Jeff Fisher trying to not let relocation talk become a distraction

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Very few people in the NFL know the realities and complications of the relocation process quite like Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

But he’s learned from experience that there’s nothing he can do about it, other than focus on his job.

With the speculation at a fever pitch about the possibility of Rams owner Stan Kroenke taking his ball and going to Los Angeles, Fisher hears plenty of questions, but has some variation of the same answer.

“I’m looking forward to this year in St. Louis and hoping we can get things worked out,” Fisher said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It makes no sense for me or the players to spend time concerned about it, worried about it. If it happens, it happens. . . .

“You know, I’ve had some discussion with the players. And they’re actually more excited right now about what we’ve done in free agency, and looking forward to what we’re doing in the draft, and looking forward to coming back to work than they are talking about any potential to relocate.”

Fisher had ringside seats for this process once before, as the coach of the Houston Oilers, who left Texas after the 1996 season. They camped for a year in Memphis (1997) and in Vanderbilt’s stadium (1998) before landing fully in their own stadium as the Tennessee Titans. It worked out well, since they went to the Super Bowl shortly thereafter.

“Having gone through it however, I don’t think it’d be fair to compare both situations,” Fisher said. “But the end result was good [in Tennessee]. . . .But going to ’96 and early ’97, we focused on our job. I remember back then telling them don’t worry about it. It’s out of our control.”

That’ll be easier to sell as long as the Rams are competitive this year. But if things turn south, it’ll be harder and harder to keep his players from letting their thoughts drift to the west, or his fanbase from packing it in.

14 responses to “Jeff Fisher trying to not let relocation talk become a distraction

  1. As soon as Fisher was hired there was speculation that the Rams could be the team to move to LA, so I’m sure this isn’t a distraction for him. As a California guy and a coach that has gone through relocation before, he’s the right person to handle the potential transition.

  2. “It would serve Kroenke right for the Rams to play in an empty stadium for every home game this season.”

    If Kroenke would just come out and say they are moving I believe the stadium will be packed – and the fans rooting for the visitors. It will be like the Rams never have a home game.

  3. That’s why I admire Fisher– He never lets anything get in the way of his annual pursuit of 7-9.

  4. What would happen if St Louis goes to court to keep the Rams name like the Browns did?

  5. Jeff Fisher coached teams have a tendency to finish 8-8. With the relocation distraction and a new QB, look for 6-10

  6. The Rams are closer to moving to LA than making the playoffs and LA may not include Fisher.

  7. Jeff was HC when the Titans moved from Houston to Tennessee and managed the distractions well enough. That is why St Louis hired him for the Rams. He’s a transitional HC

  8. yooperman says:
    Apr 2, 2015 2:39 PM

    What would happen if St Louis goes to court to keep the Rams name like the Browns did?
    If the Rams move to LA, they would be returning to their home of 49 years. The colors and logo should have stayed in Los Angeles.

    So to answer your ridiculous question: NOTHING!

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