Kurt Warner says a team asked him to consider a workout

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It sounded like an April Fools joke when Kurt Warner said it yesterday: At the age of 43, five years since he retired, an official with an NFL team approached him about coming in for a workout.

Warner, who analyzed Jameis Winston’s performance at Florida State’s Pro Day for NFL Network on Wednesday, wrote on Twitter afterward that someone — he didn’t say who — from an NFL team came up to him and asked whether he’d be interested in going through a private workout. Warner said that the idea intrigued him. (When he was asked if it was an April Fools joke, Warner replied that it was not.)

[tweet https://twitter.com/kurt13warner/status/583280472492396544%5D

Warner announced his retirement after the 2009 season. He’ll turn 44 in June. Surely, no NFL team would seriously consider signing him?

Actually, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Warner is younger than Vinny Testaverde was when he last started in the NFL. And considering the state of the quarterback position in the NFL right now, there are teams that Warner could help. Most Cardinals fans would have taken Warner over Ryan Lindley late last year.

So it makes sense for some team to ask Warner to try out. There will be quarterbacks taking snaps in the NFL this year who aren’t as good as a 44-year-old Kurt Warner would be.

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  1. It’s likely a QB needy team that doesn’t have a top two pick to draft either Winston or Mariota. And for Warner to listen, they must have some talent. I’m guessing it was Buffalo. Either Buffalo or St. Louis, in an effort to revitalize the franchise before moving to Los Angeles.

  2. Why would now be any different than when the Cardinals approached him at the end of last season?

  3. This is what happens when you change the rules so much in favour of the offence

    Unless you have a QB you are screwed. Desperate teams revert to desperate measures

  4. Whoever signs Kurt will win a Super Bowl. And Tim Tebow will be his backup. They will hold joint church clinics on the field and immediately afterwards.

  5. Man, Warner was so much fun to watch when he was clicking and marching down the field. I selfishly want him to come back for my own entertainment.

  6. I’m a Jet fan and I am wondering if this was us.

    Todd Bowles said today they are still looking to add a QB and they were recently at Jameis Winston’s pro day. Even at 44 Warner throwing to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker would be fun to watch.

  7. Why stop there? They should ask Aikman, Young, and Montana? maybe if they are lucky, Farve would come back. This has to be a joke!

  8. To be honest, if any QB could pull off a comeback at 44, my money would be on him. He looks like he’s kept himself in pretty good shape, and his game was always more about smarts and accuracy than raw physical ability anyway.

  9. rodvmunchiii says:
    Apr 2, 2015 5:46 PM
    Piggly Wiggly also asked him to come in for a look.

    Cannot stop laughing…LOL

  10. Denver. They’re all in on a Super Bowl run and I can’t see Brock Osweiler leading the way if something were to happen to Manning.

  11. It’s preposterous to think that a guy who has been out of football for five years could step in and play again at the age of 44. And people are saying Adrian Peterson is done at 30.

  12. This is exactly the reason that people are crazy for saying Manning, Brady, and Brees are too old.
    The new quarterbacks outside of Wilson and Luck all suck.

  13. A 44 year old Kurt Warner isn’t better than any QB on any squad in the NFL. Also, Warner could wait 20 years and still not get into the Hall.

    Kurt, how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

  14. To be honest, he could start for and be better than the QBs on a minimum of 10 teams right now.

  15. I hope he goes to a contender, like I hope Peterson goes to a contender, because he’ll make that team worse, and make it easier for my team to win it all.

  16. @Revren10

    Ho took Arizona to the super bowl and they should have won. Do a little research

  17. As good as he was he still tossed 2 death nail pick sixes in super Bowl’s.Ty law and James Harrison come to mind when I think Kurt Warner.

  18. It wasn’t the Browns. They just put a restraining order on Jeff Garcia to quit calling them so not likely they’d go after a different retiree.

  19. It was Chip Kelly who asked Warner to come in for a workout. Chip wants to prove once and for all that he doesn’t need a running QB to make his offense work.

  20. It was Chip Kelly who invited Kurt Warner to the Eagles for a private workout.

  21. The real question here is: Why would Kurt Warner even mention this? Is he drumming up interest in himself to get another TV job? To me, this story has to be true because it just doesn’t seem like the typical attention grab from a former player. And, by not naming the team who asked, it shows that Warner won’t be burning any bridges any time soon and that he’s probably only a few paycheck zeros away from coming out of retirement.

    Kurt Warner to the Rams on a one year $12 million dollar contract? It’d be a good fit for today’s “team on the move”.

  22. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is no joke, even on 4/1 Even the Hoody would have pee’d down his leg had Warner made the move before the cutoff last year and Vegas wouldn’t have taken any bets had the Cardinals made the big dance. If if’s were but’s and candy were nuts.

  23. Having Warner step in as a backup/coach/mentor who will (ideally) never play a snap and guide a young starter? Shoot, why not!


    Agree totally. He could still be a game manager with a team that protects him and has some talent at the skill positions!!!

  24. This is obviously the Vikings — next they’ll dispatch three players in Ziggy Wilf’s private jet to cajole him to come on up.

  25. 100% chance this was the Washington Redskins.

    Take the job Kurt, Danny Napoleon will overpay you for very little expected performance.

  26. The team that wants Warner is the 49ers. They have seen what he has done in improving Kaepernick and this would make sense all the way around since he could still mentor him and might even beat Kaep out in a QB competition that woulf force Kaep to focus and compete to start and play.

  27. The man is afflicted with Jeff George syndrome… It’s really a tragedy as this continues to spread…

  28. More likely the Titans with Wiz who is on the hot seat and will likely have to ride out Met. Dont think Wiz wants Mariota at all. The situations in Tenn, Buff, Cleveland, Houston, SL, and TB are all really bad. Although I actually love Glennon. At least the JETS and Oakland have viable BUs for a change. Fitz gets a lot of hate but the guy just did have like the 9th best QB last year on a train wreck team. Heck I think Oakland has 2 McGloin may actually be the best QB on that team. Carr and Ponder dont really strike me as all that much better if at all.

  29. Makes sense if it’s the eagles if they trade Bradford and end up getting mariota then your gonna need a another vet that’s better than sanchez cause I’d sanchez goes down you don’t want to throw a rookie in there plus we can hide warner we have good oline and rbs he doesn’t have to superman withe eagles.

  30. I watched Jeff George on the Redskins. You could see the absolute TERROR in his eyes when a rusher broke through. He would ditch that ball like a hot potato hoping not to get hit. The only thing missing was him screaming like a little girl. What a joke of a pro football player.

    Kurt Warner retired too early. He had a few more years left in him. I think that last interception that cost him a Super Bowl was too draining to continue playing. I don’t think he wanted to climb that mountain again. Now, I think, he regrets that somewhat.

  31. Two teams come to my mind (stop it),
    1- Tennessee as a back up since their coach knows him and also knows Warner took him to the SB (on real turf @revin), virtually by himself.
    2- The AZ Cardinals since their present QB and 2nd string went down last year without even being touched. Warner as 2nd string there would make more since than the present backup. Once he went down they had nothing.

  32. willjasper says:
    Apr 2, 2015 6:04 PM
    Denver. They’re all in on a Super Bowl run and I can’t see Brock Osweiler leading the way if something were to happen to Manning.

    Why? Seriously why? Because Denver didn’t start Brock day one and instead let him learn behind a future HOF Qb? You think Elway knows nothing about the position? You think Elway hasn’t watched his development? A couple of future HOF QBs sat behind another future HOF QB and did OK. But you’re right, you probably see and know more than Elway and Manning as far as Brock is concerned. SMH.

  33. It was the Browns. They asked Bart Starr, Y.A, Jim Plunkett, and Terry Bradsaw too.

  34. The Joke is actually on Kurt… He’s just too self observed to realize that the team…. Any team….would be serious about having him back for a try out….too funny!!!

  35. I’m torn. As much as I would love to watch him play again – he was pure magic on the field – I would hate to see him tarnish his legacy by looking like any other 44-year-old QB who hasn’t played in five years.


    Buffalo is a really bad situation? Let me see, LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin and a top 5 defense. Yeah, that sounds horrible. Out of all the QB needy teams the Bills are the best situation by far

  37. @irishgary Trent Dilfer led the ravens to the Super Bowl doesn’t make him a great quarterback either. Kurt Warner losing record while playing on grass. Due some research.

  38. Sometimes I take the dog, Skippy *we’re both 60 but he’s in dog years, down to the old park where I excelled (let me tell you, excelled) in the men’s softball league back in the day and, while he runs around, I walk down to my old position at first base and remember.

    Then I walk to home plate, stand in the left-hand batter’s box, mime my pre-pitch routine and glance out at the short right field wall. Then I think- I can still play this game. Maybe Lou called. Maybe…

  39. I think he checked it out, but determined that his life insurance wouldn’t provide coverage.

  40. I don’t believe him.

    Sorry, I know he is the poster boy for the fine Christian athlete, but I think he’s stretching the truth, at best.

    I think he likes floating his name out there as potentially being available (he seems to do it just about every year), either to build his brand or just because it stokes his ego.

    Worst case scenario, it never happened. Best case scenario, someone joked with him about it and he chose to spin as being real.

  41. It was Bellichek. He fell for the Tom Brady April fools joke and thought Tom actually was in a full body cast after cliff diving and playing BBall with Jordan.


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