Dwight Freeney suing Bank of America for $20 million


Longtime NFL linebacker Dwight Freeney hasn’t found any action in free agency, but he’s working on a bigger score.

According to Dana Hunsinger Benbow of the Indianapolis Star, Freeney is suing Bank of America, saying they bilked him out of more than $20 million and forced him to close his restaurant business.

The lawsuit claims Freeney was taken advantage of after he trusted the bank’s wealth management division with his assets.

“Although we sympathize with Mr. Freeney as the victim of a crime, the bank had nothing to do with the criminal scheme,” said Bill Halldin, a spokesman for Bank of America.

The bank spokesman said two people who had been part of a previous scheme had been convicted in criminal court and ordered to pay restitution. One former Bank of America Merrill Lynch adviser and an associate were arrested in 2012 after fraudulently removing $2.2 million from Freeney’s account.

And in his lawsuit, Freeney said the bank “participated in and aided and abetted” a scheme that began in 2010 to separate him from his money.

If he wins, it’ll be bigger than anything he’s going to make playing football anytime soon, after the Chargers let him walk.

24 responses to “Dwight Freeney suing Bank of America for $20 million

  1. Huge multi-national banks and corporations which control the world economy have never, ever done anything shady or illegal, so I don’t know what Freeney is talking about.

  2. Every stock broker aids and abets in separating you from your money. It’s called “being a stockbroker”.

  3. Good for him! I hate BOA and hope they go up in Flames. I wouldn’t ever do business with that shady bank ever again in my lifetime!

  4. So the bank’s employees ripped Freeney off, but the bank says they had “nothing to do with it”? Guess again. Try lack of institutional oversight.

  5. It’s called risk, and everyone investor is exposed to it. Man up little boy.

  6. Freeney is suing Bank of America, saying they bilked him out of more than $20 million and forced him to close his restaurant business.
    No Dwight, you just suck with money and now that your “broke” by NFL standards and the phone isn’t ringing it’s panic time.

    Go away, Dwight go away.

  7. He’s not a longtime linebacker. He’s played that position only since 2012. Maybe longtime pass rusher – to cover his time at DE as well.

  8. Suing the banks? Good luck. You would have a better chance suing someone a little lower on the power scale, like the President or something.

  9. I’d like to think that if bank employee uses his position to scam and rob money from their clients, that bank has some degree of responsibility and can’t simply wash their hands and pin it on a criminal employee.

  10. Never understood why these players like to use their money to open restaurants. That’s as high risk as you can get. The majority fail after one year.

  11. Judge: What evidence do you have?

    Freeney’s lawyer: It’s Bank of America.

    Judge: Judgement is for the plaintiff – $20 million.

  12. Go Dwight Freeney! I don’t know why he’s suing but anybody that feels like taking a legal shot at the banking system gets my vote for president.

    “President Dwight Says: This ain’t yo Eisenhower bitches.”

  13. He’s really suing Merrill Lynch and Eva Weinberg (former stock broker) as well as Michael Stern who ran Arms Length where the money wired. Freeney is alleging $40,000,000 in damages as per Eva’s FINRA U4 report.

  14. Banks, like any legal entity in the Us, are responsible and liable for the acts of their employees. The BOA will settle this before the criminal acts of their employees is leaked in pending litigation. Sounds like Freeney’s damaged are fluffed too much, but I’ll bet he succeeds in this action one way or another.

  15. We had nothing to do with this. It was only our employee who perpetrated the fraud, and our bank that lost your assets.

  16. All banks operate on fraud, loaning and charging interest on money they do not have, and if you miss a loan payment they will steal your house and the police will kill you if you resist.

    By the way, the bank doesn’t have your money and it has just recently been made legal to claim ownership (steal) of that money you think is in your account.

  17. Some of you mental midgets blaming Freeney have serious reading comprehension issues. The article clearly states that the BofA employees were ARRESTED for scams and stealing his money.

  18. It’s not exactly as if the BofA has ever been convicted of cheating or criminal activity. Anyone ever heard of 2008 and the home mortgage fiasco?

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