Crabtree drawing interest, but history says he won’t rush to sign

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Michael Crabtree is the best player currently available in free agency, and he is drawing interest from at least a couple teams. But that doesn’t mean he’ll sign any time soon.

Crabtree is visiting the Raiders today, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. That visit comes a day after a report surfaced that Crabtree turned down an offer of $3 million to sign with the Dolphins.

But while Crabtree has interest, he may not sign any time soon. As we’ve noted before, Crabtree is more than happy to wait to get the right offer, and if he doesn’t have the right offer, he won’t sign.

That’s what Crabtree did the last time he didn’t have a contract, when the 49ers took him with the 10th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft. That year Crabtree had one of the most protracted rookie holdouts in NFL history, skipping training camp, the preseason and the first month of the regular season before finally signing with the 49ers on October 9. This year Crabtree may again decide not to go through all the unpaid offseason work, and sign with a team closer to the start of the regular season.

Crabtree has some strikes against him in free agency: He suffered a torn Achilles tendon in 2013, and although he was healthy enough to start all 16 games in 2014, he totaled just 68 catches for 698 yards, a career-low average of 10.3 yards a catch.

Some team may be willing to look past those strikes against him and give Crabtree the money he’s seeking. If not, it may be a while before Crabtree signs.

71 responses to “Crabtree drawing interest, but history says he won’t rush to sign

  1. This guy is truly dedicated!! Dedicated only to the all mighty dollar… He will never end up being more than a number 2 or 3 wide out. No work ethic having hack.

  2. Why don’t you sit it out for good bruh just like T.O. & Randy Moss who got a reality check from the NFL. You ain’t bigger than the game Crab. Deuces!!!

  3. Oakland’s finally building something good. Please don’t sign this Jackwagon.

  4. This guy has thought more highly of himself than anyone else from the second he was drafted. I don’t know if there’s ever been another palyer that had such a difference between how good they thought they were, and how good they actually were. Maybe McNabb.

  5. Just keep that diva out of San Fran. He’s never lived up to his potential and always been a bigger problem than hes worth.

    Maybe if he could catch a TD pass from 10 yards out in the super bowl I’d have a different perspective

  6. Sorry receiver…

    signed: Richard Sherman 🙂

    BTW, not sure which is worse, his performance or his attitude.

  7. wimpyburgers says:
    Apr 6, 2015 11:41 AM
    He was the 10th pick in the draft? Was that a Baalke ( the ex-scout) signing?


    Methinks Baalke came along next year – this was the year that Al in Oak drafted hands of stone DHB ahead of knucklehead Crabtree – then Crabtree wanted the same money as DHB cause he thought he should have been drafted in that slot.

  8. Everyone said this was the guy the Raiders should have drafted when they took Heyward-Bey. Would be a bit of irony if he signed in Oakland. But I don’t think they’re going to offer the money he’s looking for.

  9. With a quality deep WR draft coming up, crabby better adjust his expectations or like TO pop some popcorn and watch the games from the couch this year!

  10. Why would any legit team, or a team looking to become legit, sign an obviously selfish person like Crabtree? The Raiders have their franchise QB and are finally poised to start getting better…..stay away from this clown.

  11. The 1st holdout he had leverage. He was a top WR with college stats to back him, and only rumors of being a diva. He has no leverage to hold out now. He has underpreformed and shown not to be worthy of being picked where he was by the 49ers. Also has now been proven to be a diva. He will not get the gauranteed money, it will incentive based wherever he ends up.

  12. In the military, we called what he does “malingering”. Maybe he hurt himself reaching to read the offer(s).

  13. It’s telling that the Seahawks haven’t taken a look. Receiver is a position of moderate need and SEA/SF have a history of poaching from each other. Yet they haven’t even taken a look.

    Shows you that ‘mediocre’ is probably a compliment to what they really think of the guy.

  14. Even as a die hard Niners fan, I can’t see Crabtree being an elite receiver. He should learn a little humility from Jerry Rice.

    With the addition of Torrey Smith, it throws his potential of being a higher level receiver into question.

    The Raiders will pay him what he wants, and if he signs, he’ll simply confirm what we all thought from the beginning…….he’s in it for the money. Otherwise, he would take what he can from the Niners, with the potential of a ring on his finger.

  15. Not that i don’t doubt what everyone is saying bout Crabtree , but just for a second i would like to play devils advocate here……

    1st, his stats in San Fran… He played in full on Run first offense. Not sure any WR during that time could have had huge numbers.. QB’s were Alex Smith and Kap, not exactly two guys known for their big passing numbers… I mean smith has trouble with the forward pass alltogether and Kap could hit the ocean from the beach.

    2nd, Perhaps he just didn’t want to play for the Dolphins. Maybe he went down and didn’t like how they do things or the facilities and decided to keep looking. I am sure money has something to do with it, but why take the first deal if other teams are interested. Why not go hear as many pitches and see as many set ups as you can???

    I don’t think anyone knows whats in Crabtree’s head.

  16. A few years from now, when he’s broke, he will rue the days he sat around and demanded ransom from teams willing to pay him a fortune. Prima donnas such as Crabtree just don’t realize how fortunate they are to be blessed with the physical skills and talents to command more in a season or two than most people make in a lifetime. So, Mr. Crabtree, sit around and watch your prime earning years float away. . . . .

  17. Athlete holding out for money? Naaaaw. Call Crabtree what you want, but he is not a diva. This is the business of football. Crabtree can still be a WR2 or WR3 in a passing offense – maybe.
    It’s best for the Niners and Crabtree to part ways.
    Go Niners!

  18. If he thinks his value will rise post-draft, he needs to get a group of advisors. You have to wonder how much of this “interest” is being generated by his agent. The extent of the interest is the Dolphins and the Raiders…and the WR deep draft is in less than 30 days.

  19. The Dolphins will fill the void with a rookie in a couple of weeks and Crabtree will be looking for scraps. Take the best offer and get to work if you really want the payday, Crab

  20. No one will pay him more than $3M.

    He’s lucky to get offered that amount, given an aging WR with injury history is not what most teams wish.

  21. I see a story about a FREE AGENT player attempting to maximize his earnings and just know the fire breathing vitriol posters would come out. I wasn’t disappointed.

    The people questioning Crabtree’s work ethic don’t know a thing about hard work. Coming back from a serious injury like a torn Achilles to play NFL level games actually proves how hard anyone works.

    I also look at his numbers as a product of the type of offense he played in. When Golden Tate left a run first Seahawks offense for a pass first offense his receiving yards went from 700 – 800 range to about 1300 yards. That matters. In a passing offense his numbers without a doubt increases.

    Lastly is really why all the hate? Crabtree has never signed a contract and then sat out in his career. For his rookie deal he refused to sign a contract he wasn’t happy with. For his first free agent deal he is taking the same approach. Isn’t that what all you “honor your contract” folks keep posting they should do? Isn’t one of the first question you guys ask when a player holds out in the middle of a contract is “why did you sign the contract if you didn’t like it”?

    Yea that’s what I thought. More bull from the fire breathers.

  22. the guy just doesn’t have a love for the game. Not a player I’d want.

  23. Richard Sherman ruined this man, and it is so laughable. I even hate the Seahawks, but lmao every time I watched that interview!

  24. This is the result when you let Neon Deion blow smoke up your butt after you’re drafted. Look it up.

    He always thought he was worth more than his real value and has behaved accordingly for years. This not only includes the original holdout on his draft contract, but the holdouts from OTAs & TC with fake injuries, and the excuses made when his performance was below average (see 2013 NFC CG post-game interview).

  25. hopefully nobody signs him and has to sit out. oh wait then he will sue the league for collusion right? hey just because he wants to be overpaid does not mean teams have to do it. go play in Canada if you don’t like what the NFL is offering.

  26. Old, injury prone, slow and unmotivated.

    Dude, take the $3m while it’s on the table. Rookie WRs are gonna cost less than 1/4 of that…

  27. he is probably not signing because he wants to wait untill after all the off season work outs. He doesnt think he needs to get in there and prove himself he thinks he is already better than he really is.

    I hope the raiders dont sign this scrub.

  28. He is number 2 receiver, at best, who has a fairly substantial lower body injury history. I suspect his salary demands far exceed his perceived value by NFL teams.

    The good news for him is that he only needs one team and preferably two teams to disagree.

    The reality is that he was NEVER a #1 receiver and yet was drafted #10 when entering the NFL. It sounds as though he is waiting for another team to make the same mistake.

  29. Better sign before the draft, or his value goes down even further, due to a glut of another good rookie receiver’s class.

    Never was a blazer. Now with the achilles…..even slower. Maybe enough time’s passed from the surgery, and he’ll be like he was in 2012 – his best year with over 1000 yards.

    But his agent is the other problem. Always overvalued his worth.

    His history of injuries, dropped passes and Diva ‘Tude, and his agent, are all why he is still on the market.

    I bet he signs with the Raiders. Both sides need each other.

  30. I think his physical skills are probably still ok…the problem is…the guy is an absolute moron. Have you ever heard him on those sideline videos?

  31. This guy is badly overestimating his leverage, and to the extent his agent is contributing to that, he’s at fault too.

  32. Crabs is obviously over valuing himself, in his diluted mind he is a top 5 receiver, while in reality he is not top 50 wr. in the league , and it’s pretty obvious he is going to milk signing out not just for more money, but to avoid having to put work in like real pros. That should be enough to scare most teams away. The guy is a turd and will be out of the league within 3 years.

  33. He is alright between the 20’s but terrible in the red zone.

    People pointing out that SC is a run first team, well they still produce 1000 yard receivers, something Seattle does not.

    Crabtree is mediocre and is going to find out how little value he has after this draft is over and teams will be flush with WR.

    Sherman wrecked both Crabtree and Kap.

  34. Pass dropping, prima-donna WR who gets over-rated by ESPN because of college play still thinks he’s worth the big bucks. Had Mr. Excuse played like he wants to be paid, the 49ers would have been in the 2011 Superbowl and won the 2012 Superbowl.

  35. Did Richard Sherman absolutely ruin this guy or what?

    I thought it was just some craptalk between rivals and would continue to the future but it’s looking like that was the defining moment in his career.

    Richard Sherman screaming into the homes of 100 million people that you are a mediocre receiver and then that being the story of your life for the next year.

    Meanwhile the jerk who ruined you went on to win the SB like you couldn’t do the year before, get a huge contract and second superbowl appearance…. and then your coach gets fired and the whole thing implodes into Jim Tomsula.

    Almost feel sorry for the guy…..NAH!

  36. cafetero1075 says:
    Apr 6, 2015 11:47 AM

    Guy always wanted more money for low production. Maybe he won’t play hard if he doesn’t get paid.

    Haha, maybe he won’t play hard PERIOD. Always seemed a self entitled punk to me.

  37. At best a #4 WR. The tape doesn’t lie. Can’t get separation. Won’t work hard to get open. Not too keen about going across the middle. Doesn’t come up big in big games (actually shrinks).

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