Fourth defendant pleads guilty in Sean Taylor murder case

The fourth of five defendants charged in the 2007 murder of Sean Taylor has pleaded guilty.

Charles Wardlow entered his guilty plea in a courtroom in Miami today and was immediately sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Four down, one to go,” Taylor’s father, Pedro Taylor, told the Miami Herald after the sentencing.

Eric Rivera, who pulled the trigger on the shot that fatally wounded Taylor, was convicted last year. Rivera, who was 17 at the time he killed Taylor, was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Jason Mitchell, whom prosecutors say organized the planned burglary of Taylor’s home, was also convicted last year and sentenced to life in prison. Venjah Hunte pleaded guilty years ago and agreed to testify against the others. He got 29 years in prison.

The fifth defendant, Timmy Brown, is still awaiting trial.

Taylor was a star player for the Miami Hurricanes and Washington’s first-round draft pick in 2004, becoming a Pro Bowl safety in his third season. Today would have been Taylor’s 32nd birthday.

52 responses to “Fourth defendant pleads guilty in Sean Taylor murder case

  1. That dude was crazy good. The episode of A football life about him is well worth the time, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise in Washington D.C. with the racist nickname.

  2. He was amazing; phenomenal player. Similar to Ed Reed with unteachable instincts but this dude could lay the lumber with the best of them; I believe they called him MEAST – half man half beast. #RIP #OneOfTheGreatest

  3. I will NEVER forget the hit Sean Taylor put on PK Sam when he was at Miami. I thought Sam died. Still one of the best hits I have ever seen, and Im a Nole fan and alum.

    Ive always had respect for this man, too bad the media misunderstood him because his heart was in the right place. And it still feels surreal that we talk about him in the past tense, because he was well on his way to becoming one of the most defenders of all time.

  4. Low-life scum. Should have had a job and worked for your things. They deserve every day in the pen.

  5. For the family of a man murdered in 2007… It’s absolutely ridiculous it’s taking this long… It’s an injustice, and a crime in itself…

  6. Its been 8 years and all of these punks still haven’t been convicted? Thats unreal

  7. Our Judicial system is a joke, how many years have passed? Wasting all this money on these trials. I understand this is the process but it’s flawed. Trigger man should have been out down like a dog.

  8. One of the best players at that time. Now he would probably get suspended every game he played for hitting too hard.

  9. The animals that did this deserve everything they get. Having worked in the Bail Bond industry for a number of years, I have more than my fair share of acquaintances with criminal records. Believe me when I say eight years of county jail and then being sentenced to decades in prison, might just be as tough as it gets. Most convicts I’ve heard say it’s a relief when they hit the chain. In all likelihood they held some hope that they would somehow be exonerated for all that time. Put that under your pillow when the wheels of justice turn to slowly for your taste.

  10. I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long in whatever prison they’ve been held in… I have to think they’re no more popular with NFL/Washington fans behind bars than here among the criminally insane PFT posters

  11. Even though he played for the U, nobody deserves to go out like that. Cant believe its taken this long to get all these idiots sentenced.

  12. this guy is missed every time the Skins take the field on defense. A one-of-a-kind player, who had a limitless amount of potential… be easy up there ST21.


  13. Had a chance to go to the game after he passed and was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced i’m from buffalo and my cousin from maryland also a Bills fan worked for one of the major stadium sponsors so he arranged to get corporate seats from work at the beginning of the season to watch skins host the bills. Long story short he went to pick up tix Friday before game and turned out company had fired there ceo that same day so secretary said here might as well take these (luxury box seats at 50yd line with more VIP treatment than I could of ever imagined) This wasn’t why game was so special though emotion in the place was unreal from tailgating to the last play. It was surreal Could tell how much he meant to the skins fans and even got chills in pregame ceremony even though wasn’t a fan of his prior due to him blowing up the bills punter in the probowl. Such a stupid senseless tragedy was obviously a very special man and was loved by the fans

  14. I hope Timmy Brown is watching and pissing in his pants! You’re next and I hope they decide on the maximum penalty in the worst prison imaginable. Hopefully with a bunch of Redskins fans. They can take it from there!

  15. I never saw Sean Taylor make a bad play in his entire NFL career. A bunch of overly agressive personal fouls yes, but I can’t remember him missing a tackle, or blowing a coverage. He was a man among boys at every level he played at. If you haven’t seen “A Football Life: Sean Taylor”, do yourself a favor and watch it.

    Taylor is often overlooked when people speak about the horrible shape the Redskins are in. And while they are mostly right, you can’t ignore the impact his death had on the franchises stability, particularly on defense. Anyone who knows football will tell you he was a sure thing as a first ballot HOF’er.

  16. He was a joy to watch. Had a lot of potential and was well on his way to becoming one of the best players in the league for a long time. May his soul be in peace.

  17. the worst thing about this is they may all be still alive , by the time they get out………

  18. im praying the redskins go back to what won them superbowls..defense running and play sean taylor

  19. For all you experts on the judicial system: you think the Taylor case is the only murder case the D.A. and police are working on?? Do you think cases are easily solved when there are multiple defendants? And you don’t think there was huge political pressure to solve this case? You don’t think the DA wanted to bring this case to trial until they had all their ducks in order?
    Yeah, must be a conspiracy to delay justice as long as possible, in order to benefit whom, exactly?

  20. I’ll never forget the day I heard he died. I can’t believe it’s been 7 and a half years. RIP. Was turning his life around when these scumbags did this.

  21. Couple. Of these perps were juveniles, so let’s hold off condemning them so fast. Studies show their brains are not yet fully developed

  22. I understand that these guys killed Taylor. But they were teenagers and did not know Taylor was home. These sentences are too severe. It was not premeditated murder. They shot him in the leg. I hate to say but if they were not minorities, I don’t think these prison sentences would be the same. I think it’s reasonable for them to get 3rd degree murder convictions with no more than 20 years each.

  23. I’ll readily admit that I cried the morning I found out that Sean Taylor had died. He was just a kid and was just starting to turn the corner and become a man.

    The young men who took his life also threw their own lives away. For absolutely nothing. Just a sad story.

  24. What took so long? These punks were all caught almost right away and the crime was committed in 2007. I know that the wheels of justice move slow but come on.

  25. RIP. Senseless killing. Just tragic. We should at the very least be glad that they’re bringing all of these scumbags to justice.

  26. I don’t know which is the bigger crime..the murder of Taylor, or the fact the justice system has allowed some of these pieces of human debris to remain un-tried 8 years after the fact.

  27. It’s a shame that the former Redskins players family has had to wait so long for these people to be convicted.

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