Top tight end Maxx Williams won’t attend the draft


The top two quarterbacks in this year’s draft, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, have both said they don’t plan to attend the festivities in Chicago. Now the top tight end is opting out as well.

Maxx Williams, regarded by many as the best tight end in the 2015 draft class, told KARE 11 that he intends to spend the weekend with his family instead of going to the draft.

Not every top prospect is skipping the event. West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White, a likely Top 10 pick, confirmed that he will be there. But in recent years, all the top picks have been there in person. That won’t be the case this year.

Officially, the NFL says each player can decide for himself whether to attend the draft. But the league might quietly ask players who say they’re not going to reconsider. The draft is the NFL’s biggest offseason event, and the league wants to use it to market its new stars. That’s harder to do when those new stars choose to stay home.

58 responses to “Top tight end Maxx Williams won’t attend the draft

  1. I’d rather be with my family and friends during the draft process and then celebrate with the people who are close to me than to sit quietly wearing a tie with strangers smiling politely for the cameras.

  2. I don’t understand why these guys wouldn’t want to take advantage of being exploited one last time before the paychecks begin….

  3. Terrible person and this proves all of our suspicions are correct about this ingrate! Oh wait, that only applies to Winston not attending the draft.

  4. Oh look, its another trend for these guys, as if they’re making some kind of statement.

    How stupid. Its likely going to be one of the biggest nights of your entire life. Show up for it

  5. go to Chicago maxx, once in a lifetime big fella. you can bring all of your family and friends

  6. Moving the draft away from NYC is the reason for the no-shows. No glitz, no glamour, no Madison Ave., no Times Square, no Radio City Music Hall, no Empire State Building,
    no big $$$ opportunities, no sweet honeys – in Chicago.

    The NFL thinks it’s bullet-proof, but it’s like any other business – you screw with tradition, alienate your employees and your customers and you will eventually pay the price.

    This commish will forever be remembered as the guy who led this league to it’s demise as a powerhouse.

  7. I’m sure sitting there in a suit for 48 hours isn’t worth a handshake and a photo op. These guys meet the commish later anyways plus they get a phone call right before the selection. We just want to hear boos and watch Jaws insert foot into mouth.

  8. It would be great to see all of the top 10-20 rated players stay away from the draft just to embarrass Goodell.

  9. Wait, he really spells his name with two x’s? Everyone knows you gotta go traditional with one, or make a statement and name your kid Maxxx

  10. Why was he even invited?

    I like him, but never thought he was a first rounder.

    The only guys who should go among those who were invited, but haven’t declined to my knowledge:

    Kevin White, Brandon Scherff, Trae Waynes, Vic Beasley, Leonard Williams, Danny Shelton, and Amari Cooper.

  11. Goodell should see the writing on the wall. Fans and top prospects don’t like him or moving the draft away from NYC. How does he still have a job? Fire Goodell!

  12. Once in a lifetime chance to go onstage live at the NFL Draft !! You will remember it for the rest of your life and you can invite the family or just see them later. Why miss out ?

  13. I couldn’t care less who attends the draft and gets to hug Roger when they’re selected. That provides absolutely no entertainment for me. I’m just interested in who drafts who.

  14. Williams isn’t even assured of being a first round pick, so why would he attend and sit there looking bored for four hours?

  15. I don’t blame them. I skip watching the first round because I don’t want to see Goodell’s ugly mug.

  16. I just don’t understand why these guys wouldn’t want to attend the draft, one of the biggest moments of their lives. What, do they have to wash their hair that weekend? What could they possibly have going on that’s more important than what pick their selected with, what team they’ll be playing for, and how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars they’ll be making???

  17. The players have caught on that the cameras are going to hit them anyway at home whether it’s a local station or someone’s Skype. May as well enjoy the moment with family.

  18. Well he should. Congrats to him and all, but there are way too many invited these days, leaving several undrafted at the end of night one. Should be just top ten, maybe.

  19. Staying home is the most Minnesotan thing possible. I really really don’t like the double x spelling, but this draft day move just moved him up by fan board.

  20. THE NFL caused this with the BRADY QUINN green room debacle…pick after pick goes by and they keep going back to the GREEN room with BQ sitting there all alone

  21. I’m glad these top prospects are choosing to stay home. It’s time for the NFL to get a clue that not everything connected to the league is a prime time event.

  22. Looks like Goodell is headed for a fairly lonely day.

    Soon top draft prospects will be required to attend draft day because Roger says so.

  23. Make it a requirement that they attend in order to be drafted….easy, peasy.

    If they don’t want to come, welp, then they can’t be drafted/can’t sign with a team…

  24. I wonder if the league will be able to afford putting cameras into these guys’ homes, what with their budget being so tight and all.

  25. Personally I don’t see it as a big deal. My least favorite part of the draft is the player introduction. By the time a player is taken I’ve already moved on to who will be taken next and how it effects my team.

  26. They are not under contract..So if they decide to be with family etc good for them…The NFL only cares about viewership not the kids. Maybe McShay and company should have a mock show-up draft…

  27. You can’t force somebody to be there when you aren’t paying them and they aren’t employees yet. So….start paying them to be there.

  28. The guy is borderline for first round/second round. I know it would be exciting to walk across that stage, but it might be embarassing to wait till the second day for it to happen.

  29. The NFL (Goodell) did this to themselves. They turned this into a Drama Gala and for players barely poised for the 1st round get embarrassed with the awkward camera solos mulyiple times over 2 days Even the top picks that slide to the back end of the 1st get the same treatment. Why put yourself through this? Stay hone with supportive family, eat, relax and make fun of Mayock, Kiper and the rest of the Talking Heads, as they get it wrong every single year.

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