Jets want to add another quarterback to their roster


The Jets traded for Ryan Fitzpatrick last month, adding him to a quarterback depth chart that already featured Geno Smith and Matt Simms.

Fitzpatrick is still rehabbing the broken leg that ended his 2014 season, which will likely keep him limited until training camp. If things work out the way the Jets hope, there will be another quarterback involved in the team’s offseason work leading up to camp. During a conference call with season ticket holders on Thursday, coach Todd Bowles revealed the team’s plan at the position.

“Ryan’s going to compete, as well as Geno’s going to compete,” Bowles said, via “And we hope to add somebody else to help compete with that along with Simms.”

Given the paltry pickings available in free agency, the draft would seem to be the likeliest route to acquire such a player.

The Jets have been doing their homework on top draft prospects Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, but both may be off the board before they are on the clock with the sixth pick of the first round. A trade up remains a possibility or the Jets could opt to use a later round pick on Bryce Petty of Baylor, Brett Hundley of UCLA or another quarterback as they continue their search for a long-term answer at the position.

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  1. Pretty hard to pick a QB at six,, when you are going to have to swap, your pick with NE (32) over the MEVIS tampering.

    But don’t worry you guys will have a stellar “D” this yr, and should not look like a HS team against Brady.

  2. Didn’t yall just work out Josh Freeman and rumor is yall liked what you saw? He’s a guy with a big arm who’s probably willing to play for the minimum and wants to prove everyone wrong after what happened in 2013. Why not?

  3. Why are they focusing so much on the third string QB? Coaches, especially new ones, love to recycle buzz words like “compete,” but it’s silly here. Any NFL team is screwed if they get to their third QB.

  4. I hear the Eagles are looking to trade Matt Barclay. Why not get another super disappointing quarterback on the roster so that Geno gets a confidence boost going into the season “winning” the QB competition against a bunch of tomato cans?

  5. The Jets shouldnt trade for Rivers and they shouldnt trade up for Winston or Marriota. They should trade down to get an extra 3rd rounder and then pick the best available Qb with their 2nd round pick (who will probably wind up being better by next year than any Qb currently on their roster) and just let Fitzpatrick start in 2015. With Idzik in charge this all would have made too much sense so it wouldnt of happened. With the new GM it might.

  6. goingthextramile says:
    Apr 2, 2015 1:57 PM

    Geno Smith is eyeing most improved player of the year award.
    yea, ive been eyeing mila kunis for years now.. but that never seems to happen either.

  7. Petty is trash. We drafted Boyd who was better and couldnt beat out Simms who is garbage. Jets are playing there part. 0 Chance they waste anther top 10 pick on a guy like Mariota or Hundley. Not even sure they would do anther 2nd round on them because Geno actually looked good late last year. People been over hating on Geno sense he was drafted. So far he has looked better then Sanchez his 1st 2 years. Your not commited to him but he and Fitz are good enough where you dont have to make a rash move to draft a project like Mariota at 6. Who IMO lacks the killer instinct to be a pro starter. Id honestly would rather Geno going forth. Next 2 years are QB heavy dont invest in this draft on one.

  8. Yeah, like wnadler said, I don’t think this is the draft to get a franchise QB in.

    Geno isn’t great but he’s probably the best of a truly bad bunch that the Jets have.

    Drafting Mariota probably doesn’t really improve your chances this year as he still will suck as a rookie, like most rook QB’s do. Plus, there’s no guarantee at this stage that he’ll be any better than Geno.

    None of the QB’s in this years draft look particularly special, there’s certainly no Andrew Luck’s or Russell Wilson’s out there..

    Jets biggest need this off season was CB and they addressed that by getting the best guy in that position in the league.

    Their D will keep them competitive this season but, realistically, they’ll probably be picking in the top 10 again next draft and the QB pool should be better then.

    They should go for Fowler, Ray or White, whichever is available at 6.

  9. 50 years without a SB is close to reality. Pressure is on Bowles to get it done. Tall order.

  10. Why don’t you give Vince Young a chance.. He wouldn’t cost a lot and He can still play at a HIGH level….
    His career won/loss record is 31-19… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and this guy WINS…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality.
    If you can use a good man at backup QB… Bring this guy in and judge him as such.. A backup…

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