ProFootballTalk: Will Dallas fill their open cap space with Adrian Peterson?

Mike Florio takes a look at the decision to restructure Tony Romo’s contract in order to save $12.8 million and what they might do with that open space.

4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will Dallas fill their open cap space with Adrian Peterson?

  1. No.

    Signing Hardy put them right up against the cap.

    They will use it on the $4M they just gave McClain. They then need $5M to pay their rookies. They’ll then use the last 3-4M to work on a Dez Bryant extention.

  2. Well genius above if they sign dez bryant to a long term deal their cap number drops 5 million they will do a signing bonus and money on back end. Hardy cost a wopping 770000 This year. And mcclain I’d mostly Vincent I’ve based they r 3 million under now so all that money can get peterson but they will not need it because of signing bonus again. Lower 2015 cap number they will restructure his current salary. I love how people have no idea what they r talking

  3. They should go after Peterson romo has a small window left. Dez already counts almost 13 million towards the cap. You lower that number with a five year deal and sign Peterson for 2 to 3 years and offence is intact and keep adding defense pieces through the draft. I only say this because I believe Peterson will defy the running back odds and play at high level for that long. To waste this window is foolish and cap will rise every year.

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