Jonas Gray hopes to get another chance to shine

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Last November, running back Jonas Gray made a major splash in prime time, rushing for more than 200 yards against the Colts on a Sunday night.

But then he disappeared, after LeGarrette Blount re-joined the team.  Gray became largely a bystander, with only 84 total rushing yards the rest of the regular season and playoffs.  He was inactive for Super Bowl XLIX.

“I think any season that ends and didn’t end the way you wanted it to on a personal level is added motivation,” Gray said recently, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal.  “I think I ended of the year well [with a Super Bowl], but personally I have a lot to improve.”

Gray’s season went off the rails when he overslept and missed a meeting only days after the Colts game.

“I enjoyed it,” Gray said of his unusual 2014 season.  “It was [a roller-coaster ride]. I learned a lot.  I take all the experiences in and become more of a seasoned veteran.”

Whether Gray gets a chance to demonstrate his skills as a seasoned veteran remains to be seen.  With Blount back and Belichick content to not use Gray, Gray may continue to be MIA in 2015.

Then again, with Shane Vereen gone and Stevan Ridley possibly the next one out, Belichick may need Gray in 2015.

31 responses to “Jonas Gray hopes to get another chance to shine

  1. The Patriots also have two ” mystery guests “” in their backfield. Second year men, James White and Tyler Gaffney, are largely unknown outside of Patriots camp.

  2. But not as a comedian # Matt Light’s Fools Night Out. Sorry Jonas but I do hope to see you get your chance on the field.

  3. Jonas gray is just another prime example how NE can plug in any undrafted or late round player & out of nowhere he’s HOF. Cheating works people.

  4. I’m still not convinced about this guy. He had a good game against the Colts but the Colts can’t seem to stop the Pats running game no matter who had the ball.

  5. the pats always seem to find running backs. they have a pretty deep backfield actually even though vereen is gone and ridley is for the most part also. they have blount, gray, bolden, gaffney and white. i watched gaffney when he was on game changers with mariucci when he was talking to gaffney jeremy hill and another running back i cant remember right now. i remember watching him and he seems like a likeable teammate and he seems to joke around and he seems to have a ton of skills for a third down type back we need now that vereen is gone (5 mil a year? i dunno NYG!!) I think either way we will be fine at running back, and we wont be concerned if we lose a guy to an injury bc were fairly deep at that position, though people wanna claim otherwise.

  6. voiceofreason01 says:
    Apr 4, 2015 4:06 PM

    Jonas gray is just another prime example how NE can plug in any undrafted or late round player & out of nowhere he’s HOF. Cheating works people.
    Please explain to the rest of us, oh enlightened one, exactly WHAT cheating occurred, the day Gray ran all over the Colts for 200 yards.

    Name it, or shut up.

  7. This player did not perform well later in the year when given the chance. He needs to show his game against the Colts was not a one hit wonder. He looked slow getting to the hole. He will receive a fair chance in training camp like everyone who plays for BB.

  8. Tevin Coleman baby

    No way. Darren McFadden, but slower. If the Patriots draft a RB in the first or second rounds, I’ll personally drive to Foxboro and yell at someone.

  9. Coleman is the best RB in the draft. Indiana had no passing game, everyone knew they were gonna run the FB, in a good conference, and he still put up huge numbers. The Pats only have 2 RBs that were even drafted, and neither one of them has ever played a snap in the NFL. If anyone thinks that is good enough, and they don’t draft a RB, I’ll meet them in Foxboro.

  10. Coleman has straight-line speed, but runs completely upright, and moves with tight hips. That’s a recipe to look like a superstar against the 4.6-4.7 speedsters running around college secondary’s, but then get your head taken off in the Pros.

    McFadden had a similar style, with 4.3 speed, and we all know how well that worked out.

    Belichick has proven that he can plug literally any running back into his system and get decent results. With their other gaping needs, there’s no reason to be taking a running back before the 3rd round.

  11. Unless gurley or that other big back from Wisconsin is available at 32? Or Ayiyi at 64? Then it’s into the third round for a pass catching third down back that nobody ever heard of and become a star. But only bc Tom is thorwing him the rock.

  12. McFadden is a good back when heathy. You talk like he’s a stiff. Watch what he does behind Dallas’ OLine this year. Coleman doesn’t shy from contact, is a one cut runner and has a great burst thru the line. Does run a little upright, but pad level can be coached. Pats usually take the best player available. DT 1rst rnd, Coleman 2nd, then OG,CB. Can’t depend on Blount.

  13. Trying to guess what Belichick will do is like picking lotto numbers… Wouldn’t shock me to see him as the starter or to see him released. Gray can’t blame anybody but himself.. He had himself a great game then he managed to piss off one of the best coaches ever lol Ive overslept as much as the next guy, but if Belichick was my boss, Id have an alarm that punched me square in the face if I overslept even 2 minutes.

  14. He was exiled as much for WHY he was late more than just BECAUSE he was late. Belichick isn’t going to go into details with anyone who doesn’t need to know them–it stays within the team.

    He’ll get his chances this year if he’s gotten his mind right. He’s proven in a small sample that he can be a punishing north/south back.

  15. Players have been punished for being late before, but it still seems like something more is going on there. 20 reg season carries in 6 gms after the Colts gm, 4 postseason carries, and inactive for the SBowl?

  16. Don’t piss Bill off…& do your job…or else you’ll keep polishing the bench with your backside!!

  17. He looked like Barry Sanders that night in Zinfy. The guy was unstoppable.

  18. Jonas Gray is a JAG. The Colts run defense sucks and they were geared up to stop the pass. No one expected the Patriots to try to run like they did.

    First year RB James White looked like a total bust during training camp and pre-season last year. He had literally zero burst to the LOS, Didn’t catch the ball well, and didn’t block well. Nor was he effective in the third phase of the game (STs). I was hoping NE would cut ties and just give up on the sunk cost.

    Tyler Gaffney was a UDFA. I’m not saying that means he sucks, but let’s be honest: it has a high probability of being true.

    That said, I’d still rather give those guys a chance behind an improved OL, instead of spending more draft picks at a position that has declining value in the NFL.

  19. He was late and worse he tweeted a grudge against his teammates. BB will not countenance such attitude no matter how good the player is and showed Gray that he can be replaced. Now hopefully, he learned what Patriots’ way really means.

  20. faulkana says:
    Apr 4, 2015 4:35 PM

    Billl is just keeping Jonas hungry for this year.
    Mark my words….he will be a big factor this season.

    Timmy Smith had over 200 yards rushing once. Just once. And he wasn’t inactive for the Super Bowl. Gray might make a difference this season, but your words are marked per request, and saved to a .txt file labeled “Open faulkana 2-8-16”, just in case.

  21. voiceofreason01
    Apr 4, 2015, 4:06 PM EDT
    Jonas gray is just another prime example how NE can plug in any undrafted or late round player & out of nowhere he’s HOF. Cheating works people.

    Undrafted Malcolm Butler cheated on that interception too

    Your an idiot!!

  22. He had a foot injury late in the year but that was largely ignored because the media got more clicks by running “mean ol’ Pats bench Gray for weeks because he was late once” stories.

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