Stefen Wisniewski’s latest free agent visit with Patriots this week

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The Patriots became leverage for Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain to get a better deal at home, but they won’t have to worry about that with their latest visitor.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Patriots hosted Raiders center Stefen Wisniewski on a visit this week.

Wisniewski is coming off shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum, but has still drawn considerable interest. He’s had visits with the Seahawks, Buccaneers and Bears already, with others checking in.

The Raiders don’t need him after signing former Chiefs center Rodney Hudson to a big money deal, but plenty of others could use him and realize an upgrade (assuming he’s healthy).

While the number of visits and his injury history indicates he’s not yet ready to sign, the Patriots clearly think he could help.

24 responses to “Stefen Wisniewski’s latest free agent visit with Patriots this week

  1. Just what every player in the NFL wants, to join a stained cheating franchise.

  2. There are worse players out there than little Wiz, that’s for sure.

    I think us Raider fans expected much more out of him because his uncle was so good and nasty.

    All the best to him.

  3. Going from the Raiders to the Pats would be like going from Tofu to Filet Mignon

  4. The Patriots are a good landing spot for offensive linemen with position flexibility. If a guy gets injured they take their time and make sure he is healthy before playing him. They have a deep roster and do their best to be healthy for the playoffs. Brady gets rid of the ball quickly which makes the linemen’s job that much easier. Wisniewski is only 26 and can probably play either guard spot or center which adds to his value.

    This would be a good signing for the team and the player. I wonder if they are thinking about singing both him and Connolly or just either or. There certainly seems to be plenty of interest in him.

  5. wilmyers09 says:Apr 1, 2015 4:55 PM

    Lol nobody is signing with pats cheaters dont win in the long run!!!!!!

    You may have a point. Except for 7 minutes of game tape, filmed 8 years ago from the wrong position (and never used) the Pats don’t cheat, and yet over the last 15 years, they don’t have a losing record against any team in the NFL!

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. I can’t believe my Minnesota Vikings didn’t look into this guy-it’s not like they don’t need the help at left guard…….

  7. Retired New England Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia is scouting offensive linemen for the Patriots leading up to the draft. They did a nice job last year in landing a starting center in Bryan Stork and a tackle with flexibility in Cameron Fleming. Both rookies contributed to a super bowl winning season. What I especially like about the Patriots way in this example is that they have a scout identify the talent but a coach make the call as to whether the the kid can contribute to what the Pats want to do on the field and how he will fit in with his teammates. That is especially true with the offensive line.

  8. Brian Stork is the Pats center for the forseeable future. Their guards are awful. Although Wiz was a liability in pass protection with the Raiders, maybe he could benefit from some decent coaching. The Pats had Gallery in camp before he retired and couldn’t believe how badly the Raiders lack of coaching wrecked him.

  9. The opportunity to play for the Greatest Coach of all time, with the Greatest QB of all time and to play in a Super Bowl. Not really a difficult decision.

  10. If there’s not much interest out there for Wiz then the Raiders should bring him back at a discount salary and move him to OG. He was originally drafted as an OG and the Raiders are still weak at one of the OG spots. It would make a lot of sense so I’m not sure that McKenzie would think of doing this.

  11. It’s been mutually established that both parties are moving on. Also the reason Wiz isn’t Oakland anymore is because he didn’t want to play guard. Seriously there is no reason for him to come back and I am content with that.

  12. If Al Davis was still alive Wisniewski would have received a contract extension by now and there would still be a Wisniewski coaching him.

  13. Unless he has some versatility and he’d slide over to either one of the guard spots, I don’t see why they would want him. Stork is younger, cheaper and better. Probably just another leverage play.

  14. Patriots filming was not cheating in any way, shape or form.

    Camera location was not permitted just as; Holding, False Start, Offsides, 12 men on field at snap, Passer Interference, Chop Block etc.

    PATRIOTS have cheated other teams by just being that much better then the crybabies – Ravens, Colts, Jets, Dolphins, Peyton, etc…

  15. Just a little reminder to you Patriot haters..The best part about being a Pat Fan is right now we know at the very least we will be in the playoff’s and Vegas NFC favorite Seahawks .AFC favorite THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS

  16. Labrum tear surgery (SLAP) are pure torture.. About to have my 3rd plus bicep tear surg…..AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Good luck Wiz!

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