Dante Fowler will be “stunned” if Jaguars don’t pick him

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Florida defensive end Dante Fowler will be making several visits to teams picking high in the draft in the coming days, but he doesn’t think he’ll be on the board past the third pick.

That’s when the Jaguars pick and Fowler doesn’t sound like a player who will be leaving the state to play his professional ball. Fowler said after Florida’s pro day on Tuesday that he thinks he fits what Jaguars coach Gus Bradley is looking for on the defensive front and, as a result, that he’ll be Jacksonville’s man come April 30.

“I’d be stunned, because of the scheme that coach Gus has,” Fowler said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I can set the edge and I can come off the edge. I’d be surprised, but that that’s how the draft goes. I’m just happy I’ll be drafted on the first day.”

Fowler certainly looks like a good fit for the Leo position on the Jaguars defense, but USC’s Leonard Williams would look pretty good on the defensive line as well. Neither player is guaranteed to be there when the Jags pick as the Titans, who own the second pick, are meeting with both of them, but a boost to the Jacksonville defense seems a likely outcome however things shake out.

18 responses to “Dante Fowler will be “stunned” if Jaguars don’t pick him

  1. He shouldn’t be counting his first day eggs before they hatch.

    Still plenty of time to get arrested before the draft.

  2. There’s a very good chance the Jags trade their pick and move back a couple spots to add another second round pick. He’s definitely jumping the gun a bit. Who knows where he’ll go. I’m sure he’ll go within the first 8 picks though.

  3. If that stuns him, how shocked will he be when he falls to 32, so he can be snapped up by your Super Bow Champions, the New England Patriots.

    There’s a chance, isn’t there?

  4. So lemme see if I got this straight…

    Revis is “speechless”
    Tebow is “excited”
    Brees wants an explaination
    and Fowler is STUNNED.

    Okay. Got it!

  5. Must be something wrong with this kid if he even wants to be picked by the jags.
    That would be like a kid saying he wants to be drafted by the browns.
    A red flag should go up if you hear either of those statements uttered. Maybe drug use or just not real smart.

  6. bubbybrister/shovelpass says: Apr 7, 2015 5:39 PM

    So lemme see if I got this straight…

    Revis is “speechless”
    Tebow is “excited”
    Brees wants an explaination
    and Fowler is STUNNED.

    Okay. Got it!

    You forgot about Tiki, who is flabbergasted.

  7. Touchdownelvis beat me to it!

    Jags have wasted picks on Florida players so many years, Derrick Harvey, Reggie Nelson, plus all the punks in so far (Aaron Hernandez, Percy Harvin, etc) coming out of Gainesville….get me Williams or trade down.

  8. He was a great Gator and was never in trouble. I don’t feel he is worth such a high pick though, he tended to disappear during games at times.

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