Sen’Derrick Marks questions NFL’s motives in hiring female official


With the NFL set to hire its first full-time, non-lockout-replacement female official, Jaguars defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks wonders whether the move is more about publicity than it is about ensuring that the best officials are hired to work NFL games.

“It’s just like the Michael Sam situation — if he wasn’t gay, he would have gone undrafted,’’ Marks told TMZ, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times Union.  “Instead, the league drafts him because I think they are trying to monopolize every aspect of the world.  The same thing with a female ref.  For the league, it’s great publicity.  The NFL is all about monopolizing every opportunity.’’

Marks has no problem with the hire, assuming that Sarah Thomas deserves the position.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with it, especially as long as she knows what she’s doing,” Marks said.

Presumably, Thomas knows what she’s doing; she had worked her way up to the highest levels of college football and qualified for NFL preseason games before landing with the NFL on a full-time basis.  But it’s fair to at least wonder whether a desire to undo the considerable damage done to The Shield due to the bungling of the Ray Rice case and a longstanding lack of sensitivity to domestic violence influenced the process that resulted in the hiring of Sarah Thomas — and whether it likewise will affect the manner in which the league office applies grades to her performance.

There’s no reason to think the NFL won’t apply the same standards and rules and grades to all officials.  But now that the NFL has hired a full-time female official, the NFL needs to be prepared to treat Sarah Thomas exactly the same way any other official would be treated.  The players and coaches likewise must be prepared, and expected, to treat her with the highest level of dignity and respect, which traditionally has been afforded to game officials.’

Then again, the highest level of dignity and respect isn’t always afforded to game officials, in any sport.  Just ask Bill Belichick or Bill Cowher or Marv Levy or Jerry Glanville or any of these 10 folks.

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  1. Guys’ eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects, while women are more perceptive to color changes, according to a new vision study that suggests men and women actually do see things differently.

    Men were hunters and women were gatherers. You can try to have this PC world but the science points to this not working out for her.

  2. Here’s a thought there genius… They PAY your salary… Deal with it or move on to your next career..and for the record, don’t start a sentence with the word “ain’t” in your real world job interview…

  3. What is wrong with doing the right thing for publicity ?? In country where beer adds feature women in bikinis ….. i see no problem at all with doing the right thing being PR.. nothing at all.

    If we lived in a country where doing the right thing was something that helped sell a product this would be a much better country

  4. “It’s just like the Michael Sam situation — if he wasn’t gay, he would have gone undrafted,’’ Marks told TMZ, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times Union. “Instead, the league drafts him because I think they are trying to monopolize every aspect of the world. The same thing with a female ref. For the league, it’s great publicity. The NFL is all about monopolizing every opportunity.’’

    Right on. Even though we all know this is true, the usual suspects will deny it.

  5. She can’t be any worse than the currently employed officials. Just hope she has good earmuffs in what she’s going to hear players trash talking each other.

  6. Michael Sam had his shot and was found not to be NFL caliber material, now he needs to go away.

    Sarah Thomas deserves her chance too. If she does a good job & succeeds, great, if not, then she needs to go away too. Her ability(s) should be the deciding factor, nothing else, just like w/ Sam. At least she’s not on Dancing w/ the Stars or Oprah. Nice quiet low profile!

    The NFL may be employing a deflection tactic given their horrific handling of issues over this past year, however I think fans are smarter than this and will not be distracted by questionable tactics, if that’s what’s going on.

  7. He’s right.

    NFL is always trying to find new ways to pat themselves on the back in the general public’s eye while neglecting what their real fans want. If anyone wants a team in London raise your hand.

  8. I agree with his comments 100%. We live in a PC world because the left has pounded critics into submission. It’s a shame, because guys like Michael Sam don’t deserve any attention at all, and yet he has been in the news for months only because he is gay. I also agree that if she has the talent and deserves to be an NFL ref, then more power to her. If she can take the heat, then I wish her success.

  9. “There’s no reason to think the NFL won’t apply the same standards and rules and grades to all officials.”

  10. Well of course it’s political. And there’s nothing wrong with questioning it. This is still America.

  11. Oh the irony.

    I tend to question why politicians need to insert themselves into…. I don’t know… everything !

  12. Totally ridiculous statements that shouldn’t be getting any attention. Is the fact that Sarah Thomas is female potentially good PR for the league? Of course it is.

    Was that the sole reason she was selected? It is definitely not in the league’s best interest to hire someone, male or female, who can’t do the job so I’m gonna say no to that one.

    Giving this traction is just another PFT attempt to stir the pot. You guys really should stop.

  13. I agree. Straight up PR move. I’m sure she is a fantastic ref and I hope she does well but the Goodell lead era is an absolute farce. God I miss you, Tagliabue.

  14. You know what would be a real novelty, Sen’Derrick? You and your team winning a flipping game once in a while. Focus your attention on that, maybe.

  15. so the best thing to do was never to hire a female official?

    i mean, she can’t be any worse than the tools on the field now, like jerome boger.

  16. Neanderthals and Cromags will always question when someone who is not white and male lands a position of authority. As if it is too much to fathom that a woman or minority race human being has similar skills, judgement and intelligence as (white) men. Give me a break. Half the refs are below average. You won’t get a perfectly called game from any crew and you shouldn’t expect it. Just like your defense won’t give up zero yards and your QB won’t have zero incompletions.

  17. Marks has committed the unforgiveable sin by expressing a politically incorrect opinion (two of them, actually). He will be silenced by the force that controls our country — the mob.

  18. Speak the truth and the PC police will be chomping on tbe bit feigning mental injury. Luckily the media has only been focused on the German pilot the past week and a half. I’m sure the league would look to suspend him otherwise.

  19. As long as she can do the job AND not react to the infield “chatter”, she’ll be fine. If she can’t, the union had better not protect her in the name of political correctness.

  20. Is this the new “gotcha” for the liberal sports media? If you so much as ponder the NFL’s motive in this hiring, you’re a sexist? Just like if you criticize Michael Sam in any way you’re a bigot. Or if you question a minority hiring or support the inoffensive term “Redskins” you are a racist?

  21. If he didn’t have a problem with it, he wouldn’t have made the statement about the NFL doing it for publicity. Just like when people say “not that there’s anything wrong with that” which means “I think it’s wrong”

  22. There is not always an underlying factor when someone out of the “norm” is hired, fired, disciplined or whatever.

    Isn’t it just possible that Sarah Thomas is just someone that has earned the right to be hired?

  23. Perhaps a guy coming off ACL surgery who has 15.5 career sacks and 177 career tackles (including assists) might have better things to do than spout off about female referees or the draft status of Michael Sam. But, when you’re a superstar for the powerhouse 2014 Jaguars like Sen’Derrick is, you think everyone needs to hear your mouth.

  24. *throws flag*
    Coach: “What’s the flag about?”
    Ref: “Nothing.”
    Coach: “No, what’s the flag on?”
    Ref: “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”
    Coach: “Then why’d you throw it?”
    Ref: “I hate when you start fights like this.”

  25. Sadder still that this was news at all. The NFL merely hired another official, yet males had to make it clear that she was genetically different from them. We never seem to progress as a society…

  26. Why does Marks care? The NFL IS entertainment; why wouldn’t they want to publicize themselves?

    It’s high time we stop judging people based on what they look like, how fat they are, what color their skin is, who they love, whether they look like an extra on the set of Predator, and whether they pee standing up. As long as they can do the job, what does it matter?

    If you’ve seen a picture of Marks, you’ll understand why I’m saying this.

  27. He will take flack even though ( in part because) he is exactly right. Sadly, this is the world we live in. He did not get the memo to view the world as others think it should be. He sees the world as it really is. The writers of the memo will now need to deflect and seek to force an apology.

    How dare he point out that the naked king has no clothes.

  28. That’s pretty bigoted and sexist of him to say those things, which are clearly unapproved by the masses. At a minimum, a suspension is order, and the DA if the county where he said it should be investigating him for hate crimes.

  29. Think what you’d like but FWIW, this is the same guy who cried conspiracy because his bottom dwelling Jaguars team wasn’t getting any attention from the media.

  30. Dude is ABSOLUTELY right. A couple years ago with the replacement ref debacle, and fans were calling for Goodell’s head (what else is new)
    The NFL would’ve laughed at the idea. This is PR and nothing more.

  31. So what if a ref is a woman? She can’t possibly be worse then the yahoos they have now. Plus she’s probably in better shape then half of the old geezers they have trying to keep up with these athletes anyways. Good for her and good for the NFL. And as far as Sam goes there have been way worse kids drafted this last season. Some people just don’t work out. Cough cough* Johnny F.

  32. I think this is accurate. No matter how much you want to believe the NFL made a smart, tactical decision that’s good for the game, history doesn’t bear that out. I do have to adjust my “The NFL under this administration is incapable of making good football decisions” to “Once every ten years, what’s good for the owners jibes with what’s good for the game”. Sometimes they get lucky.

  33. Words too big for Sen’Derick Marks to understand: drafted vs undrained, league, monopoly, a (singular).

  34. I agree 100%. Do not lower the standards for females. The standards are the standards and when one of the coaches starts to cuss her out for a bad call, but able to articulate the call and Suck it up and drive on.

  35. This player clearly has not been indoctrinated enough by liberal high schools, liberal colleges, and the liberal media enough to realize that he MUST, pretty much by law, be sensitive to women in EVERY situation imaginable.

  36. That didn’t take long. I remember when Rush Limbaugh questioned whether black people could be good quarterbacks. I bet marks never thought he would be sharing thoughts with Limbaugh. I hope this new ref does very well. She will need to be great because many people will be wanting her to fail. Unfortunately

  37. I have no faith in the NFL grading her fairly. Remember how they revised Jerome Boger’s poor marks upwards so he could work the Super Bowl. Roger will be grading on a PC curve. Everything the man does has an ulterior motive, nothing can be taken at face value.

  38. As a female ref I highly doubt she understands the complexities of the NFL rules regarding maintaining possession of a catch after making contact with the ground. I can say this with certainty because nobody understands those rules.

  39. The NFL has also monopolized all of the publicity inherent in employing the only “Sen’Derrick” in professional American sports, no doubt for publicity.

  40. Pretty sure thiings can get ugly on the field, words can fly, etc. This female ref better let the boys play, that’s all i gotta say. A female ref would be more fitting if it were the NBA where fouls are called for swearing. This is a man’s field.

  41. First of all Micheal Sam would’ve been at least a 3rd round pick had he not come out. Every SEC Defensive POY has been drafted by the 3rd round in every draft regardless of combine stats for the last 15yrs. But there is some truth to this being a publicity stunt especially since the NBA hired their female ref this season.

  42. When he’s right, he’s right. The NFL is all about making money, fairness be damned.

  43. Have no problem with a woman ref. that’s great and all.

    Here’s the problem.

    If the NFL really wanted a woman ref., why wait until they screwed up domestic violence and sexual assault so bad to get one?
    Who they think they are kidding? It’s just PR.
    And they are using that lady to achieve some good PR for themselves.

    The problem with the league is that the man leading it has no integrity. None. Zilch.

  44. I think the NFL was trying to be PC rather than get quality. But honestly she can’t be worse than the bozos they have now. My only concern is that she doesn’t get hurt sometimes they get hit.

  45. Due to the fact that she has worked her way up over the years successfully, I see no problem with the hire. The Sam business was more of a news and PR move than this will ever be. I will have one big LOL if it turns out that she turns out to be one of the better officials in the league. Then the haters will start saying they should have been doing this years ago.

  46. Are you kidding me with the “treat Sarah Thomas exactly the same way any other official would be treated”? With just this story she is being treated differently. Just like with Michael Sam, the only reason he is a story is because of what he is. Just like Danica Patrick in racing, the only reason she has a job and is a story is because of what she is. We hear about women just want equality and then when they get it, they get special treatment and loudly demand it if they don’t get it. This is nothing more than a social experiment. After all, we need women refs in the NFL because of all the female players, right? That’s coming next. Give it a couple of years and the NFL will have her as a head ref, even though that is suppose to take many, many years. They will want to get her on TV.

  47. As I recall in the predraft hype from a year, before Michael Sam came out as gay, he was going to be drafted in the 4th round.

    As for officiating, it doesn’t matter who does it all the refs are equally bad and are equally loyal to making sure certain teams and players are favored.

  48. @minnesotablizzard- those studies show really small differences. Statistically significant, but negligible. Do you really think every male ref has better eyesight than she does? Or actually can see changes in movement better than her because theyre men?

    Don’t try to use science to justify ignorance.

  49. Why is it so hard for men on this board to accept she may be qualified to do the job? If she was a man, no one would comment on the appointment or question it.

    If she’s any good, she deserves a shot. The fact a bunch of Neanderthals on here can’t get that, shouldn’t stop her or the NFL.

  50. unfortunately, her gender will make her the target of numerous writers, fans, players, coaches & talking heads, but the truth is that she probably won’t be any worse than some of the other NFL officials who blow calls weekly.

  51. Obviously this is the right thing to have happen. She could be an awesome ref. But, you can’t trust the people in the NFL office to do literally anything that ‘s not PR related. I mean they probably have a lawyer and a publicist look over their lunch orders. So, who really knows what they think or why they do what they do?

  52. What’s Sarah Thomas’ opinion on the Redskin’s name? Did she think Jameis Winston looked “flabby” at his Pro Day? Does she think a 300+ lbs man named Jonathon Martin was the victim of bullying and hurt feelings? These are the hard-hitting questions the media really wants to know.

  53. The “league” did not draft Sam. STL did and they’re not gonna waste a pick to make some sort of social statement.

  54. Thanks for speaking what you believe and you are now my favorite player not on the Miami Dolphins. Tired of political correctness.

  55. dbranch65 says:
    Apr 4, 2015 3:58 PM
    Thanks for speaking what you believe and you are now my favorite player not on the Miami Dolphins. Tired of political correctness.

    Sometimes things aren’t “politically correct”, they’re just correct. Like giving someone a chance to show they can do the job without rushing to conclusions as to why they were hired.

    It’s not “politically incorrect” make insinuations about the reason someone got a job when you know nothing whatsoever about the person, it’s just stupid.

  56. Dude is 100% right. NFL conveniently hires a woman right after the domestic violence issue. He’s just pointing out what everyone knows. I’m sure there have been capable female officials for years but just now they hire one?

  57. awm7353 says:
    Apr 4, 2015 3:06 PM

    Are you kidding me with the “treat Sarah Thomas exactly the same way any other official would be treated”? With just this story she is being treated differently.

    And with that statement you’ve hit the nail on the head. Sarah Thomas is a story because the media says she is. Michael Sam was a story because the media shoved it in our faces endlessly. There is no actual social conspiracy by the league in either case. It’s manufactured, people!!! How is it that so many people can be led around by the nose and not know it?

    Lemmings going over a cliff in 3,2,1…

  58. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. If she worked games in college and was graded high which means she was a good ref , well what’s the issue? It’s not like she’s trying out for QB position. If she makes terrible calls, she’s out. If she misses calls, she’s out. Unlike some of the current refs who F it up weekly. She will be walking on egg shells. Point is, the current refs make tons of mistakes each week.

  59. I truly hope that she becomes one of the best officials in the League, opening the doors to other women receiving the opportunity to officiate games.

    It shouldn’t matter what gender someone is… it should be the best person for the job.

    My only concern is that some politician somewhere will start demanding positive discrimination to meet some politically correct employment percentage.

  60. “Guys’ eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects, while women are more perceptive to color changes, according to a new vision study that suggests men and women actually do see things differently.

    Men were hunters and women were gatherers. You can try to have this PC world but the science points to this not working out for her.”

    What a load of CRAP.

  61. What happened to the previous female official Shannon Eastin? She graded out well during the replacement ref period so why wasn’t she the first hired? Is it a matter of the refs union blacklisting her for crossing their picket line?

  62. Michael Sam wouldn’t have been drafted if he wasn’t gay? Give me a break. He didn’t have good measurables at the combine/pro-day, but there have been plenty of players drafted higher than Sam with similar measurables who didn’t have the kind of on-field success in college he had. How many DPOYs in the supposed “best conference on the planet” have gone completely undrafted? I’d wager none.

    If anything, him being gay scared more teams away from taking a flier on him. (Not because they’re all bigoted, but because they didn’t want the publicity headache that would come him, especially if he didn’t work out.)

  63. To joetoronto and the M Sam issue.

    On the day that the news broke about Sam, I checked every ratings site and mock draft board I could find, easily in the double digits. He was consistently rated from the 3rd to 5th round, I did not find a single site that suggested he would go undrafted. That all changed within a week. All the sudden he was a pariah.
    From the beginning, no one claimed he was a gifted athlete, but heart often wins out in these situations. I agree he was only drafted because the league wanted him drafted but to avoid discrimination claims, not for the publicity.

    As to a female official, its not like the men who have been doing the job in the past are always getting it right. Any one individual can have the assets necessary to do the job, so let her show whether she is the right individual.

  64. Or…counter plan

    Shut your mouth and play football. No one cares about your opinion regarding gender equality. Maybe instead of trying to make headlines on TMZ you should be spending that time learning how to stop the run.

  65. Im sure the NFL will treat her like they treat every other official. They will let her screw up big plays, ruin games on a weekly basis, and will keep sending out there every Sunday for the next 20 years.

  66. I don’t care about the sex of an official. I’m more concerned about their ages. Refs these days are WAAAAAYYYY too old and are allowed to stay in the league way too long. I’ve never understood how 51 year olds are expected to keep up with 20 something’s that are at peak physical condition. That goes for all sports.

  67. ncarmchairqb says: Apr 4, 2015 1:32 PM

    Its about time. There is no question a woman can make a good ref. or for that matter commissioner.
    Your statement seems to imply that our current commissioner is a man…

  68. This guy’s opinions would carry a lot more weight if he and his team showed some competence of their own on the gridiron.

    In the meantime, did Michael Sam deserve to be drafted? Is this a serious question? Does the SEC defensive player of the year deserve to be drafted? Of course he did. That doesn’t mean he deserves a permanent slot on a team, and it looks like that’s not going to work out for him.

    Will Sara Thomas (or another woman) deserve a shot at an NFL referee job? If she tests out well, sure. Does that mean she deserves a lifetime appointment to the job? No, she’ll have to earn it each year.

    Let’s let the performances of these individuals count for something, and sit on our prejudiced notions about whether a gay man or a woman SHOULD have a role in the NFL.

  69. You can’t get much worse than the NFL’s current refs, I’m happy to see them trying something different.

  70. Is she going to let 9 different NE Pats line up as eligible receivers at one time ?

  71. It’s ironic that so many people here think this is a publicity stunt. Maybe they are just sexist?

    Think about it.

    If she reffed at the “highest level of college football” (BCS conferences, I assume), she’s reffed NFL preseason games, and she’s been hired by NFL teams to ref practices during Training Camp, why isn’t she qualified? Because of anatomical differences (including upper-body strength) between the genders?

    As for Senderrick Marks’ comments, I wonder what he thinks about THE ROONEY RULE?

  72. I am a left-handed Cajun of Italian descent, further I am an atheist and vegan and 100%heterosexual. Do I get a shot as an NFL ref?

  73. mkelly534 says:

    That didn’t take long. I remember when Rush Limbaugh questioned whether black people could be good quarterbacks.

    Funny, I followed that whole McNabb drama and don’t recall Rush questioning “whether black people could be good quarterbacks”.

  74. Blatantly obvious promotion of a female just because of her sex. How about the more qualified male ref who didn’t get the job solely because he wasn’t a female?

    Discrimination reigns in the new politically correct NFL. Phooey!

  75. To Sen’Derrick and all the put-upon conservatives around here who see a threat behind every tree — even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  76. The goal & purpose of infusing women as Refs over men in sports is to condition the American voters for Hilary as prez in 2016.

  77. And the same pack that constantly complain about officiating now, have to grief about this hire. I hope she can call a better game than the crop of refs in the league now. Big whoop. I just can’t take a dude named Sen’Derrick seriously anyways.

  78. minnesotablizzard says: Apr 4, 2015 1:12 PM

    Guys’ eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects, while women are more perceptive to color changes, according to a new vision study that suggests men and women actually do see things differently.

    Wow! Imagine an NFL where officials can actually make out jersey colors.

  79. This is so wonderful – I can’t imagine how Ive watched football all these years without the professionalism and aptitude of a woman who most undoubtedly be so much more advanced than men are… Wow this is amazing and wonderful and just incredible awesome that Ill probably lose sleep from the excitement of it… Thank you so much NFL for being so conscious of the poor poor women who have been so mistreated by America for so many years… Excellent job!!!!

  80. If she truly is one of the best 119 refs in the world available then she deserves it. But it better be because she is and not because “SHE” is.

  81. Actually, to really control the game, a “she” could do it. But, that she would be the players’ mamas. Many of these guys listen to mama at home, or they get yanked out of the room by the ear.

  82. Male, female, gay, straight, blue or green doesn’t make any difference as long as more qualified and/or tenured officials weren’t passed over for the sake of making a splash.

  83. I think they are hiring 7 new officials, I want to know if all of them are qualified, or only the woman needs to be? Bill

  84. Wow — the message being delivered here by way too many fine citizens is the place for women in football is at Hooters serving the beer.

    (Include me out of that.)

  85. The players and coaches likewise must be prepared, and expected, to treat her with the highest level of dignity and respect, which traditionally has been afforded to game officials.’


    I’m really trying to figure out what that single quotation mark or apostrophe means.

  86. bluenoser12 says:
    Apr 4, 2015 3:21 PM

    Monopolize? I think you mean “capitalize”.

    If you are going to speak out – buy a dictionary.
    “Instead, the league drafts him because I think they are trying to monopolize every aspect of the world. The same thing with a female ref. For the league, it’s great publicity. The NFL is all about monopolizing every opportunity.’’


    1. To acquire or maintain a monopoly of.
    2. To dominate or use to the exclusion of others.

    Actually his first use of monopolize was correct, his second wasn’t. Good ole dictionary!

  87. Hey at least she’s good looking and she can’t be any worse than the biased refs that are completely incompetent to judge what a completed catch is . Helen Keller could do better than some of those clowns .

  88. “I just can’t take a dude named Sen’Derrick seriously anyways.”


    And I can’t take anyone who says “anyways” instead of “anyway” seriously.

  89. Here’s the truth.
    In a sport which features cheerleaders who let it all hang out and is sponsored by beer companies who run ads with scantily clad women, the NFL isn’t fooling anyone with this obvious try at improving their image with women, which has taken a big hit over the last year.
    And think about this. It no longer matters whether an official gets the call on the field right. Because they’re reviewing many of them anyway.
    Good luck to her. She can’t be any worse than some of the officials who work the games now.
    As for Sen(ator)’ Derrick’s comment about Michael Sam, he’s right. Once Sam came out, it was 100% guaranteed he’d be drafted. The question is, did he get a fair chance at making a team? I say yes, he did.
    Why? Because coaches would play Charles Manson if they thought it would help them win.

  90. Plus, we’ll find out how many gentlemen there are in the league.
    It’s common courtesy to pick up a ladies’ hanky for her if she drops it.

  91. I am just sitting here laughing at ignorance and stupidity… Comments such as men and women see differently, a woman cant focus quick enough etc…. Did any of you read the article? Shes already been reffing in NCAA for awhile now while learning the NFL rules. So shes already proven she can do the job… The question really is what happens when she makes a bad call, misses a call or just has bad judgement on a play? I mean EVERY single
    Male referee misses at least 1 or 2 plays a game and just catches flak and is back next week working a game…….

  92. I’ll take a young athletic female official that knows the rules and shows consistency in her game calling and is willing to explain the reasoning for her calls over many of the current crop of senior citizens that are out of shape, cannot keep up with the speed (*ahem, *cough….Ron Winter) of the game and are consistently inconsistent with their calls.

  93. I love the accusations of “political correctness” and base assumptions that she’s unqualified simply because she’s a woman.

    What Marks says is more or less true – the NFL most certainly viewed this hire and the timing of the announcement from a PR aspect, and so what? They’ve had some very high-profile egg on their face in the last year.

    The key part is that any ref should be held to the same standards as anyone else. Assuming that she will not is just conjecture. The NFL is many things, but they will not allow their cash cow to be diminished simply to appease certain aspects of our society by hiring a woman who can’t do the job.

    They wouldn’t even consider her if she wasn’t qualified. The fact that she’s a woman should be irrelevant. The assumption that “more qualified” men were passed over to give her a chance is speculation based on purely sexist beliefs.

  94. I did not read where Marks said he believed that there were Men more qualified out there than Thomas and the only reason the NFL hired her is the fact that she is a Woman. He only said the he thought the NFL hiring her appeared to be a PR move, that he is not against the hiring of a female and long as then meet the standards. Not very many people have heard of her and the first job you land when you are hired as an NFL referee is you learn and work the clock for a while before even get a chance to get on the field. It is called the crawl, walk, and run method of training.

  95. It’s obviously in part a PR move. How much is anyone’s guess. At any rate, hopefully she stays safe out there while adding some much needed integrity to the game.

  96. She’d have to try to screw up to be worse than some of the guys we’ve seen doing the job the past several years.

  97. The best refs are the ones whose names you don’t know. If you know a ref’s name, it’s for the wrong reasons.

  98. Respect is earned through your actions so, just like any new ref, we’ll have to wait and see how she does. Especially with Glanville calling her an overly officious jerk. The players are brutal and I hope she can handle it. Bravo nfl, that’s being transformative.

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