PFT on NBCSN takes closer look at Browns, Vikings draft plans

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Today’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN focuses on the draft plans of the teams with the 11th, 12th, and 19th picks in the first round of the draft.  Thanks to the Bills and the trade that allowed them to land Sammy Watkins last year, only two teams hold those three picks — the Vikings (11) and the Browns (12 and 19).

Some believe the Browns will consider moving up to get quarterback Marcus Mariota, despite moving up last year from No. 26 (the Trent Richardson pick) to No. 22 to get Johnny Manziel.  With Manziel dealing with off-field issues that caused him to voluntary enter rehab, it’s unclear whether he can become the guy the Browns envisioned him to be a year ago.

Which brings us to Thursday’s PFT Planet poll question.  Given his performance last year and the off-field challenges (which he deserves credit for confronting), will Manziel start a game in 2015?

Join us at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN for the results, and for draft discussions about running backs and quarterbacks and the Washington Pro Day workout and the news of the day and plenty of other stuff.

Paul Burmeister, Kevin Gilbride, and Takeo Spikes will be in the Connecticut studio.  I’ll be in my basement.  Possibly wearing pants.

30 responses to “PFT on NBCSN takes closer look at Browns, Vikings draft plans

  1. Look at what aituatio Manzie was put in, he cannot thrive like that and everybody was expecting him to be the best Qb in the league like c’mon now he was a rookie put in a horrible situation! Give the man a chance.

  2. I wonder if the Browns are going into this draft with a sense of inevitability when it comes to trading up to 11.

    I mean, all Speilman has to do is call Farmer and say, “Ray…look man…You know that team that is drafting right after you? Well between me and you, they called and they want that one guy you want really bad.”

    And BAM! We got half the Browns draft again. I mean, I wonder if Browns brass knows this is going to happen and are powerless to prevent it from happening again?

  3. One team has a franchise QB, the other one swung and missed 10 picks earlier, in the same round, disregarding the 100,000 study it Commisioned because of the sage wisdom of a homeless man.

    Let’s not pretend like these 2 franchises are on equal footing here. Get real.

  4. We’ll give you the 11th pick for 12 & 19? What, you say, not fair Browns GM? Rick says, Ok, throw in your 3rd rounder as well and we’ll call it a day…..Browns GM, duhh, ok where do I sign?

  5. Are Vikings fans….the team that drafted Christian Ponder higher than Manziel really gloating??

    You mean the team that ran out of time and missed their pick….two years in a row!

  6. I love the excuses for Manziel from Browns fans. “Well…he was put in a terrible situation. Give him another chance.” And what kind of situation was Teddy put in? His receivers were mediocre/bad, his TE was hurt, his offensive line was awful and his MVP running back was suspended. But he STILL had the third highest completion percentage for a rookie in the history of the NFL. Let’s call it what it is: Bridgewater is a future star and Manziel is a future bust. I liked Manziel in college but he simply can’t play in the NFL.

  7. jerruhjones says:
    Apr 2, 2015 6:30 PM
    Are Vikings fans….the team that drafted Christian Ponder higher than Manziel really gloating??

    You mean the team that ran out of time and missed their pick….two years in a row!


    The second “time” was the team in front of them ran out of time & the Vikings didn’t jump the second they missed. (don’t let facts screw up your trolling though)

    The first time they still got Kevin Williams, so I’d say that turned out OK.

  8. Bridgewater dissed the Browns badly after they pickedManziel over him ( and Teddy can go suck an egg, like Minny is any better or you wouldn’t have beotched about being drafted lower). Teddy has tiny hands and played more if u objectively consider he had way more play time than Johnny and still looked rough. To those that think Bridgewhiner will be a better QB lets see what he can do if JF has more quality time with more starters and no Shanahan jr calling stupid plays where apparently all QB’s couldn’t thrive. Hoyer got screwed by crappy play calling also. Good luck Atlanta, you might get one good year out of Shanny before he starts claiming Ryan is a bust ( or whatever the little napoleon wants to blame on everyone but his crappy playcalling! Shanny jr is an offense killer that will blame his QB or anyone but his spoiled prima donna self! Hoyer wasn’t/didn’t play HOF but neither was anybody else since the 1960’s. QB or OC as the problem?I see OC, who is only the one! wait n see if he doesn’t choke too in Alanta! Yeah good luck with that !

  9. According to CBS Sports, of the top 250 all time greatest draft picks of the NFL… the Minnesota Vikings had Adrian Peterson (7th overall), Randall McDaniel (19th overall), Randy Moss (21st overall), Matt Blair (51st overall).

    The top Queen Bay puffer picks? Aaron Rogers (24th), Darren Sharper (60th), Mike McKenzie (87th), Mark Brunell (117- AFTER he went to Jacksonville). Sorry cheeseheads… Brett Favre (33rd overall) was drafted by the Falcons.

    Face it… TT couldn’t draft a winner if his life depended on it.

  10. if he stays on team, he has to play , injuries will force him into game

  11. neardeadinoh says:
    Apr 2, 2015 11:54 PM
    Dude…you’re literally still picking Manziel over Bridgewater? What, are you related to Manziel? Nothing is ever Johnny’s fault, is it?

  12. snowlock2013 says:
    Apr 2, 2015 4:41 PM
    @jclark6528 Not only that but most of my fellow MN fans wanted to draft Johnny Football.

  13. jclark6528 says:
    Apr 2, 2015 4:15 PM
    Are Vikings fans….the team that drafted Christian Ponder higher than Manziel really gloating??
    Apples to oranges…different years. The Vikings drafted Bridgewater after Manziel. That’s a fair comparison.

    Besides, Ponder is still in the league. Sure, Manziel is too, but he’s currently in rehab and not really getting better at being a QB.

  14. Manziel will rise from the ashes to lead the browns to the playoffs this year. This is a promise, I am from the future!

  15. the Browns need to just stay and pick the best players available with the 12 and the 19 unless they get an offer that helps them in the long haul. They do not do well drafting for the short haul…that is obvious.

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