Judge sets June 1 hearing in Benson family litigation


After Saints owner Tom Benson changed his will in January to dramatically alter plans for the transfer of his NFL and NBA franchises from a daughter and her two children to Mr. Benson’s current wife, the frozen-out family members sued, challenging his competence to make such decisions.  A judge has since required Mr. Benson to submit to a psychiatric evaluation, which has been conducted.

According to Brett Martel of the Associated Press, a hearing has been set for June 1 on the matter.

The report was produced by three psychiatrists — one hired at the recommendation of each side in the litigation and a third one who was jointly selected by the other two.  They examined Mr. Benson on March 13.

The report will not be released publicly, due to concerns for Mr. Benson’s privacy.  The outcome of the case, however, will say plenty about whether he was indeed fit to alter his will.

17 responses to “Judge sets June 1 hearing in Benson family litigation

  1. Of course Benson was in his right mind to alter the will. His heirs, in their suit, would have the court believe he’s a demented, and addle brained old man who couldn’t even brush own hair.

    His sanityand competency was not in question according to his fellow NFL owners, his team managers, nor the coaches–only the heirs. The big question is if the courts will allow him to make the changes he wants.

  2. Simple rule: If you have a rich relative, you suck up to them until they die. Then you can act all arrogant and prima donna.

  3. Somewhere (probably in hell) the ghost of Anna Nichole Smith is laughing at them poor Bensen children. I got 10 bucks that says the new Mrs Bensen has atleast double d’s and has spent quite a bit of time hanging upside down from a pole

  4. Gayle wil be a great owner, like Tom, i.e. “hands off”

    Rita? She’ll drive Payton out of town quicker than you can say “female Jerrah”.

  5. It seems strange to me. Taking your kids inheritance away seems pretty harsh.

  6. The court should require the nasty granddaughter to take the same psych tests. I’m sure she is mentally competent, but I imagine they would find out some disturbing things about her psychology.

  7. His grand daughter deserves nothing. Hope she gets nothing. Good luck getting a job when Grandpa is not the hiring manager. “Welcome to McDonalds”

  8. Benson did a ‘greedy relative test’ by changing his will. The grandkids lost. Who’s to say Mr Benson would not have changed his WILL back, if none had complained?

  9. There seem to be a few people who are under the impression that Benson has cut his heirs out completely.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    In addition to providing them with lavish lifestyles from birth, there are trust funds from which they stand to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in car dealerships, real estate and even banks(!).

    He just doesn’t want them in control of the Saints and Pelicans teams. They have demonstrated that, like everything they’ve been involved with, they would run the teams into the ground, too.

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