As draft nears, four teams have just two QBs on their rosters

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The Colts have their franchise quarterback.

The Buccaneers, who have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, are expected to take a passer in the hopes he will be their Andrew Luck.

So what do Indianapolis and Tampa Bay have in common at the game’s most important position?

They are two of four NFL clubs with just two quarterbacks on the roster, with San Francisco and Green Bay the others.

The Colts have 39-year-old Matt Hasselbeck to back up Luck, and the Packers look set to go with Scott Tolzien behind Aaron Rodgers. However, Hasselbeck and Tolzien are both under contract for just one more season apiece, so a late-round pick on a passer by either club wouldn’t come as a surprise, nor would adding a rookie free agent quarterback after the draft. The Colts and Packers each have nine draft selections.

The 49ers are in a somewhat similar position, with only Blaine Gabbert behind Colin Kaepernick. While Gabbert signed a two-year deal earlier in the offseason, selecting a young passer to bolster the depth would make sense. The Niners have nine picks.

The Buccaneers have eight selections, and all eyes are on how they will proceed at No. 1. They are widely believed to be likely to select Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston at the top of the draft, which would presumably push Mike Glennon into a reserve role, with Seth Lobato the third passer. The question then is whether the Bucs would move Glennon, though this could leave them quite thin at quarterback.

Ultimately, the 49ers, Colts, Packers and Bucs figure to come out of the draft with at least three passers, if only to spread some of the practice reps around in offseason workouts. The Bucs will draft at least one. But will the others?

50 responses to “As draft nears, four teams have just two QBs on their rosters

  1. The Packers are in good shape at the quarterback position. They have the best QB in the league as their starter, and the fourth-best QB in the division as their backup (right behind Rodgers, Stafford, and Cutler).

    Nevertheless, it would probably be a good idea to draft another young QB for Mike McCarthy to work his magic on.

  2. Remember when the vikes last held the Packers under 20 points?

    Yet their fans keep trashing on the Packer’s defense when their team’s defense hasn’t stopped a good offense since 2006.

  3. Jags only have two on the active roster (Bortles and Henne). They have a third that is on the practice squad (Stephen Morris), but he is free to sign with any team at any time, so he doesn’t count.

  4. Why do the Packers keep letting Matt Flynn go? He should be backup there as long as Rodgers is a Packer.

  5. Funny how fans of certain teams are willing to lose Rivers or Cutler or have 2 QB’s n their roster. They forget teams like the Cardinals who were 11-1 then lose their 2nd starter and were toast. They lost a total
    Of 7 starters to IR and another 11 starters missed 2-8 games but still the 3rd and 4th string QB killed their season and gave, yes GAVE Seattle the division. Seattle played all backup or hurt QBs from week 11 all the way until the Super Bowl. they did play the 49ers and Kaepernick but they literally had no head Coach and were falling apart. But Carolina broken back, Packers Rodgers could not run 10 yards, Cardinals (2 games) 2nd string QB without Fitzy and 4th string RB. Eagles their back up QB and Rams with their 3rd string QB. All that let Seattle win. Have only 2 QB’s is a big risk. If the Packers or Cards had a decent 3rd or healthy backup, either could have beaten Seaattle.

  6. A lot of teams with 3 QB’s have a scrub last on the depth chart who will never see the field.

    You can pick up a guy like this anytime, so what difference does it make?

  7. @red2616

    I know you’re not blaming the Packers loss to the lack of a decent backup QB. They needed a backup HC in that game. Fear and lousy special teams and defense down the stretch lost that game. A backup QB wasn’t seeing the field that day.

  8. I simply don’t “get” why Green bay keeps letting Flynn go.

    He’s proven to be good enough to put up around a .500 record with this squad and this offense.

    How many other backups can show that they are good for that? Especially for as cheap as they can get him?

    Keep Tolzein as the #3 to groom and Flynn as the #2. If Aaron gets hurt you’re still in spitting distance of the playoffs in our division.

    Or, we can always go get Seneca Wallace again *eyeroll*

  9. Yeah emoney it’s been a couple years. But the last game of 2012 AD ran roughshod over your defense. Knocked you guys out of having a bye, and put us in the playoffs!
    I look forward to this year, Teddy and Zim will beat you…of that I have no doubt!

  10. jeremysirio says:
    Apr 5, 2015 10:00 PM
    I thought the Pats only had two QBs as well: Brady and Garoppolo.

    Obviously, PFT is coming around realizing Brady alone counts as 2, maybe even 3 QBs.

  11. It’s easy to pick up a 3rd QB after teams start cutting guys. If you have someone in your organization that knows how to spot a good QB, there’s always going to be the next Kurt Warner out there somewhere. There are also always going to be unsung college QBs who would be getting a lot of hype if they played for Florida State or Alabama or somebody that was on TV a lot. Take a look at what The Packers have done. They traded for Brett Favre after Atlanta gave up on him, and chose to go with Chris Miller instead. They drafted Aaron Rodgers later in the first round after many teams (all of the bad teams) passed him up. And they’re actually the original team that signed the undrafted Kurt Warner.

  12. Well, for instance the AZ Cardinals have only Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Logan Thomas and Chandler Harnish at QB. Add those guys together and they’ve only got 1.364 QBs on the team.

  13. Remember when green bay threw in the towel on Erin Rogers and selected Brian brohm, not good.
    Yeah, we didn’t do anything at all after that. Smh

  14. Seattle has two qbs and kept only two last year. For the SB they added bj daniels.

  15. Anyone else amused that the Packers fans on here are trolling vikings fans for trolling them although they aren’t on here doing that. Must be hard after the choke job they pulled against my Seahawks!

  16. If the Bucs intend to trade Glennon before/during/after the draft, assuming they select Winston or Mariota, you could honestly say that they’ll have only one QB on the roster, as Seth Lobato is just a camp body.

    They’ll need to sign a veteran QB for insurance, but who is out there at this time?

  17. “Why wont Hasselback just retire, everytime i See a sideline shot of him on TV, I get sick to my stomach”

    Because he probably makes 5 million a year to hold a clipboard. Do you blame him?

  18. emoney826 says:
    Apr 5, 2015 10:24 PM
    Remember the last time the vikings beat the packers?

    …neither do I.

    Yes it was with Christian Ponder as QB, wouldn’t be too proud of that….

  19. jeremysirio says:
    Apr 5, 2015 10:00 PM
    I thought the Pats only had two QBs as well: Brady and Garoppolo.

    Garrett Gilbert

  20. The league really does need to create a protected roster spot for a developmental qb on every team.

  21. Having just 2 QB’s on the roster give a HC more depth and roster flexibility. The Pats have gone with just 2 QB’s for most of the decade and its helped.

    The Pats are in good shape with Brady and Garapolo. Jimmie looks like the best of the back ups BB has brought in, though we won’t know for sure until PS starts and he takes most of the snaps

  22. I still can’t believe how stupid it is to see how fast these guys can run at the combine, how much weight they can lift, and how high they can jump. This working out in your underwear and then saying this guy is moving up the draft board or down the draft board is ridiculous. It’s what they did on tape that means the most. What they did in college and against what competition is what’s important. This entire made for TV event and all the hoopla around it is just something to keep the fans engaged and keeps us talking about the NFL. Mock drafts are amusing but who really knows what is going to happen and who is going where. No one knows. All this speculation on trades and moves the “so called experts” talk about is entertaining but most of them have no clue. I can’t wait for the draft so all the hype goes away!

  23. Green Bay usually has only 2 QBs on the roster. Last year was an aberration because they were in the middle of developing Tolzien for the back up role.

  24. Considering PFT’s frothing obsession with all things Seahawks, one would think he would’ve included them here: Wilson and BJ Daniels.

    Oh, wait, this is a post that is supposed to provide “insight” into a team’s thinking. Never mind.

  25. I suppose it depends on how you define QB? They might alledge they play the position, they might line up directly behind the center but in the case of the Vikings, Browns, Jags, its tough to say they have any real QB’s.

  26. Not a Pats fan, but the best QB in the league is not Rodgers…it is Tom Brady.

    He has the rings to prove it, and that’s what counts.

    I like Rodgers…I like Peyton too. But Brady has the rings. Period.

  27. And speaking of the draft, to the extent there is any deflagate loss of draft pick penalty for anyone, at what point does it become unreasonable for any team to lose a 2015 pick given how close we are to the draft? The NFL must have a draft of the report by now. Does that lend itself to insufficient findings for a draft pick penality (or I suppose a team could lose a 2016 pick)?

  28. “Not a Pats fan, but the best QB in the league is not Rodgers…it is Tom Brady.
    He has the rings to prove it, and that’s what counts.

    Entire teams win games. Entire teams win rings. Not just quarterbacks.

    By your logic Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino because he has more rings. That’s what counts, right?

  29. Why don’t you give Vince Young a chance.. He wouldn’t cost a lot and He can still play at a HIGH level….
    His career won/loss record is 31-19… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and this guy WINS…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality.
    If you need a good backup QB… Bring in this guy and judge him as such.. A backup…

  30. I’m hoping the bucs keep Glennon. He had a decent passer rating over McClown. And Dumb lovie left playing him…why we got the 1st pick. Both playing behind a horrible line. Who’s Seth Laboto…our number 2. He’s not even arena league worthy. Then they are bringing in Austin Trainor. Guy never completed over 50% or threw over 1200 yards in a season. 5 tds. 6 ints. Not even H.S. Football worthy. Hey lovie…put me in coach. LICHT you were a scout once…show it.

  31. Teams are juggling to 90 players right now; cutting the 7 wide out to make room for a QB is easy enough. As far as some teams and the position go the drama can really wear out an organization (see Cleveland and Washington) and the fan-base.

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