Jordan Matthews doesn’t want to be Eagles’ No. 1 receiver


With Jeremy Maclin now in Kansas City, much of the conversation about who will take over his role as the leader of the Eagles receiving corps has settled on a player with the same initials.

Jordan Matthews caught 67 catches for 872 yards and eight touchdowns while playing about two-thirds of the offensive snaps as a slot receiver in his rookie season and the expectation is that the second-round pick will take on an even bigger role in his second season. Matthews said that such growth was in the works before Maclin left the team, though, and that it doesn’t mean he’s going to be elevated above his teammates.

“People ask me about being the No. 1 wide receiver; Forget it. I want us to be a receiving corps. That’s what I want it to be,” Matthews said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t think one ‘No. 1 wide receiver’ was in the Super Bowl this year, but they’re two Super Bowl-winning teams that have receiving corps that work their butts off, that block in the run game, that catch the ball when they have to. Whatever public perception about what they think we should look like or what they think we need, if we go out there and put a product on the field that wins games, then we can change all perceptions.”

Matthews is likely right about the way things will be drawn up in Philadelphia, where Riley Cooper, Josh Huff, Miles Austin, Zach Ertz, Brent Celek and Darren Sproles all figure to have their moments in the passing game and more additions may come in the draft. Those pieces are likely to mix and match, however, while Matthews is a constant. That might not make him a “No. 1 wide receiver,” but it will make him an integral piece in the team’s offense.

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  1. So in the last 20 superbowls, I see 4 legit number 1’s and 2 you could argue are true number 1’s….. Perhaps paying a guy like megatron or Dez Bryant isn’t the best way to allocate your cap… That being said i would still take either guy on my team in a second…

  2. How many number one receivers actually exist in this league? Megatron, Antonio Brown, Larry Legend, ODB, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson (and arguably Cobb), Mike Evans, Julio Jones, AJ Green, maybe Brandon Marshal? So youre talking 11-12 actual number one receivers and none of them tied to any consistent success (multiple conference championships or super bowls). Being considered a number one receiver is not that big of a deal.

  3. Point being, the gander is more important than the goose. In Philly’s case, the gander will only work with gimmick plays because they aren’t dominate players.

  4. good kid w good work ethic, work your butt off and do whatever Chip asks, block, run, catch.
    I see Jordan and Huff both having bigger roles this season.
    People gona be eating some foot this year bc the birds are gonna be GOOD!

  5. “… doesn’t want to be Eagles’ No. 1 receiver”
    Naive much? When it’s negotiation time, his agent will tell to shut up, as he shrinks his own leverage. Odds are, he will sing a different tune if he happens to lead the team in receptions.

  6. What is the NFL coming to???? A WR in the NFL that doesn’t want all the focus on him???? We’ve seen some wild things over this past year coming out of the NFL, but this by far is the craziest. Drug test him.

  7. The way I look at it, whoever it on the field at a given time is a #1 receiver, for better or worse.

  8. as an eagles fan, i really like matthews and what he could become, but as of now he isnt – or anyone else on that roster – anything more than a 2nd best guy on most other teams

    which makes sense to kelly i guess, who won’t spend big at the position and thinks he can do it with a platoon of average joes.

    i hope he’s right

  9. Finally, a WR who doesnt seem to be assface. I despise the Eagles, but maybe they’ve made a smart move by allowing DeSean Jackass and Maclin to leave and keeping this guy.. he was productive last year, with having only played part time. As a Giants fan, Id love to see the Eagles crap the bed, but maybe they made the right decision with this guy.. good for him!!!

  10. The NFL continues to evolve in so many ways. The skilled positions are becoming increasingly more “by committee”. With the exception of the Quarterback position of course. Even tight end for the most part is a committee position now. Players are getting hurt with such regularity that you really need a deep football team to win.

  11. This is consummate team player talk, not loser talk.

    I like the edge he brings to it, as well.

    Don’t take any crap, Jordan. Work hard and do your job. The rest will come.

  12. This kid will be a stud one day, very good athletic skills, excellent hands, most of all excellent mentality. He will work and work to perfect his craft.

  13. As a long time Vanderbilt fan I can tell you this… that there is the hardest working, most humble, and team driven WR in league. Jordan is a beast on the field and a great dude off. If you watch his college highlights, you can see that he was constantly double or even triple covered and consistently made huge plays, all while being the only offensive weapon the DEF had to worry about. I had admitted that I have a man crush on him, watch him play and you see why. It pains me that the Titans didn’t take him, and comments like this are exactly why. Compare that to all the Diva WRs out there and you’ll see why he is beloved here in Nashville.
    Can’t wait to see more big plays out of him.

  14. The Eagles might already have a great receiver on their roster, (whatever an ‘exclusive rights free agent’ is), in the form of one Jeff Maehl. This guy was an amazing receiver at Oregon, think Wes Welker, but more of a Jordy Nelson doppelganger. Why he has languished on practice squads for much of his 4 year career is beyond me. The knock on him is his speed, but I rank speed at wide receiver right behind getting open, and catching the ball, and he has talent in spades in those areas. He also holds the combine record in the 3-cone drill. He’s green, came with feathers…C’mon Chip, play this kid!

  15. This kid is great. Perfect for our offense and such a hard worker. Refreshing to hear a player at his position speaking with the team as his primary concern. Wish we had 52 other guys with the same attitude. This is the type of culture that Chip is doing an excellent job building. Keep working, Jordan. We are expecting big things from you, and it sounds like you expect big things from yourself and your team. He will be a leader on this team for years to come, and by doing it the right way: by his example through his work ethic and not necessarily through his words.

  16. I like Matthews a lot, but at contract time I doubt he will be saying, “even though I’m an elite WR, don’t pay me like one”.

  17. qdog112 says:
    Naive much? When it’s negotiation time, his agent will tell to shut up,

    So you just read the headline and made a comment without reading the entire article? Nice reply…. Read before you form an opinion you may learn something.

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