Kurt Warner says his NFL offer was an April Fools joke

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On April 1, when Kurt Warner wrote on Twitter that he had been approached by an NFL team about a tryout, we ignored it. It was, after all, April Fools’ Day. But on April 2, when Warner hadn’t said anything about it being a joke, even going so far as to interact with fans about it on Twitter, we figured Warner was serious.

We weren’t the only ones. Warner’s employer, NFL Network reported on Warner’s workout offer. In fact, NFL Network’s on-air report about Warner’s claim specifically stated that “this isn’t him just doing April Fools joking.” It was, Warner’s own employer insisted, true. And Warner’s own employer reported about Warner’s claim past April 1 and even past April 2. The Warner tryout story was featured multiple times on the April 3 edition of NFL AM. Today. Two days after April Fools’ Day, NFL Network reported that Warner had interest from an NFL team, and said on the air that it was not an April Fools joke.

But today we asked Warner directly, and he told PFT that it was, in fact, an April Fools joke.

That’s not a huge surprise to us — we did, after all, begin our post about Warner’s tryout by noting that it sounded like an April Fools joke — but it is a little bizarre that Warner would keep up the ruse past April Fools Day, and keep it up so long that his own network wrongly reported it multiple times.

April Fools’ Day has rapidly grown tiresome, as people seem to have lost any sense of what the day is supposed to be. For everyone who comes up with a legitimately funny April Fools’ Day joke — like the Bengals tweaking the Browns about a change to their uniforms — there are many more people like Bruce Irvin and Greg Jennings who just make up blatant lies and come across like they’re starved for attention.

If people like Warner, Irvin and Jennings don’t know the difference between “playing a good April Fools prank” and “being a liar,” maybe it’s just time for us to scrap this whole stupid holiday, and acknowledge that the real fools are the ones who can’t grasp the distinction between a joke and a lie.