P.J. Williams told cops he “just wanted to go home” after DUI arrest


After being taken to the jail for processing on this morning’s DUI charge, Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams told cops he was an athlete and that he “just wanted to go home.”

(Note to Uber: Tallahassee apparently an underserved market.)

According to Safid Deen and Karl Etters of the Tallahassee Democrat, the NFL Draft prospect was arrested after making an illegal left turn out of a McDonald’s parking lot in a rental car with a suspended license, and failing roadside sobriety tests.

The report said Williams swerved over the center line several times, and nearly hit a curb before he was stopped around 3 a.m.

Officers noted he had red and watery eyes, slurred his words and swayed and had to brace himself against a car door. He told them he was a local bar called Recess. He refused breath tests, however.

Of course, the fact he told the cops he was a Seminoles football player wasn’t the worst idea. He was given a traffic ticket for a hit-and-run incident last fall, and the local cops haven’t exactly draped themselves in glory with their handling of other FSU football players.

But the biggest hit might come to Williams’ draft stock, as he was considered a possible first-round pick before this arrest.

43 responses to “P.J. Williams told cops he “just wanted to go home” after DUI arrest

  1. The young man is no longer a student athlete; he is no longer representing FSU. Getting paid makes you a professional and as such you are expected to behave in a professional manner even away from work. Hope he is able to turn it around before he hurts himself or anyone else.

  2. Just click your heals three times and repeat after me,
    There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,,,,,,,,

  3. Less than a month until he could be a millionaire. Man, if I was an agent I would lock my clients in a hotel room with a couple of Guido’s at the door until May.

  4. newsletterczar says:
    Apr 3, 2015 5:21 PM
    The young man is no longer a student athlete; he is no longer representing FSU.

    Yeah, too bad for him. If was still a player at FSU, he never would have gotten arrested.

  5. It would have been more appropriate if he’d said he wanted to call his grandmother.

  6. “He told them he was a local bar called Recess.” Claiming to be an inanimate building was probably the first sign this guy was cranked.

  7. Probably still there in the 3rd round now.

    Pats need a starting calibre CB. Have picks 96 and 97.

    Just saying….

  8. grimreaper12 says:
    Apr 3, 2015 5:24 PM
    “future starting CB for your baltimore ravens, ladies and gents”

    The Ravens have been cutting troubled players all offseason. Get a brain

  9. How do you rent a car with no license and no job? All he had do was lay low till draft time. You gotta question his friends for not making sure he isn’t home playing Madden. He won’t fall to the 6th. But I can see a fall to 3 or 4.

  10. He should be able to beat the charges. Of course nothing the cops say is true unless it’s on tape. That illegal turn thing suggests they followed a dangerous driver while he crossed the center line instead of pilling him over in McDonalds.

  11. Don’t worry Grim, I don’t think he was on the Ravens radar in the first place. He definitely isn’t now. Any shot he had of the first round is gone. He might be lucky to get drafted in the third now. You’re not very smart.

  12. This is very disappointing and kind of surreal because I know the exact McDonalds that this took place at. Its across the street from FSU campus. It is true that there is indeed a sign that says no left turn, yet I have seen many people make the left turn anyways. I have too. So Im kinda surprised that TPD actually enforced it. O

    Still a stupid decision to drive under the influence with so much at stake though

  13. Again…Leaving all night fast food joints between the hours of 3 AM and 5 AM in certain states especially on weekends invites a traffic stop for the most tiniest traffic infractions. The police know why you are having a craving. And with little to do at that time except have their meal. They are none to happy when they pull you over and the booze and burger stench emits from your vehicle as you roll down the window.

  14. Some team will still draft this guy. There’s to many teams and just not enough talent to go around! The NFL should should really scale back at least five teams

  15. I’m astonished that the Tallahassee cops didn’t drive him home and tuck him in to bed with a warm glass of milk and a teddy bear.

  16. Possible DUI/DWI rules of the road.

    The breath test – TAKE IT!

    The field sobriety test – Politely decline it.

    The field test is not mandatory(in most states), and only helps make the case against you! The breathalyzer. Not
    taking it results in an immediate suspension of your
    DL. Not negotiable…

  17. Don’t blow if you’re gonna fail. Tell them it’s not sanitary. Take the field sobriety test, but get it on record that you can’t pass it sober. Say ‘lawyer’.

  18. Not a smart move, but in the grand scheme of things, not too bad either. Most college kids drive drunk. They shouldn’t, but they do. I see this having only a minimal, if any, effect on his draft spot (which is how it should be).

  19. Everyone here missing the point, he could have killed somebody. Hope he gets the max of whatever punishment he gets and falls way down in the draft.

  20. Add him to the list of run – ins of the law the vikings have paraded in for pre draft visits. Have to stay leaders of the league in something and their claim to fame are player arrests with a whopping 42 since 2000.

  21. My first question would be…So when is breakfast being served? I am starved.
    I was rudely interrupted while enjoying my Big Mac when a freezing cold soda spilled on my lap as I was driving. What is the problem? It was a drive thru.
    I understand 3 million was paid for a lady who spilled a coffee that was too hot. I’ll take half that. I asked for no ice. Phone call please.

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