Tribal official faces impeachment after taking gifts from Dan Snyder

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An exchange of trinkets and a free cross-country trip for a promise of goodwill didn’t work out so hot for a Native American.

Well, at least it’s just one in particular this time.

Via longtime Washington writer Dave McKenna at Deadspin comes the very latest bit of red on the face of Dan Snyder’s football team, as a Utah tribe has moved to impeach its leader after she accepted gifts from the team, allegedly so she’d support their nickname efforts.

According to the filing, the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah Tribal Council has accused Gari Pikyavit Lafferty, their highest-ranking elected official, of accepting gifts from the team and the Original Americans Foundation (OAF), a non-profit formed by Snyder for his “outreach” efforts.

The Council accused Lafferty of accepting a Robert Griffin III-signed football, and allowing the team to pay for her trip to Washington to see the Sept. 25, 2014 game against the Giants without telling tribal leaders. Among the evidence presented was a photo with team president Bruce Allen.

The council wrote that the gifts “could be considered bribery,” and curiously enough, when she returned home, she supported a deal which allowed the OAF (they don’t even think their acronyms through particularly well) to buy the tribe “at least two vans.”

There are plenty of other damning nuggets in McKenna’s story, and it’s worth pointing out that he has been a thorn in Snyder’s side for years.

(Hey, interestingly enough, Snyder once tried to get McKenna fired. That’s weird, he’s never tried to get his critics promoted out of his hair or stifle a free and unencumbered discussion before.)

This time, however, a tribal official stands to lose her job too.

It’s going to be hard to blame this one on some gullible employees and a fake John Skipper, as the “winning off the field” continues unabated in the nation’s capital.

49 responses to “Tribal official faces impeachment after taking gifts from Dan Snyder

  1. What a train wreck that franchise has become. I have no idea how he made his money, but it must have been dumb luck.

  2. The Redskins’ collective efforts to demonstrate support for their name might just be the best comedy of errors this country has seen in some time.

  3. Washington is in the same sentence as Oakland and Cleveland as far as quality of the franchise goes. Snyder is the worst owner in professional sports!

  4. When the world goes to hell in a hand basket, be sure to have guns & tea.

    With guns & tea, you’d be able to trade for just about anything.


  5. And fans typing “Redskins” at every possible opportunity … you should know that it has the opposite effect that you want. It just makes people more in favor of forcing the name change. So keep it up … it’s fun to watch you ruin it for yourselves.

  6. Snyder’s such a shady schmuck he’s paying people to thumbs down the negative comments about him above….

  7. On official business relating to her office, she traveled to DC and met with the team.

    She received an autographed football.

    Her cousin is one of the copyright plaintiffs from last year.

    Her tribe is approximately 900 individuals.

    Stop the presses, we have a real scandal here.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  8. I’m glad to see Snyder is not playing fair. Liberals fell off the fairness wagon (I’d say reservation but…) a decade ago.

  9. Wait – a business owner provided gifts to a politician in exchange for political considerations? I’m shocked, shocked that such a thing could happen in our society! We should single this business owner out for doing something that nobody else in the world has ever considered doing!


  10. All this embarrassment and the ignorant image he’s casting upon that franchise would go away if he would just change the name. Its as simple as that. Now bribery? God, he’s really starting to look pathetic

  11. Richard Nixon got a dog as a bribe and that made him more popular. Is this any worse?

  12. So how many of these comments are from email addresses controlled by Dan Snyder?
    nflfolly says: Dan Snyder “dumbest owner in football”; how many of the thumbs down are from Dan Snyder & company as well? Oh, and Cousin’s throws 4 picks in the second half and they lose 45-14. Good game to go to for the Giant fans.

  13. She also allegedly received a sign for her to hang from rear view mirror that permits her to use RGIII’s special VIP parking spot at Subway.

  14. mikeyhigs says: Apr 1, 2015 1:55 PM

    Imagine if our elected officials actually got impeached for such things.

    Oh what a quiet, peaceful place DC would be!

  15. If the Washington franchise wants to keep giving us reasons to make fun of them, I am happy to pitch in.

    Snyder may have just out-Snyder’d himself on this one.

  16. Snyder should change the name to the Washington Lobbyists. they have a better winning record

  17. All in all it won’t really matter in regards to changing the <REDSKINS name because there are still many tribes that have the name REDSKINS as their high school team names.

    Trying to say that the name is offensive when that exists is pretty hypocritical…….

  18. “Stop the presses, we have a real scandal here.

    Hail to the Redskins.”

    So when the Washington team owner does something illegal, i.e. bribing an elected official, its no big deal because she was only the representative of 900 people ?

    Hmmm. Most of the posters here have a zero tolerance policy that if there is even the slightest wife that something wrong was done, that team is labeled as “cheaters” in thousands and thousands of posts, no matter how big or small that wrong was.

    And while there was no cheating on the field here, Snyder plainly did something disgusting here. The league should be looking at fining the Washington team for this.

    Oh wait, its a league standard to try and bribe officials so they’ll send hundreds of millions at a pop to the league to buy new stadiums with. So I guess you’re right, nothing to see here.

  19. “Via longtime Washington writer Dave McKenna at Deadspin comes the very latest bit of red on the face of Dan Snyder’s football team”

    “That’s gold Jerry, GOLD!”

  20. The best part of that article is that he promised the tribe help in getting a Flying J (owned by the Browns owner) gas station built and then after the tribe agreed to play along and accept his hospitality, he never followed through. Quote from one of the members of the tribe- “I think Snyder/OAF was screwing with them by dangling the promise to get people to the table.”

  21. Not to say Snyder isn’t in the wrong here, but why isn’t the elected official getting any heat here. She didn’t have to accept the offer. Shame on Snyder…and shame on her too

  22. Has this guy never heard of PR? Amazing that someone smart enough to amass that type of fortune could be dumb enough to not realize how this could look if it ever came out. And these days, EVERY thing eventually comes out.

  23. I was at that game, we got smoked by the Giants 45-14…Kirk Cousins threw 5 INTs.

    This wasn’t a bribe, this was a three hour torture session for the poor person.

  24. Poor woman. She dared to stand up against political correctness and is now being punished for it. Once the tide has set in on an issue you either agree with it or are marginalized.
    If you dare support the Redskins name, traditional marriage, religious liberties, or anything else the media and liberals in power deem to be against their doctrine, you may as well pack your bags.
    Meanwhile, we have Mrs. Clinton neck deep in scandal… and she’s probably going to be our next president. Is it worth fighting against all the madness anymore or are we past the point of no return?

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