Percy Harvin: The world hasn’t seen me explode like I’m about to


Wide receiver Percy Harvin has been a man on the move over the last three-plus seasons as he’s bounced between the Vikings, Seahawks and Jets before signing with the Bills as a free agent this offseason.

Harvin has only played in 23 regular season games over that span, which has kept him from putting up the kind of numbers he posted earlier in his career with Minnesota. Injuries, poor fits with offensive schemes and issues with organizations have been to blame for Harvin’s drop in production, but the wideout says that things will go beyond getting back on track this season.

“The world has yet to see me really explode like I’m about to,” Harvin said, via Mike Rodak of, as the Bills opened their offseason conditioning program on Monday.

With running back LeSean McCoy, wide receiver Sammy Watkins and tight end Charles Clay in the lineup around him, Harvin should be able to find space to do damage against opposing defenses. The same appeared to be true in Seattle, however, and things didn’t play out that way despite the presence of a better quarterback than the Bills are likely to have on hand this season.

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  1. You had a chance to play with Tom Brady had he would have made you money for the next contract.. But noo stay with Rex he is building a bully and wanna hand it off to LeSean 50 times…

  2. So what’s the guy been doing all these years? Snoozing and collecting a big paycheck?

    Either he’s a colossal slacker or a first rate tout.

  3. What he means is “the world hasn’t seen me explode a locker room like I’m about to”.

  4. Nothing against Harvin, but he’s the common denominator of the problems he’s had the last few years. His lack of production seems attributable to his inability to get along with teammates and the organizations that hire him.

  5. ….and who’s fault is it going to be this time, Percy, when that doesn’t happen?

  6. I’m no Bills fan, but that team would be a SB contender with a real QB. They’re stacked everywhere else.

  7. This honestly sounds more like something I’d expect Rex Ryan to say about any number of things.

  8. Nobody can say the Bills aren’t trying to improve their roster. Picking up all these FA guys may not be the answer though. As we’ve seen the trend is to draft and develop guys. At least their making an effort to bring in talented players. Percy Harvin isn’t a good dude and don’t run out and buy his Jersey.

  9. He may have had a better QB in Seattle, but that was about it. Their group of WRs is pretty average, and they had no TE to speak of. Same as NY. This may be the best offense he’s played on.

  10. Well it’s good to see that getting drafted in the first round by the Vikings, or getting traded to the Seahawks and given a huge contract extension wasn’t enough to drive you to play your best!

  11. One of the greatest moments during my tenure as a Viking fan was watching Percy’s reaction on the way back to the huddle after he ran a WR screen and Christian Ponder still missed him by 15 feet.

  12. I’m no Bills fan, but that team would be a SB contender with a real QB. They’re stacked everywhere else.

    The Bills OL is pretty bad.

  13. Friendly reminder for the haters:

    This is the same team that scraped out 9 wins after EJ started 2-2, and Orton hit a wall after his 2nd start. Same defense that was “doomed” after losing Byrd and Kiko. Same team that was getting relocated and doomed to go 3-13. Same EJ that is technically one game under .500 as a starting QB.

    This team isn’t “talking too much” it’s one guy saying he’s about to play with no reservations. Game on, and hate on, but remember: Uncle Terry Pegula owns the team and we’re getting a new stadium and spending to the cap year after year for the first time ever. 🙂

  14. He is what he is: Fast enough to come in for a handful of gimmick plays each game, but not good enough to be a full time starter at any position. He should be a little quieter and accept his role and his limitations.

  15. He has never had 1000 receiving yards in a season, or ever scored more than 9 total tds in a season. And yet, Harvin is treated like NFL royalty. He is one of the most overrated players in any sport.

  16. One question, Who is going to get him the ball?

    It seems to me that his only decent year was when he played with Favre. And Matt Cassel or EJ are many things but the one thing they are not is Favre

  17. Percy had everything going for him in Seattle.

    A beast in the backfield, a great and possibly future HOF QB

    Not much competition at receiver as far as a #1 guy who would be taking all the reps away

    A coach who wanted him to return kicks just like he wanted too

    The best D in the league

    A team that should compete for superbowls for the next 5-10 years



    But he couldn’t make it work because he’s a headcase.

    but now he’s ready to explode! Now that even the Jets took a pass on him.

    The Jets.

  18. Sorry, but having a better #1 WR and TE doesnt replace having a better QB. If the ball doesnt get there, it doesnt matter. Bills fans should know that what Harvin says preseason dont reflect his in-season feelings. He will be angry that the other weapons on offense are getting his touches.

  19. Yeah, your gonna blow up alright… It just wont be on the field….

    Maybe after the Bills set you aside you’ll look in the mirror and see the problem looking back at you.

  20. Does this mean he’s going sucker punch someone on the field or in the locker room? Or are we going to see the mother of all migraines when he doesn’t want to practice?

    Good luck to Bills fans.

  21. I watched Percy in HS (Virginia Beach). His demeanor on the field still resonates with me today. If the play was going away from his side of the field, he would just stand around and not even attempt to block. I think he is a wasted talent. JMO

  22. “The world hasn’t seen me explode like I’m about to”.
    I believe you, but your former teammates apparently have.

  23. I believe I am one of the rare people that still believes he is a exceptional talent maybe just not as gifted as I believed.

    But even without a QB with McCoy at RB and Watkins out wide I can see Percy Harvin putting defenses to the test in the slot. He is a mismatch problem defensive coordinators do have to game plan for when he is on the field. The downside is he multiple time loose cannon in the locker room.

  24. Teams are willing to put up with a locker room cancer as long as he’s producing. They did it for Terrell Owens but even then there was limit. San Fran reached their limit and traded him to Philly. Philly reached their limit and traded him to Dallas and Dallas reached their limit and just released him. 3 different teams trading away a Hall of fame player in his prime. The same thing is happening to Harvin except he isn’t a HOF player. He should have played nice aND stuck with the Vikings now his reputation may lead to an early exit out the league.

  25. He’s going to explode in a supernova of self destruction like the world has never before seen. Should be pretty epic.

  26. But even without a QB with McCoy at RB and Watkins out wide I can see Percy Harvin putting defenses to the test in the slot. He is a mismatch problem defensive coordinators do have to game plan for when he is on the field. The downside is he multiple time loose cannon in the locker room.
    But every team has said that exact same thing. It doesn’t work with this clown. He must have one of those bullet proof skulls.

  27. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says: Apr 6, 2015 1:20 PM

    I’m no Bills fan, but that team would be a SB contender with a real QB. They’re stacked everywhere else.
    With that coach? Let’s see them actually do something on the field first.

  28. Harvin has landed with the best franchise for him to have a successful NFL career. The Buffalo Fans will shower Harvin with honest and enthusiastic support so that he will exceed his own expectations.

  29. Loved this guy when the Vikes took him, but man am I glad we got rid of him.

  30. This one is too easy! We’ve all seen it! That’s why you’ll be
    playing with your 4th different team now since coming into
    the league in 2009!

  31. Urban Meyer created this mess……too bad Percy can’t go play at OSU

  32. Calm down everyone, Percy’s comment was taken out of context(big surprise).
    He was referring to his last trip to Taco Bell.

  33. Why is it always the guys that bounce from team to team that say stuff like this? I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but it seems to me that hes like a TO 2.0, always talking smack, is the diva in the locker room, and is going to end up playing for all 32 teams before his career is over with

  34. Lmfao, Percy Harvin is a clown… He got a huge payday, was a member of the best team in football, and won a SB ring, and this loser still wasn’t happy. So instead he goes to a horrible team like the Jets, and now the Bills, and thinks he’s gonna be a star, or something, lol. If he’s not injured, he will have the same type of roll in BUF as he did in SEA. Rex Ryan is a run first coach, always has been. Now with McCoy it will be just the same as it was with Lynch, and again, he won’t be happy with his roll. The only difference is, instead of winning SB rings, and having the luxery of a lucrative multi year contract, he’ll be playing for a lot less, on a team that will be lucky to make the playoffs. Have fun with this joke Bill’s fans

  35. If Percy can “Keep his mouth shut” and break long plays either by catching OR running the ball like he did at Florida then YES he can make it happen. He certainly has the “skill set” now lets see if he has the “mind set”……….. if not he’ll be out of the league in two more years.

  36. Jeez! Couldn’t he have picked an a better analogy? His ego is out of control

  37. He may have had a better QB in Seattle, but that was about it. Their group of WRs is pretty average, and they had no TE to speak of. Same as NY. This may be the best offense he’s played on.


    Because Marshawn Lynch is chopped liver?

    It’s getting to the point that these comments he makes every off-season are the only thing reminding us that he is actually a good football player…when he plays…in the right place and time for him…not necessarily anyone else.

    The Seahawks straight dumped him like a hot potato last year and still went to the superbowl.

    To me he is like Devin Hester…potential to be GOAT return-man with skills like no other in that context.

    Mediocre reciever…

  38. Harvin will be good for some jet sweeps and bubble screens, but if buffalo is expecting a route runner, guess again. Of course he’ll also be good for some heated criticism of QBs and coach… and spreading cancer in the locker room.

  39. I’d actually dish out some cash on pay-per-view to watch this loud-mouth clown LITERALLY explode into a $50 Million dollar feces vapor! What’s that? Too Harsh you think? Haha GO HAWKS!!!

  40. Let the guy talk his game up, it’s not like YOU haven’t done some trash talking before during a friendly game of backyard football or on an actual football field.

    Seems like every idiot hating on Percy Harvin has an opinion. It’s like a bunch of girls bickering over their ex’s… Sure do care a lot.

  41. Percy Harvin: 31 career TDs

    Devin Hester: 36 career TDs

    Harvin needs to realize the type of player he actually is. He isn’t a true WR, he’s a gadget guy. An injury-prone, malcontent, gadget guy. He needs to thank his lucky stars he got some big guaranteed money from Seattle. He is one of the rare “double busts”. A player who busted as a 1st round pick for his parent club, before being traded for another 1st round pick. Trent Richardson is another example of this.

  42. Harvin sure doesn’t have many fans on PFT! He didn’t work out for the Hawks, that’s true, but he has the ability to be absolutely electric. I loved watching him play and I hope he does get his ego in check enough to realize his full potential. Good luck to ya Percy!

  43. My dentist just bought the Huracan that Percy ordered before he got shipped off to the Jets. I should be a dentist.

  44. I’m sure he will explode into a few different pieces and be on IR most of the season like usual.

  45. Bills DL have been highly paid and underachieving for years. Nothing new will happen with Rex. Other than continuous flopping.

  46. spitfisher says:
    Apr 6, 2015 1:27 PM
    explode huh? well lets cover the basics first, who is throwing to you?
    Well, he was on pace for his best statistical season ever with Christian Ponder as his QB before he got hurt. This guy seems to do better with mediocre QB’s as teams with them will run bubble screens and quick throws to generate some semblance of a passing offense. In a competent passing attack, where the QB has the ability to read a defense, Harvin is an unreliable target because he still doesn’t know how to run a full route tree.

  47. With violence and anger towards teammates and coaches or with production on the football field??? I’m confused Percy.

  48. Give him a break he’s an athlete not a rocket scientist. He probably is pumped. He’s with a new team and wants to do well so I applaud him for being competitive and feel like he’s gonna explode. That’s what competitive athletes feel. I hope he does well. I agree sometimes these athletes should be quiet but these guys are not choir boys. Show me a team of choir boys and I’ll show you a team of losers. You need some boisterous players occasionally! I’m glad he has confidence in himself. Do I wish he’d do it quietly? Yes but it takes all types!

  49. You’ve played for 3 teams in your NFL career, and all three had mediocre to bad qb’s, now you go to the bills…. Maybe you should stop chasing the money.

  50. As a Hawks fan the Viking fans called it when they said he was cancer. I will always be thank full for SB 48 and the role he had in it as that’s are one and only but he is what people have said. If he was humble he could have had it all but some folks you simply can’t reach.

  51. Don’t speak, your actions will be quite enough. You’ll be getting under all your teammates skin soon enough… Make your millions and take that classless act into the sunrise… Not sure you are mature enough to explode and make it count… At least you’re on a team that will let you get away with being a locker-room cancer.

  52. Would the Seahawks have won the super bowl with him this past year?

    They had to dump him just to have a chance at turning around a horrible start and make the playoffs, let alone think about winning anything as a team.

    Percy plays an individual sport in his mind. Team is a concept he has trouble grasping, even with those sticky gloves.

  53. He’s gonna be on a team full of talents that everyone wants the ball. Good Luck exploding. LOL

  54. “a team that hasn’t tasted the playoffs since 1999, that hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since early 1994, and that has never won one.”


  55. 1 year removed from the toilet, first winning season [barely] in like forever and the jills think they’re ready.
    I find more common sense in the fact they have been irrelevant for 15 years and counting….

    talk is cheap jills.

  56. Harvin – Start working with a shrink, getting your emotional volatility issues under control, then we’ll talk!

  57. A very exciting player to watch. I wish him well with the Bills.I hope he has his personal life in order. That is what hijacked his career, that and a little bit C.Ponder & Col. Klink didn’t help it either. Good luck Percy.

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