ProFootballTalk: Is Ryan Tannehill set up for success with new receivers?

Dolphins’ insider Armando Salguero joins PFT to discuss Miami’s most important move in the offseason besides Ndamukong Suh, why Ryan Tannehill could take a major step forward and the team’s draft needs.

4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Is Ryan Tannehill set up for success with new receivers?

  1. Tannehill did just fine with rookie Landry last season. Just get him guys that don’t drop the ball and can get some RAC.

  2. Tannehill still has to throw the ball to the receiver; not visa versa. Tannehill needs possession receivers with good run-after-catch skills. Two tight ends and two flankers capable of working underneath and in the seams. Miller as a single running back zigging and zagging as he slashes through holes opened by the line and those two tight ends. Miller going in motion to the slot. Tannehill running to and fro; playing chuck and duck football.

    We move the chains, eat up the clock and score at least 24 points per game. A stronger place kicker would help too!

    The defense needs a better secondary! We punt deep – take the ball away in about 8 to 10 plays and score! Special Teams must improve – Tannehill needs all the help he can get!

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