If Bucs draft Winston, next move may be trading Glennon


If the Buccaneers, as expected, take quarterback Jameis Winston with the first overall pick in the draft, where does that leave Mike Glennon?

It may leave him somewhere other than Tampa Bay.

Glennon, the 2013 third-round pick who has started 18 games in two seasons, will be available for any team that wants him after the Bucs draft Winston, according to Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.

Some team may want him. Although Glennon hasn’t been great in Tampa Bay, he has shown promise. His career stats — a 58.8 percent completion rate, 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions — are respectable for a young quarterback.

Glennon was picked by former General Manager Mark Dominik and doesn’t fit the profile that current G.M. Jason Licht and coach Lovie Smith are looking for in their franchise quarterback. But that doesn’t mean Glennon has no future in the NFL. There may be some other team ready to acquire Glennon and give him a chance to prove he can be the starter, something he won’t have if the Bucs decide to make Winston their franchise quarterback.

89 responses to “If Bucs draft Winston, next move may be trading Glennon

  1. I would take him for a 2th rounder in the 2015 draft and put him behind Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, and then cut that Logan Thomas Project. With Glennon in the 3 hole, then we would be MUCH better then any 5th round player we could add the roster, without a doubt. Logan Thomas Can NOT play, this kid can spell a good QB if he had to.. Like last year. I.E. Ryan Lindley in a Cards uni.

    Go Cards

  2. This is like saying if I get a new GF I’m going to stop seeing my current one

  3. Good for Glennon because it is obvious that G.M. Jason Licht and coach Lovie Smith have no idea what they are doing.

    2015 Tampa Bay Bucs


  4. the kid had potential until qb killer and what is offense lovie smith took over. everyone blamed the bears qb’s for the offensive woes of that team while he was there but 4 oc’s in 5 years? and he already has made a change in tampa? say goodbye to your career jameis, you are doomed. whatever skills you have you can be sure the offense will be built not to use them.

  5. Maybe hire a rapist counselor or a thief counselor. Actually, he needs a prison warden after committing those crime. Oh wait, he’s a football player. They get rape passes

  6. Buffalo should trade a fourth for him and make him starter. A run oriented offense with a decent young and big armed qb would make too much sense. So likely, it won’t happen. Cassel would be a good mentor. Get rid of EJ already.

  7. Yeah, trading away your only experienced QB sounds like a great idea. Keep up the great work Tampa.

  8. Big arm, can make all the throws, has issues with pressure; this has been a problem in Tampa, where the offensive line can be generously described as “a steaming pile of excrement”. Put Glennon behind an at least decent offensive line, and he’s got a chance to be a good starter.

  9. firerogergoodellnow say:
    Glennon would win a SB elsewhere, just like other ex Buc QBs like Doug Williams, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer.
    That’ funny, besides who would not want to back up Jamis Winston with Seth Laboto? If Glennon gets lucky rather than go to someone who needs a quarterback now he winds up holding a clipboard for Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rivers, Big Ben, Eli or Romo rather than getting killed for a 4-12 team. Does anyone think he is a better choice than Kirk Cousins? How about Brian Hoyer?

  10. I said it here first and I hate this team with a passion but I could see it happening…

    Mike Glennon traded to N.E. Patriots. Dude will replace Brady in 2 seasons.

  11. More likely to become the backup and assurance for his current team. Unless, some team give away something very good. His number reflect that he would be a good backup QB in the league for many years, but not a franchise…

  12. After the end of last season I thought the Bucs could go no where but up…. If they draft Winston they are exploring new depths…. For people to overlook what he has done and him not show any remorse, is in some ways condoning and embrassing what he has done and what he represents.

  13. Lovie and Licht have I idea what they are doing and it is abundantly obvious. You can put Brady, Manning or any other great QB behind this line and they will also suck.
    Why else would anyone pick up McClown after such an abysmal display at QB?
    They know it wasn’t all the QB’s fault!
    I like Glennon at QB but son – your future is with a team with a good OL.
    As far as the FSU Rapist is concerned – you’ll get what’s coming to you not long after you get under center in the NFL.
    Move over Hernandez, you’ll soon have a new bunky in Winston.
    Then Lovie and Licht will be finally run out of Tampa!

  14. This guy showed good promise yet Lovie Smith rolled with career backup McCown. I dont get it. This guy was the best QB on their roster last season. I think a team in need would be good to go get this guy for a late round pick. Wouldn’t mind the Titans picking him up to compete with Mettenberger.

  15. Mike Glennon completes 58.8% of his passes for an average of 6.5 yards. RAT of 83.7. 29 TD’s and 15 INT’s in 19 games played. Not exactly Phillip Rivers, but better than Tim Tebow.

  16. Not sure about Licht, but Lovie has NO idea what an NFL QB looks like….remember, Rex is our QB!!!

  17. Jerry Jones should trade for him as insurance the next time Romo’s back flares up.

  18. How is Lovie a franchise killer, The bears were successful under him he got fired after they went 10-6. How is Winston a criminal come on kids will be kids and remind you Winston only lost one game and that was in this year’s college playoff give these brothers a break

  19. good luck trading Glennon, when teams can pick him up off waivers come cut down day

  20. keem513. Lovie cant see a QB when it falls on him. Anyone who picks McCown over Glennon is just plain dumb. Also, its not just kids will be kids with Winston, when it happens multiple times there are deeper issues. He is only behaving now cause the draft is looming but he will screw up again, mark my words.

  21. Anointing a rookie the starter before he even participates in anything resembling a competition for the position definitely never backfires. . . . . .

  22. azcardssuckbutiluvem says:
    Apr 4, 2015 2:51 PM
    I would take him for a 2th rounder in the 2015 draft and put him behind Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, and then cut that Logan Thomas Project.

    I’m not a Cardinals fan, but I think I speak for most of them when I say that I am glad you’re not the GM.

    A second round pick for a third string QB?

  23. Winston is bad news and the Bucs will be paying a price later on if they draft Winston and trade Glennon. This could make for the perfect “implosion” in Tampa Bay.

  24. I wanted Baltimore to draft Glennon as Flacco’s backup in 2013, but Glennon ended up going higher than I anticipated.

    I’d love for Baltimore to deal one of those 4th round picks they’ve gathered and get him now.

    I doubt they would even consider it now that they’ve signed Matt “Pick-6” Schaub, but at least Glennon has a reasonable shot at an NFL future…Schaub is done.

  25. If this report is true then the Bucs totally misplayed this. They should have traded him before the Bills and Jets brought in experienced guys to compete as they would have gotten a lot more value.

  26. Jerry is not going to trade for Glennon. Jerry’s beloved Romo will be the future of the Cowboys franchise until he is 50 years old. The backup for Romo will always be garbage. Jerry doesn’t want to have his beloved Romo intimated by the presences of a quarterback of quality. Just ask Kyle Orton. Jerry want draft a quarterback in the 1st round, until 2030.

  27. For some reason I think Philly will take him inexplicably.

    Or they won’t and Chip Kelly will tell us in 2.5 years that he knew that Glennon was a bust (unless he’s successful, in which case Glennon was his highest rated QB and he was consistently overruled when trying to get him).

  28. Arizona’s GM Steve Keim and TB’s Jason Licht have history together, and are friends. Glennon is a big armed Arians-type QB. I could see a deal getting done – Arizona went in the crapper after Palmer went down last year. Stanton’s a solid backup, but I think they’d be in better hands, long term, with Glennon as the number 2. But if Arizona does the deal, it shouldn’t be for anything more than a 5th rounder. Keim could do it, he’s a great GM, and he’s good at not overpaying.

  29. Glennon should have been Rookie of Year in 2013. The Bucs would be SMART to keep him as an Asset, teams that may want him? Anybody have ideas?

    1. Broncos
    2. Chargers
    3. Vikings
    4. Seattle? LOL he could go be Russell’s backup. Irony. He beat out Russell at NC State.

  30. Is there anyone else that thinks so many 1 over all draft picks turn bust because they go to crappy teams? Winston is going to suck cause no matter what he isn’t a franchise qb. Not even a first rounder in my humble opinion. I think tampa would suck even with manning, Brees or Brady. bottom line the same teams are always picking at the top of the draft cause they suck!

  31. Look it up. Every single Defensive Minded HC who comes into a mess without an established offensive system and continuity will ultimately fail and Lovie in Tampa is en route to that. Glennon should be BEGGING his agent to get him out of there, I know I would be… Good Luck Jamesis LOL…

  32. Glennon was the QB who got Tampa up 21-0 on the Seahawks in 2013, in Seattle. He’s a solid NFL QB, should have several teams interested in him.

    Yes, bryantrulen, he ‘beat out’ Russell Wilson at NC State, after RW graduated, and moved on to Wisconsin.

  33. Glennon is nothing more than a backup. Anyone who thinks he has potential to be anything more has no clue.

    He cant throw the deep ball, has zero mobility and pocket presence. His best performances is when he throws for 260 yards. In today’s NFL, that should be an average performance at best.You need a QB to throw for 400 yards on a given day and carry your team to victory and Glennon hasnt shown that yet in 18 starts.

    They call him Captain Checkdown for a reason.

  34. and Glennon didnt beat out Russell Wilson at NC State. Tom O’Brien was too stubborn to let Wilson play baseball and football so he basically ran off Wilson before his SR year.

    And since then, look where Wilson has ended up and Tom O’Brien was canned at NCST.

  35. The Bucs must be out of their minds if they take Winston. Is it worth taking a criminal, putting him in his home town, giving him millions just to see a few tickets to FSU fans up there? Lovie Smith should be canned if he takes him

  36. I was a big Glennon fan until the Browns game this year. He has 0 anticipation. He couldn’t lead a WR to save his life. His numbers are inflated because he would literally just throw a jump ball to Jackson or Evans. A 5-15 record isn’t very special. I mean if you give him an elite defense and the #1 RB in the league he might do pretty well(*cough* Wilson *cough*)

  37. Glennon is seeing the handwriting on the wall in Tampa Bay. His days a Buccaneer quarterback are numbered since Jameis Winston is the quarterback of the future for the Buccaneers in 2015 and beyond. Get out of Dodge will be good for Glennon.

  38. If he’s looking to make a favorable impression first step may be losing the monogrammed game jersey, or at least drop his initials. Pretty sure most GM’s will find it just a tad pretentious.

  39. Why do people think Winstons’ home town is in Florida? Jameis is from Alabama. He played college football in Tallahassee which is no where near Tampa.

  40. I wouldn’t trade him for less than a 3rd. He’s a serviceable back up with decent tools. Not a starter, but steady.

  41. Glennon is one of the most immobile QBs I’ve ever seen in the NFL. The stats look like he takes care of the ball with half as many picks as TD passes. But when you consider at least half of the sacks he has have been his fault due to not making good decisions to get out of the pocket or inability to find an alternate receiver other than a one-three yard checkdown, you’ll find he is ineffective. He passes a bunch but averages only about 200 yards per game. I’ve love to get a 4th round pick for him, put it that way. I don’t think he’s worth more than a 5th…which is where you draft a backup QB.

  42. Sure, you are gonna bet everything on an unproven rookie and you want to avoid any QB competition to force every QB to improve.

    There are very weak minds trying to work at Tampa and they do not consider they need a decent back-up or even a third QB on hand when injuries show up.

    No wonder these guys get fired so often.

  43. Keim and Licht are buddies… I’ve said all year watch the Cards make a play for Glennon… Glennon is better than Stanton

  44. Glennon would make a nice consolation prize if Jets dont get Mariota. Trade Geno and let Fitzpatrick and Glennon battle it out. Keeping Geno on the roster will only cause problems.

  45. Getting excited about Glennon’s TD to INT ratio is like judging a baseball player by RBI’s. It’s an outdated stat in today’s sports world.

    Look at the deeper stats and you’ll find an adequate backup QB. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Every team needs a QB who can be serviceable for a game or two if need be.

  46. the thought of trading Glennon is a good one, but I would wager his value is more before the draft than even one second after it starts. Take Winston and you lower the perception of value with Glennon. Wait until some teams have drafted the 2nd and 3rd tier developmental guys, and his value falls farther.

  47. Hmm

    A young QB with. 2 to 1 TD to Int ratio on a bad team.

    NYJ and Arizona need to get him ASAP.

    Glennon would be a very viable option for the a Jets as a starter, or for the Cards ax insurance for Carson.

  48. Ask a Packer fan. They’ll know what should be done here. They’re NFL owners for Pete’s sake!
    Good luck Bucs…I’m glad we have Teddy!
    Sorry Packers, it’s our turn to take over the division.

  49. The Bucs need a capable backup, Glennon fills the role and getting rid of him opens it up. Let’s resist going the Cleveland route any more than has already been done.

  50. As a Buc fan and season ticket holder I will be pissed if they get rid of Glennon, the only experienced QB on our roster. He has never really been given an chance with a crappy line and who knows what a rookie QB is going to do…don’t take that chance and on another note…you always have to have a quality backup anyway!!! So please let’s not be stupid here!!!!!

  51. Most of y’all are no better than Jamesis Winston. You act like you never did anything wrong to not deserve a second chance. You forget that he is will young. I never heard of anyone downing Ray Lewis murder charges. He is consider one of the greatest linebacker of all time. Give him time to grow. He has the chance to be great. Bucs got good WR’s, a nice RB’s. I say he need to sit or have a mentor veteran QB like a Vick.

  52. If a QB succeeds in Tampa, drafted by Lovie Smith, then a miracle will have occured. What appitutde for QBs has he shown for as head coach?

    1) Flame out Rex Grossman in Chicago
    2) A second flame out with Josh McCown, his preferred QB.
    3) Now in Chicago, Jay Cutler is dying on the vine

    Three strikes, you are out. It is not bad luck anymore, it is bad picking. So unfortunately, if the next two years are miserable and Smith is fired as well – it will be a waste. If Smith surprises everyone and does well it will be a very pleasant surprise.

  53. Of course this article is nothing more than common sense speculation since the Bucs have said nothing about trading Glennon. Why would they trade Glennon? He’s shown to be a good young QB with upside. At worst he is a solid backup. IMO he is more valuable on the roster than whatever low round pick the Bucs would get for him. If Winston flops Glennon is not a bad choice to fall back on. If they do trade Glennon and replace him with some proven stiff (ala Dan Orlovsky) then they are really screwed if Winston flops.

  54. Why don’t you give Vince Young a chance.. He wouldn’t cost a lot and He can still play at a HIGH level….
    His career won/loss record is 31-19… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and this guy WINS…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality.
    If you can use a good man at backup QB… Bring this guy in and judge him as such.. A backup…

  55. As a Cardinal fan, I would trade for Glennon any day to back up Palmer and Stanton. Glennon has the potential to be a solid starter down the road. Tampa Bay would be making a huge mistake if they select Winston and unload Glennon. They will live with the nightmare of a civil suit that will drag Jameis through the mud.

  56. No Qb will do well in tampa until a HC decides to commit to fixing the OL.

    Lovie is not that HC and he sure as hell wouldn’t even know where to begin.

    So Glennon and any other QB is screwed.

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