Jimbo Fisher has “recently” heard from at least one NFL team


Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher appeared on Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio to talk about his most recent quarterback’s NFL future.  Fisher also addressed his own possible NFL future.

“I never say never,” Fisher said.  “I’m not one of those guys that that’s my end-all ambition.  But in this business you never say never.  I’ve had some opportunities to go up in the NFL and I’ve chosen not to do it, as coordinators and coaches — not as a head coach, I’ve had some people inquire.  But it’s not a driving force to me to do that, not saying I wouldn’t ever do it, because you’ll never know in this business.  But I love being a college football coach, I love living in the south, I love being able to get three or four first-round draft picks in a class instead of only picking one.”

So has he been ever approached about being an NFL head coach?

“I’ve had people inquire that if I’d be interested, through agents and stuff like that,” Fisher said.  “And it’s just not something that I’ve jumped on right away.”

When’s the last time that happened?

“Oh, recently,” Fisher said.  Most recently, seven teams filled head-coaching vacancies:  Bills, Jets, Raiders, Broncos, 49ers, Falcons, and Bears.  Still, Fisher currently isn’t interested.

“I love college kids,” Fisher added.  “I love 18-to-22, 23-year-old kids.  I love the family life.  I love living in the towns I live in.  I love living in Tallahassee.  It’s a great place to raise a family, it’s a great place to grow.  You’re living in warm weather. I don’t have that ambition — not saying, again, I wouldn’t — but it’s not my driving force to have to be a pro football coach.”

Those calls likely will keep coming, given that Fisher has cranked out a first-round NFL quarterback every other year since 2011.  From Christian Ponder to EJ Manuel to Jameis Winston, Fisher is grooming guys to get the attention of the NFL.

“One, we’ve got guys who are talented,” Fisher said.  “But, two, we run a pro system.  And they’ve walked up and done all the things you’re doing in pro football.  They make ‘mike’ calls, they’ve had long play calls in the huddle [with] eight or 10, 12 words, they have the ability to change protection, they make run checks, pass checks, run-run-pass checks, they’re not being done from the sidelines, they’re reading coverage. . . .  We run a pro system so guys adapt to [an NFL] system extremely quickly and the knowledge of what they do and how they get up there is there, and plus they’re very talented and they work hard.”

With plenty of college coaches who don’t run conventional NFL systems drawing attention from the next level, it makes sense that a guy who already is using an NFL-style system would get some attention.  Especially when his program has lost only one game in two years.

For the entire interview, click here and select the “Big-Name Guests” option.

37 responses to “Jimbo Fisher has “recently” heard from at least one NFL team

  1. “You’re living in warm weather.”
    You can’t discount the value of that , especially since the last two Winters have been of the worst in U.S. history , if you live East of the Mississippi.

  2. Considering the NCAA is coming to town to take away all they can for looking the other way the past three years because of Jamies and the Tallahassee PD fiasco, I’d say he’d be smart to follow Pete Carrol along a similar trajectory.

  3. Don’t feel special, the 49ers also contacted my 7th grade football coach from the early 90s as well Jimbo.

  4. You’ve got a good gig…don’t mess it up by flirting with the NFL whereby you could end up in Cleveland and be out of a job in a year!

  5. “I’ve had people inquire that if I’d be interested, through agents and stuff like that,” Fisher said. “And it’s just not something that I’ve jumped on right away.”

    When’s the last time that happened?

    “Oh, recently,” Fisher said.


    (phone rings)

    Jimbo: Hullo?

    Voice: Mr Fisher?

    JF: Yup?

    Voice: I’m calling from the Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket office. We have some availability and were wondering if you’d be interested in joining us for our games.

    JF: You want me don’t ya?

    Voice: Well – yessir. We’d love your support. We have many open pack-

    JF: I KNEW IT!!!! Honey – call the radio station!!!

  6. from ponder to manuel to winston. from bust to bust to probable bust.

    you call that grooming ?? i think grooming has a positive connotation…it implies success.

  7. From Christian Ponder to EJ Manuel to Jameis Winston…

    That might not be the best resume.

  8. If only you could have 7 QB’s, 6 kickers with jersey #’s in the 100’s and be able to dress 115 players on home games, the NFL will work for you Jimbo

  9. “From Christian Ponder to EJ Manuel to Jameis Winston, Fisher is grooming guys to get the attention of the NFL.”

    Yeah, the first two guys are full-on busts.

    Anyway, if Jimbo left, he wouldn’t get to play 9 ACC creampuffs every year. And he might have to answer to an angry owner whose business and fan constituents aren’t as quick to sweep criminal behavior under the rug as the emasculated Jimbo did with Jameis Winston.

  10. You guys are looking at it the wrong way. If you can get Ponder and Manuel to play well enough that they get drafted in the first round, you must be a pretty good coach.

  11. Outcoached in a championship game. Adept at scoffing over/covering up the personality flaws of your stars. A resume built upon beating up weak sisters.
    Hey, he’ll fit right in in the NFL.

  12. Christian Ponder
    EJ Manuel
    Jameis Winston

    So we can deduce that Jumbo is skilled at offering fools gold… 1st round backup QBs…

  13. There’s something to to be said about being king of the small towns and having the “school” administration wrapped around your material where you can cover up any transgression. Some people love to teach and kids are more responsive to authority than grown men who are making millions.

  14. A lot of haters on this thread.

    Fisher is easily one of the best college football coaches and recruiters of the era. People forget that if FSU has 11 players drafted this year (which will most likely happen), they will set the all time record for number of players drafted to the NFL over a three year stretch (29). Think about that. More than ‘Bama, USC, Ohio State, Oregon…more than anybody ever.

    Oh, and besides bringing in the #2 class last year, right now FSU stands at #1 in the recruiting rankings for 2016, including the #1 ranked QB in the nation.

    Haters are going to hate, but that doesn’t mean they have a clue.

  15. He’d be in for a rude surprise when the local cops don’t let his players do literally anything they want. The Tallahassee PD deserves as much credit for that program’s success as Jimbo.

  16. Basically, he’s saying he’s in no rush to follow the footsteps of other legendary college coaches who jumped to the NFL, flopped, then went back to college and returned to legendary status.

    Michael Jordan did basically the same thing as a player now that I think about it.

  17. Stay in college Mr Fisher. The NFL does not allow you to schedule South East Western Carolina State type opponents, have 100-man rosters, nor do they allow you to schedule 2/3 of your games at home.

  18. The fact that teams could have viewed Ponder and Manuel as worthy of top 16 picks is surprising, but it is not Fisher’s fault that they are considered busts. Teams probably overlooked Ponder and Manuel’s their shortcomings (Ponder’s below-average arm and Manuel not stepping up in big games and floating passes) because they probably nailed their interviews and could pick up their systems quickly.

    There is no college coach with a secret formula for making great NFL QBs. A lot of the best NFL QBs came from small schools. Even Aaron Rodgers was a JUCO transfer. Give Fisher credit for helping his guys make millions by getting drafted higher, and blame the Bills and Vikings for reaching on their picks.

  19. Bears should trade their entire draft to move up and draft Winston. If I am correct and they do this, they will guarantee last place in the north for the next decade. Get it done Chicago!!!

  20. Imagine if Jimbo was the coach of the Pats and Hernandez, even now we’d have Jimbo telling us Hernandez was innocent, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was a bit of over exhuberance etc etc. Or if he was coach of Peterson, what excuses he would make, this could be a whole lot of fun. Not sure Jimbo would cope with this though, he might run out of excuses for his players real fast without the Tallahassee Police dept.

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