Vikings sign Mike Kafka, Caesar Rayford

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The Minnesota Vikings have signed quarterback Mike Kafka and defensive end Caesar Rayford.

Kafka’s agent, Mike McCartney, announced his signing with Minnesota while Rayford made his own announcement via his facebook page.

Both players took part in the NFL veteran combine in Arizona.

Kafka spent the 2014 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the third-string quarterback behind Josh McCown and Mike Glennon. Kafka has not appeared in a regular season game since 2011 when he played sparingly in four games for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rayford was traded from Indianapolis to Dallas in 2013 after a standout preseason with the Colts. Rayford appeared in seven games for the Cowboys and recorded five tackles. He spent the 2014 split between playing in the CFL and the Arena League.

35 responses to “Vikings sign Mike Kafka, Caesar Rayford

  1. Another Great Signing by the Historic Minnesota Vikings.

    After we take Trae Waynes at pick #11 – we will have the best secondary in the NFL.

    Not to mention our new and improved offense with Mike Wallace as the deep man.

    And an improved Teddy Bridgewater who was already ranked the #2 QB in the NFL the last five games of the season?

    It’s Super Bowl time – Minnesota.

    Embrace it.

    Embrace Greatness.

  2. Didn’t Kafka write The Metamorphosis? Wow. Great pick up. He alone should raise the collective IQ in that locker room at least three points all by himself. Easy.

  3. Rayford was quite a surprise for Indy during that pre-season. Many Colts fans were quite vocal about their displeasure when he was traded. Several of them have been clamoring for them to sign him again. He’s got talent if he’s put in the right position to flourish.

    Good pick-up.

  4. “vikefan284296 says:
    Apr 1, 2015 6:39 PM
    Here come the trolls acting like their team has never taken a flyer on a depth guy before.”

    There were a grand totalof two (approved) posts before yours and none of them bashed your Vikings or the signings. Were these “trolls” in your head perhaps?

  5. The Kafka signing is troubling and illogical. I find it difficult to comprehend.

  6. You are wright Stellar P , but perhaps, you should have mentioned that he would have raised the Packers I.Q. 20 points!

  7. Good signing. Bustwater isn’t the answer. Now they need to find him some WR’s to throw to. Patterson is a bust and worthless. Wallace proved that Spielman is one of the dumbest GM’s in football.

    I find it absolutely amazing how every offseason Vikings fans start talking crazy and making bold predictions. Only to disappear by week 8.

  8. God gives you another chance, not a second chance.. because we mess that one up a long time ago….
    If you can use a backup quarterback… Give Vince Young a chance… He wouldn’t cost you hardly anything…. He can still play this game at a high level…. His NFL won/loss record is 31-19…. He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year…..
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince Young can WIN…..

  9. aaron rodgers to be on celebrity jeopardy in a few weeks. first question “this team always loses to the seahawks, sometimes in embarrassing and completely unbelievable ways”

  10. The signing of a contract is the most action Kafka ever sees.

  11. remember that signing people this time of year doesn’t mean they are around when the season starts. Probably Kafka is a camp arm with some potential to grow. If he doesn’t, he is just a camp arm. This is a pretty common type of offseason signing.

  12. Mike Kafka is on an NFL team right now, and Tim Tebow is not. Let that roll around in your head for a second.

  13. These are now the best two players on the best team in the history of the world. How is it fair to the rest of the league that every single signing we have can only be bettered by our next signing, whoever that may be? Pretty soon we will have to start cutting players who are sure-fire first-ballot hall-of-famers because our team is so overloaded with talent. It is inexplicably and indescribably incomprehensible how surreptitiously stupendous our Vikings have become. I am so excited that I just may wet myself……

  14. Knowing how historically bad the Vikings have drafted at the QB position, and how badly they’ve mismanaged the position in general, Kafka could very well end up as the starter by week 7.

  15. Every team in the league will show up in TC with 90 guys. 37 of them are camp bodies with at least 34 of them having zero chance of making a team. Why waste everyone’s time chronicling everyone’s camp bodies? OThe only reason is the obviousone — PFT needs something to write about and that’s about the only thing left with less than a month before the draft.

  16. My team has now signed about 10 free agents I’ve never heard of for a total cost of $11.76. I suspect half of these guys won’t even be on the roster come September. Then again, this is better than the daily AP article.

  17. Vikings fan wondering to themselves in unison “Can we trade Spielman straight up for Thompson?”…….

    (and the answer is no – you’re stuck with this genius)

  18. A veteran DE with 7 years in pro football (albeit mostly in the CFL and AF) for a 2nd year price and an OT with 5 years exp for rookie wages??? Sounds to me like some pretty solid moves if you’re looking for camp bodies with up potential. And the Vikings are known for drafting “dark horses”, then making them run.

    In 1998 (the year the Viking’s drafted Randy Moss 21st). Tell me cheeseheads, how well did Vonnie Holliday (the Queen Bay Puffers 19th overall draft that year) work out? Word has it you guys had a stretcher with his name embossed on it… just in case.


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