Kurt Warner’s trying to remind Colin Kaepernick to stay in pocket


After working with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Kurt Warner came away impressed with his arm. Now, he wants to make sure he doesn’t use his legs too much.

During an interview with Rich Gannon on SiriusXM, Warner said he thought Kaepernick would be better served staying in the pocket, rather than allowing his incredible athleticism to become a crutch.

He can’t do all the running,” Warner said, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com. “Now he’s got to become more of a pass-first guy and complement with his athleticism. And he’s never been asked to do that before. And so that’s the process that we kind of went through in the couple of months I was working with him.

“Really trying to get his normal to be a quarterback position as opposed to being an athlete — you know, thinking first as a quarterback and staying in a more throw-friendly position longer so he can get through his progressions and he can be comfortable and he can stay accurate, . . . down through his reads. As opposed to looking at one guy and going, ‘OK, now I can create like I’ve done in the past.’ So that’s the kind of the process we went through.”

Warner spent 10 sessions working with Kaepernick in Arizona this offseason, and said he hoped the work helped keep Kaepernick focused on moving the ball downfield. Last year, Kaepernick averaged just 7.0 yards per pass attempt, and the 49ers went out and bought Torrey Smith in free agency in an attempt to stretch the field.

With so many unknowns this year, the 49ers need all the certainty they can from their quarterback. And Warner’s confident that if Kaepernick will remember he’s a quarterback first, the 49ers will be better for it.

22 responses to “Kurt Warner’s trying to remind Colin Kaepernick to stay in pocket

  1. Warner is a dummy. Kaepernick is at his best when he is a threat in the run game, he will never even be an average QB if they try to turn him into a pocket passer.

  2. Warner’s trying to remind Colin Kaepernick to stay in pocket?

    Baalke wants him RUNNING…….

  3. I think that Jim Harbaugh KNEW that all Colin could do is what he did the first two years and went balls out to try and win it all right then and there with his legs and the read-option game, pistol formation, etc. He is the QB whisperer after all. He knows the position way way better than any of us. He had to know that Colin as zero touch and would struggle making his reads.

    Almost made it too. SO close…1rst and goal from the 4 yard line or whatever it was with plenty of time to win the superbowl. Then all those failed fades….brutal reality of what your qb is right there.

    Then BOOM! Now he’s in Michigan.

  4. Either he turns it around this year or the experiment may be over. Will be interesting to see if they draft a qb this year.

  5. Yeah sure, CK is gonna take advice from someone like Warner. If he’s like a lot of players that age in today’s NFL, he probably doesn’t even know who Kurt Warner is.

  6. Kaepernick is better running, why do you want to castrate players abilities?

    Besides, the Niners OL will hang him to dry if he stays in the pocket.

  7. Yeah because taking away someone’s best ability is definitely going to help them…Not! Look Warner you were a great quarterback who is probably a great teacher but telling Kaepernick to stay in the pocket is like telling a vegetarian to eat meat it can’t be done.

  8. take it easy guys, warner’s not saying that kap has to be only a pocket passer, just that he has to stay in the pocket longer than he has been to give his receivers a chance to get open down the field. now obviously the O line is going to have to be much better than last year for that to even be a viable option, but kap has to do something different cause 7 yds per pass is not going to get it done. when the pocket breaks down, then kap can run, until then he’s got to give his receivers a chance to do their jobs.

  9. Your qb needs to be able to make the throws or else defenses will just keep tackling him behind the line of scrimmage or for short gains. Predictable would be the word

  10. Nice job Kurt, you are still connected to the Cardinals and you train Colin up to a better QB- so he can destroy Arizona?

    This only makes sense if the Cards are going after Kaep, he fits their offense perfect.

    Otherwise Warner is a complete traitor. The Cards should remove him from their name.

  11. Funny thing about this is that the Niners got rid of arguably the best coach they’ve had since Bill Walsh because he wanted to keep Keap in the pocket. There’s no secret here. Niners want Kaep to run, so all this “training” with Warner could be for naught.

  12. Some interesting words from Warner. Wonder if they’re accurate. All QBs must do their work from the pocket first. But while you have the jets, use’em, too.
    Go Niners!

  13. truedirk says:

    Kaepernick is better running, why do you want to castrate players abilities?

    When a quarterback is better running than throwing, you need a new quarterback. The QB’s main job is to throw the ball.

  14. Not that Alex Smith was the next Tom Brady, but it still astounds me that the Niners hitched their wagon to this guy. He’s a nice novelty to have but in the end, he’s not *the guy* who is going to get it done.
    In many regards, Kaepernick reminds me of a bigger, stronger Kordell Stewart. At some point however, it is the prototypical QB that wins Super Bowls.

  15. Hawk fan here …

    It’s easy as such to sit here and slam CK . My personal observations would be he doesn’t read defenses well and has difficulty with his check downs ; after he looks at his 2nd option he bails . Having said that , the young man is an amazing athlete with all the physical tools you would look for in your franchise QB . I think Colin takes more flak than he’s responsible for , and that O-line that was supposed to be so elite wasn’t really all that and a bag of chips ( good luck AZ with Iupati ; much like the Hawks line , he can’t pass block worth a crap and his reputation is greater than his actual abilities ) .

    With Harbaugh gone , it’ll all unreasonably be laid in Kap’s lap if the team fails , which it probably will . As a Hawk fan , I see comments all the time about how Wilson is a “game manager” , & yet how many teams would give their eye teeth for him ? Half the teams in the league would clamor for Kaepernick also were he to come available …

    Nothing wrong with him continuing to hone his skills with a SB winning QB folks .

  16. A lot of the comments here make no sense.

    If CK’s best asset is running. Then why didn’t SF just go after Murray and make him their starting QB?

    I’m sorry, but a QB needs to be able to make his reads first, then create. You can’t just use your legs right away. You use your legs to make a play. Not because you can run. QB’s are supposed to pass the ball, not run. (that’s your first lesson in fb 101). A qb that can use his legs and maneuver around the pocket, and create by rolling out is a better qb than one that just takes off running. Look at Rogers. He creates by using his legs. Not just looking at 1 wr, seeing he’s not open, then runs. He creates. Rolls right, defense accounts for that, and someone is left wide open. THat’s what Warner is working on with CK…

  17. Russell Wilson? Run with your instincts. Let the kid, Kap, develop his progressions, but do not limit his God given ability that he and wilson both have…Kurt can help the kid but Kap, just use your God given talent when needed…

  18. patsfan1820 says: Apr 6, 2015 5:35 PM
    …telling Kaepernick to stay in the pocket is like telling a vegetarian to eat meat it can’t be done.

    100% agree with you about Kaep, however I have to point out that it’s not the least bit impossible for a vegetarian to eat meat. They just cease to be vegetarian for a bit.

    Especially when you pay them $15 mil a year, team-friendly deal or not.

  19. I saw the article this AM. I think Kaepernick fans who think this is going to fix him are kidding themselves.

    This kid’s been playing QB as a one-read QB his entire life. Ten or eleven weeks in the desert isn’t going to get him caught up anytime soon.

    And while, someday, he MAY turn into a pocket passer, by that time the window’s going to be shut and nailed closed.

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