Jaguars looking to trade Marcedes Lewis

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Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis has been with the team since he was Jacksonville’s first-round draft pick in 2006. But he appears to be on the way out.

Two different stories in the Florida Times-Union in the last couple days have floated the possibility of the Jaguars trading Lewis. The problem is, Lewis turns 31 next month, is coming off a season in which he caught just 18 passes, and is due a $6.65 million base salary this season. Would anyone want him?

Maybe, if the Jaguars are willing to pay part of that $6.65 million. One story suggests that the Jaguars would be willing to pay part of that salary in order to facilitate a trade. That would be similar to what the Buccaneers just did, agreeing to pay part of Dashon Goldson’s 2015 compensation before shipping him off to Washington.

Another story suggests that Jacksonville is seeking a late-round pick for Lewis. That would likely be about all the Jaguars could get. Lewis was a Pro Bowler in 2010, but he’s nowhere near a Pro Bowl level anymore. The Jaguars may be at the point where they’d take anything they could get for him.

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  1. It’s not a deep draft at all for TEs so there might be a market. They’re absolutely gonna have to eat most of that salary, though.

  2. “Another story suggests that Jacksonville is seeking a late-round pick for Lewis. ”

    No, that is not what that story suggests. Re-read it. The “story” you cite is just a single sentence, in a wide-ranging opinion article, that asks, could the Jaguars possibly get a late round pick for Lewis. There’s nothing in that sentence that says the Jaguars are actually trying to trade him.

  3. The Redskins would probably only give up a 1 and 3 this yr and a 3 next yr for him!! Try the Redskins.

  4. im suprised he has not been cut ever. 9 yrs is a long time. and his production has fallen off dramatically for a whilee.

  5. As an Ohioan that grew up rooting for the Jags, I had the opportunity a few years ago to attend my first Jags game in JAX. While waiting after the game to see stars I grew I up watching and asking for an autograph. M. Lewis walked by, I asked nicely for an autograph and he told me “Get the h*** out of here.” Good riddance, team stuck with you longer than they should’ve.

  6. Lewis will have a great year 2015. I tell this because the last time he had a great season was when his contract was up. This time I expect the same thing. So jags might as well keep him for 2015 if they don’t get middle round draft.

  7. I bet Ozzie’s been working the phones…

    “So you pay 4.5 million and we’ll give you a 6th…”

    “Uh, we were thinking we’d pay 2 million and get a 5th…”

    “Ha, I’m sure you were…I guess we’ll just wait til you cut him, because we know you’re not keeping him…”

    “Erm, uhh…”

  8. What are these guys smoking? Trade him? Who would pay this guy $6mil+? He will be lucky to get a veteran minimum contract; after the Jax Jags cut him.

  9. I’ve got a bent trash can out behind the barn but I still use it to burn stuff so it has a purpose. What else can the Jags throw in?

  10. My Ravens ain’t touching that salary number. We could use him, but no where near that number.

    I mean honestly, this guy has done fairly well for a terrible team, but why are terrible teams this terrible? His salary number says all you need to know about that.

  11. Lol just a day after the ravens owner says they need tight ends lucky them

  12. He has been a great jag for many years. His receiving numbers dropped but he was asked to be more of a blocker especially when gabbert was behind center. They have the space to keep him as such for one more year.

  13. Although I agree with most of the comments regarding Marcedes’ age, he still has been one of the best blocking TE’s in the league the last few seasons. I’d be surprised not to see him playing for a team in 2015, especially if the Jags make his contract more reasonable for a different team to afford.

  14. When a team has a BAD QB the TE loses out because he is not usually the first option and a BAD QB rarely gets past the first option

  15. Expect Oakland to offer an 1st and 2nd.

    Just like with Carson Palmer, the Raiders know a good deal when they see it.

  16. Lewis had 1 Pro Bowl season in which he caught 10 TD passes, (Contract Year) signed a big deal and has floundered as a pass catching TE ever since. The following season he literally dropped 5 TD passes, He has been injured more than healthy the last few seasons. Having said all of that he remains the best blocking TE in the NFL bar none. As a Jags fan I would rather keep him for 1 final season to use him in goal line/3rd/4th short and 2 TE sets then just let him become a FA. The team has cap space to burn. They need depth at TE and Thomas has had his share of injuries also. If they do trade or cut Lewis they will need to draft a TE/Hback for blocking purposes because the team has no FB on the roster at this time unless you believe Toby Gerhart is a FB.

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