Bears announce schedule-prediction contest

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Last year, the Rams offered a $100,000 prize to anyone who correctly predicted the team’s schedule, with each game in each week and each day and each location and the placement bye week.

To little surprise, no one won.

This year, the Bears have launched a similar effort, with the prize not being $100,000 but two tickets to all 16 home and away games, along with air fare and lodging for the road games and $500 per road game in walking-around money ($4,000) total.

The retail value of the grand prize is a mere $19,680.  A second prize will be awarded via lottery, with tickets to one home game, one road game, plane fare to the road game, hotel, and $500 in cash.  The total value for the second prize is $2,600.

Given the long odds of getting all 17 weeks right, the grand prize isn’t all that grand.  For Chicago, however, the contest doesn’t include the added variable of picking the specific day of each weekend when the game will be played.  So maybe someone will actually have a semi-plausible chance of winning — especially with five entries allowed per contestant.

14 responses to “Bears announce schedule-prediction contest

  1. No one is going to win this as well. Better odds of winning a jackpot than this stupid schedule prediction. You have 16 factorial permutations to the least. You can apply some divisional schedules at Dec. But still not worth it.

    They should at least award one guy a winner instead.

  2. They should just give the prize to the top winner; like the March Madness pools. The winner of the pool didn’t get EVERY game correct; they just had the most points in the end. Bears should do the same.

  3. If there is a math guy out there, how many different schedule scenarios are there? Forget the bye week… what are the odds of predicting the 16 games in order home & away correctly?

  4. The Giants used to have a contest where if they returned the opening kickoff of a home game for a TD, they would give one person a round trip domestic airline ticket, which would’ve been worth maybe $500 max.

    This was during a stretch where they hadn’t returned a kickoff for a touchdown in something like 10-15 years.

    So to win, they had to return one specific kick, in only half of their games, when they hadn’t returned any kick in hundreds of games. I was a kid, but even I could tell what a scam it was. I used to joke with my father that they should give you the ticket if they returned it to midfield.

  5. packerfanwi1028 says:
    Apr 2, 2015 6:20 PM

    Really big spenders them there Bears


    Sounds to me like you must have missed the Cutler contract award last year from Emery.

  6. 1. I’d hate to be on the hook for taxes after ‘winning’ that prize.

    2. I’m surprised that the Bears didn’t make them purchase (and attend) pre-season games to get the regular season stuff 😉

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