, but we don’t. That kind of spirit left us many moons ago.

    We’re all a bunch of softies now on this side of the world, and it sucks.

  5. Cam’s not an elite QB but he’s good enough to win games if you use him right. Too many coaches treat their good quarterbacks as if they’re great quarterbacks and then wonder why they fail to win championships. You don’t ask a player like Newton to carry your team like you do a veteran hall of famer like Brady. You give him the weapons he needs and you put him in a position to do what he does well. The Panthers have failed to do that so far in Newton’s career.

    As for the kid journalist, more power to him. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to state it but be ready to back it up with some evidence or you’ll get called out. That’s how the world works.

  6. He is wrong about Manning tho, he lost slit of playoff games when he was young too.

  7. The kid showed as much knowledge as most of the writers and PFT fans, who hated Cam since Auburn and have been trying to prove he’s a bum since then.

    His primary complaint is that “he throws too many ints.” Wow, that’s a deep analysis that measures up with many professional writers. It just proves no depth in thinking before writing.

    At least he pointed out that maybe he needs help, a fact that knowledgeable PFT fans always seem to neglect.

  8. My 5 year old has the same assessment of Andrew Luck…. Inconsistent QB who throws too many INTs. Here is a thought, put a team around Cam on offense and then assess his skills as a QB.

  9. Love this kid. Keep writing and having opinions, kid. People who tell others what they want to hear for fear of criticism are cowards and followers. Guys that look at things differently and give their assessment are leaders. Of course, there’s a way to tell people the “bad news” (your favorite team/players isn’t very good) without raising a lynch mob.

  10. @coltcountrysteelerfan says:
    He is wrong about Manning tho, he lost slit of playoff games when he was young too

    Kid is only 10 he wasn’t around when Manning was young.

  11. medialovesthecowboys says:
    Apr 1, 2015 7:55 AM
    The kid is also right. Cam barely beat Ryan Lindley in the playoffs. Ryan FRICKEN Lindley. Never forget that.


    27-16.. yeah, barely squeaked by

  12. watermelon1 says:
    Apr 1, 2015 8:19 AM

    -So a 10 year old repeats what he hears his dad say. Big whoop. Kids repeat what they hear. NEWS FLASH!-


    Russell Wilson threw 4 picks in one game against GB in the playoffs (but the Seattle D seriously bailed him out), then the game-losing pick in the super bowl, and Manning and Brady have both thrown 4 picks in a game, and Luck throws 3-4 picks on a semi-regular basis. And any of us would like to have them on our team (except for maybe Wilson).

    But …

    No substitute for promoting “free thinking” like having a blatantly Cam-hating and obviously elsewise clueless dad, right?

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