Offensive lineman Stephen Schilling retiring from NFL

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Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had been optimistic at the league meetings last week about the potential for the team to re-sign veteran offensive lineman Stephen Schilling.

Instead, Schilling has decided he is done with football.

“I had high hopes for that happening,” Carroll said after observing pro day workouts at the University of Washington on Thursday. “I had high hopes that we could. We were excited about it.”

Carroll then deferred any further update to Schilling as to why he may not be back with Seattle next year. According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Schilling said he has elected to retire after four seasons in the league.

“Just a personal choice for me at this time in my life,” Schilling told the Times. “I wouldn’t say there was any one reason or not. Just more of a personal choice.”

He appeared in eight games for Seattle last season and started three games in place of an injured Max Unger. A knee injury ultimately landed Schilling on injured reserve in November.

Following the trade of Unger to New Orleans, Schilling could have re-signed and had a chance to compete for the starting job next season as Seattle searches for a replacement. Schilling spent the first three seasons of his career with the San Diego Chargers before signing with his hometown Seahawks last season. Schilling grew up in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue.

15 responses to “Offensive lineman Stephen Schilling retiring from NFL

  1. Perhaps… He simply grew tired of being hashtaged by the most front running group of so called fans in the history of professional sports…

  2. Gee, that’s kind of a broad stroke, 700vet. So who’s your favorite team, that you don’t support them? Let us know.

    I’m guessing it’s a team that has had their head handed to them by the Hawks one too many times.

  3. Doesn’t sound to committed to leaving…….May see him come back and try this career again in about 6 months…..

  4. Front running fans?? The Seahawks are good, what are we supposed to do?? Act like they’re not. As a fan, when your team is good you talk about it. It’s sports. That’s why we watch. Get a clue

  5. He was going to have a difficult time making the team. The Hawks will draft a center. Schilling was just a camp body.

  6. Best of luck to the young man. I think he came to the realization he is in a league that’s churns players over like a road grading machine turns dirt over. Best of luck.

  7. Steve in Portland

    Not doing the hawks fans a favor with that question. 700 level vet, gonna take a stab at this and guess he’s and Iggles fan.

  8. stepheninportland: Hawks have had basically 2 winning Seasons. The Steelers Super Bowl Loss and 2013. Last year they defaulted to the NFC West Champ because the Cardinals were devastated by injury and played 3rd stringers weeks 11-17 (weeks not games). Seahawks have two players hurt and it’s “oh poor us”. Cardinal lost 7 starters to IR, 2 to suspension and another 11 for 2-8 games and still won 11. If Seahawks played Cardinals weeks 1-10 instead of after week 12 and Seattle doesn’t make the playoffs. Seattle also played 2nd string, 3rd string or extremely hurt QB’s from week 11-the NFC Champ games. They simply got lucky last year strictly due to injury. Go look at the QB’s they faced last year after the loss to KC, I’ll wait….. Did you see? All but the 49ers were backups or badly hurt. The 49ers were going down in flames and Coach-less. The Hawks have not handed anyone any amount of defeats to make them dominate over them on any level. I know you are knew to Football but I’d love to know who you think the Seahawks beat “SO” many times? They lost to everyone in their division at least once the last two years. They barley beat the Raiders this year. Last year go look at their schedule. I’ll wait. See who they played? Yes that is 9 games of teams 7-9 record or worse. 5 of those had 5 or less wins. Again, I’d LOVE to see the Domination of one organization you feel the Seahawks beat ‘TOO MANY TIMES”.

  9. I knew Schilling. He played football because he was a huge guy and was very very good at it, not because he loved the game or saw sports as a way out. He comes from a nice fairly well off family and is a pretty smart guy with different passions. I was very happy for him when he made it to the NFL. I am not surprised at all that he would walk away from the sport while he’s still pretty healthy. Schilling always talked about what he wanted to do and football was rarely mentioned.

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