Bears release Anthony Walters

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Safety Anthony Walters returned for a second stint with the Bears late in the 2014 season, but it came to an end on Thursday.

The Bears announced that they have released Walters, who signed with the team in November after failing to make the Cardinals out of training camp.

Walters made the team as an undrafted free agent in 2011 and played in 33 games with the team over the next three seasons. He made one start and made 21 tackles while playing primarily on special teams. He played four more games for Chicago after returning to the team last year, but didn’t record a tackle.

Walters’s departure leaves the Bears with Antrel Rolle, Ryan Mundy and Brock Vereen at safety. Chris Conte left for Tampa as a free agent and unrestricted free agent Danny McCray has yet to find a job for the 2015 season.

9 responses to “Bears release Anthony Walters

  1. Maybe the Giants will sign him. We only have Nat Behre and Cooper Taylor, neither who have started.

  2. Really, enough already — these teams keep shuffling the cards — but they’re the same darn cards.

  3. That’s still a might weak depth chart at safety. There’s not a single guy who’s both good and young in that bunch. I’m hoping the Bears can find gold there in the draft but they have drafted horribly at that position for a decade and they have a lot of other needs to fill in this draft, too.

  4. My guess is the Vikes sign this guy and couple that with the signing of MD Jennings, an ex-Packer. This would make sense for Spielman and would upgrade the Vikings’ safety position immensely so they can watch their dynasty begin…..

  5. Not for nothing but while commenting on the weak drafting that the Bears have done at the safety position, take a peek at all of the other positions…and then at the rest of the league. Even first round picks are a 50/50 proposition, at best and the middle rounds tend to be the meat of most teams with the occasional gem in the low rounds and udfa pool. As much money is spent on being sure about the next “star” being drafted, they just cant be absolutely sure. Alonzo Spellman for the Bears was a perfect example. Highly recruited in to college, a beast there and then drafted high by the Bears only to develop adult on set bipolar disorder and not take his meds. They just couldnt know that and every bust out of the draft is the same story with subtle variations. The NFL draft is the most expensive example of collective guessing that the world has ever seen. That being said, as much as i have my wants and wishes for who the Bears draft, I have reached a very secure place with it this year. The sober and methodical approach Pace/Fox have taken in Free agency and addressing the administrative mistakes of the last regime have convinced me to trust them to draft the best canidates for the team. It is the first time in a long time that I have felt that the current front office knows more than I do about what the Bears need. The really insulting thing about that last sentence to previous front offices is that I am the first to admit that my scouting knowledge is next to nothing, if that much.

  6. Incidentally, if the Bears are looking for a great safety in the middle to late rounds, Jacquiski Tartt is awesome. Watch some of his film.

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