Perriman visiting Eagles on Thursday


The son of former NFL receiver Brett Perriman seems to be ready to make a major splash in the family business.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, receiver Breshad Perriman will visit the Eagles on Thursday.  It’s one of 18 pre-draft visits or private workouts for Perriman prior to the draft.

He visited the Lions and Ravens this week, and he has had private workouts with the Giants and Texans.

At his Pro Day workout last week, Perriman ran the 40-yard dash in 4.27 seconds.  (Perriman didn’t run at the Scouting Combine, due to a hamstring injury.)

At six-three and 215 pounds, Perriman fits Chip Kelly’s preference for tall receivers.  Last season, Perriman caught 50 passes for 1,044 yards (20.88 yards per catch) and nine touchdowns.  NFL Network’s Mike Mayock recently included Perriman in a group of four receivers Mayock expects to be taken in the first 20 picks, along with Kevin White, Amari Cooper, and DeVante Parker.

The Eagles currently hold pick No. 20.  So just as they’d have to trade up to get Marcus Mariota, they may have to trade up to get Perriman, too.

20 responses to “Perriman visiting Eagles on Thursday

  1. The closer this draft comes, the higher all of these players are being rated. Can’t trade up for everyone.

    Draft should be mid april every year. This wait is just exhausting.

  2. I have been telling all my fellow Eagle fans this is the guy I want. Get it done.

  3. 2 months ago Mel Kiper said Perriman was the 16th-17th best WR in this class, laughed Dan Lebatard off the air when Dan said he was 1 of the best WRs in the class. Now hes got him as a first round pick

    Keep doing you Mel, keep doing you

  4. 4.27,,, only 1,000yds receiving and 9 TDs.

    That kind of speed on that level should be blowing the doors off college teams.

    Although, those numbers are eerily similar to the one trick Jacpot pony DeSean Jackson at Cal.

  5. Eagles fan here! I believe they get the BEST offensive linemen at # 20. It could be D. J. Humphries or Jake Fisher or one of the top linemen that surprisingly drop such as Collins or Schreff. They didn’t get those running backs to not have an outstanding right guard.

  6. This guy has stone hands and runs sloppy routes. I am so glad we actually are drafting football players and just track stars anymore. R.I.P. Al Davis

  7. Not a 1st rounder. Ted Ginn all over again if Miami is stupid enough to draft him. No way is he in the same pedigree of Cooper, Parker, White or even J Strong. I’d rather have algolor. These mock drafts are worthless. Everyone is high on Sammy Coats and he can’t catch the ball !!

  8. He went to Central Florida for all those who don’t really follow college football. People said Jerry Rice wasn’t the same pedigree as Al Toon and Eddie Brown who were taken before the hall of famer. Why? because they went to Wisconsin and Miami where as Jerry Rice went to little known Mississippi Valley State.

  9. Ah. This is the lovely time of year where all mock draft “experts” seem to throw the film out the window and fall in love with all the athletes with solid combine numbers. Skill > Athleticism

  10. Let’s just hope that once the season is done, Chip can bestow his brilliance on all of us by telling where he had this guy rated.

  11. Why would the eagles have to trade up based on what Mayock said? It’s no accident that he said Top 20 because he sees the Eagles taking one of these guys.

  12. Steven A Smith reports that it’s a smokescreen and Chip Kelly couldn’t be interested for obvious reasons….

  13. We still have no name listed on the depth chart under FS/SS, depending on how you classify Jenkins.

    Not a realistic name, at least.

    And still no concrete name at the other CB spot.

    How can the Eagles NOT take one of the Collins if theyre available?

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