Jeff Fisher: Kenny Britt can do better

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Kenny Britt played a full season for the first time since his rookie year in 2014 and responded with a career high in catches for the Rams while making a team-high 13 catches of at least 20 yards.

That earned him a two-year deal to stay with St. Louis, where he stands at the top of the depth chart at this point in the offseason. Those 48 catches from last season are a modest total for a career high, though, and coach Jeff Fisher says that he believes that Britt is capable of doing more in his second season with the team.

“It didn’t surprise me because obviously I know Kenny, the production didn’t surprise me,” Fisher said, via “I can kind of share the same issue Kenny does and that’s we think he can be better. I think he can do better. He thinks he can be better. He thinks he can be more productive. He’s looking forward to the offensive changes. I think yeah, we should see a lot more out of Kenny this year.”

Britt’s contract contains incentives that will earn him a lot more money and potentially void the second year of the deal if he hits new highs on the field in 2015. That won’t happen without better quarterback play and pass protection, two things that are going to be vital to whatever hopes St. Louis of making similar improvement as a team.

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  1. Of course he *can* do better. His ability has never been in doubt. Does he want to, is another question.

  2. Fisher babies this kid…I mean man. Britt has had so many chances to become a solid WR but he is’nt a professional. Once Fisher has had enough of him, he’ll be out of the NFL for good.

  3. Huge underachiever. Pre-knee injury, he had all the tools to be the next Andre Johnson. Now? At best, maybe the next Michael Crabtree.

  4. Jeff Fisher can do better also. All the draft picks he got from the Redskins and all he can show for it is some mediocre players that he doesn’t win with. To make it worse he doesn’t even realize it and parades them out like he did something…

  5. Why are people giving thumbs down to the commentators who rightly identify this guy as an underachieving water head? He has a lot to prove.

  6. Considering that his QB will be Foles and not Shaun Hill/Austin Davis I would say the odds of him getting better are pretty high.

  7. Smokescreen; Pretty much confirms they’ll take a wr early. Jacksonville did the same thing last year by saying how Blackmon was going to be a huge part of their offense. They cut him and drafted 2 receivers early.

  8. Smokescreen; Pretty much confirms they’ll take a wr early. Jacksonville did the same thing last year by saying how Blackmon was going to be a huge part of their offense. They cut him and drafted 2 receivers early.
    The Jags never cut Justin Blackmon. He’s not currently on their 53 (Commish Exempt List), but he’s still on their payroll.

  9. I can’t believe the RAMS didn’t claim Jonathan Martin from the 49ers cut.

    He had 32 starts at left tackle as a 3 year pro, despite the Incognito / Dolphins bullying mess,
    Left tackles who start as rookies don’t grow on trees. Some NFL players are better FIGHTERS than POSITION PLAYERS. Some NFL players
    have intangible qualities which gives advantages
    playing positions but disadvantage in a street fight. OT & OG have slightly different mind sets,
    to be successful in pass first schemes compared to
    run based schemes. (Power vs. Finesse)

    Martin was a 2nd round pick at # 42.
    The SCOUTING books loved his abilities and yes
    he had knocks. However Martin was very close to being a 1st round pick, so he has or had ability!
    As a 3 year pro, his contract is likely affordable or cap friendly.
    I’m not a pro evaluator, however Martin is likely better than C or OG free agent left.
    Great move for the PANTHERS who likely need 2 OTs, an OG, and WRs to help Cam Newton.

    The Rams have # 10 + # 41. Martin could have been signed and tested to see if he could be a starter or quality insurance / back up?

    I am not a professional talent evaluator. ESPN
    Draft experts Mayock, Kiper, and McShay don’t
    like Andrus Peat in top 10.
    Meanwhile Draft magazines rank Andrus Peat as the # 1 OT in 3 out of 5 publications.
    Besides physical abilities Peat is a Junior and from Stanford, like Jon Martin, which translates to being very intelligent and likely well trained and trainable.

    If I’m Rams GM, I draft Stanford OT Andrus Peat a 6’7″ junior who Jeff Fisher can break in because he would have had options with Greg Robinson and Jon Martin as 3 players who can play LOT and likely at least one could play ROT or OG.

    Alabama’s Barrett Jones should be capable as C, if healthy. He’s had a couple years experience.
    Rams have 2 other Centers on the Roster. Barnes and Rhaney seem to have Fisher’s confidence?
    – However FL State Cameron Erving is the TOP RATED C and can play OT or OG.
    Draft projections put Erving from Mid to late 1st Round or Early to Mid 2nd Round.
    – Rams have 9th pick in 2nd round or # 41.
    It’s likely OL will be picked early in round #2 by the teams with bad records. If the Rams like “C” Cam Erving, they’d likely have to trade # 1 down
    or trade up from # 2?
    Maybe I’m wrong? Or maybe Rams don’t love Cam Erving’s projected ability? Or maybe there are better choices?

    Round # 1 options include OL, WR, CB, DE, RB,
    # 2 options include CB QB, OL, WR, RB, DL, LB

    SS Mark Baron can play LB or 3 deep Safety?
    LB Akeem Ayers replaced Dunbar on Depth chart. Free Agent Pick up was drafted by Fisher’s
    Titans in 2nd round at # 39 and was regarded as 1st round talent. Like Jon Martin a 3 year pro.
    DT replaced Langford with LIONS Nick Fairly in
    a 1 year prove it deal. Nice rotation.
    If DE Chris Long is healthy to match Quinn and if the back ups continue to improve, all they may need is that added “special CB,” for their D?

    For some reason the Rams carry 7 TE and I can’t see why they need more than 4 TEs.
    – Draft show only 1 highly regarded TE. Lower rated may be a fit?

    > If the RAMS add to OL Depth, at least 1 or 2 OT are likely to be able to play TE, if needed?

    If last year’s OT starters Long and Barksdale are willing to take less money, with incentives about playing time + quality of grading, it could benefit them + Rams.
    Fisher has rep as players coach and very loyal.
    Long and Barksdale are banged up but not old.
    Each has potential to come back and be starters if
    not this year than maybe next if rotated + eased in, while younger players get year under their belt
    and it would all improve depth and transition if there needs to replace Long and Saffold = injury?

    Long played hurt. QB Sam Bradford was lost for the season when Long was beaten on a play.
    I understand Barksdale had both good and bad games. He has potential to be a good starter.
    – They may separately be more effective against certain type of defensive players or schemes and less effective than others.
    If Long is reasonably healthy and if Barksdale and Long are put in better situations it can give them another year in familiar situation to prove
    future value, while rookies and other prove depth.

    I believe in rotations unlike many NFL Coaches.

    San Antonio NBA showed how older players and
    younger players can increase effectiveness due to situational substitutions.

    Greg Robinson can also play LOG.
    Roger Saffold can play LOG or ROG or ROT.
    Saffold and Long have injuries
    With my 2nd or 3rd round pick Saffold future
    replacement can be chosen or the future ROG.
    Several OTs project as better suited for OG

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