Lawrence Tynes suing Bucs over career-ending MRSA infection


Lawrence Tynes has not kicked in an NFL game since contracting a virulent staph infection while with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013.

Now Tynes is suing the Buccaneers seeking damages for his ordeal.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Tynes is alleging the Buccaneers handling of his situation has “ended his career and cost him over $20 million in expected future earnings.”

Tynes – along with guard Carl Nicks and cornerback Johnthan Banks – contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas, otherwise known as MRSA, in 2013. Nicks and Tynes have had their careers ended for all intents and purposes due to the ailments. Banks has been able to resume his career and started 30 games over the last two years for the Buccaneers.

Tynes signed with the Bucs after six years with the New York Giants. He contracted the infection during training camp and has not kicked in the NFL since.

Tynes was critical of Tampa Bay’s handling of the matter at the time after they placed him on the non-football injury list instead of injured reserve, which denied him some benefits he believed he deserved. The non-football injury list also meant the Buccaneers believed the issue arose outside of the team’s facility and was not contracted through his normal football activities.

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  1. This should be a laugh because if you look at the facts/timing he most likely already had the MRSA when he signed and started the whole problem with the Bucs.

  2. Wasn’t he a free agent? He’s 36. Just how long did he think he had left in his career? Or who was going to pay him that much? He may have had 1-3 years left, but no way he would get $20 million for that time frame. Maybe, just maybe, half that amount. Janakowski, roughly the same age but a better kicker is making $3.5mil/season. Gostkowski 2.5. He should get something, but nowhere near 20 mil IMO.

  3. This is disgraceful. Teams need to understand that they have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. He was screwed by the Bucs through no fault of his own. Get your checkbook out Glazer family.
    Good luck Laurence. You deserve it.

  4. I have been able to meet Tynes a couple of times in the past during his tenure with the Giants, for I worked with his aunt who he very close to.

    I am not saying I am a “very close source” or anything of that nature, but Tynes definitely would not be doing something of this nature unless it really is a huge detriment to his career. The guy would much rather play football than battle in a courtroom.

  5. Best thing for MRSA? Maggot therapy. More effective and safer than high doses of antibiotics. Look it up.

  6. The pass-the-buck response by the Bucs is despicable. Tynes deserves every nickle of $20M.

  7. Where was the NFLPA on this? Seems like this ordeal must have violated the CBA somewhere along the line. Hopefully the union doesn’t allow the Bucs to bankrupt Tynes through a protracted litigation.

  8. I’m all in rooting for Tynes, yup four guys who had just met all got MRSA before joining the same team and the Patriots had their locker rooms disinfected because their looking at swatches and thinking about making a change.

  9. don’t know if he’s right or not but the Bucs did that for a future CYA, if this sort of thing came up, and it obviously has, then it’d be used against them. Couple of lawyers are going to get rich, that’s for sure

  10. The Bucs didn’t do right by him in terms of which reserve list he was put on, but there was never any conclusive proof that it was contracted in the Bucs’ facility.

    The same goes for Nicks and Banks.

    There was evidence showing that Nicks’ and Banks’ infections couldn’t have been contracted in the same place.

    We were in NE during that preseason and also in week 3. Those were around the time that the 3 were diagnosed (Tynes in preseason, Nicks and Banks during the season). Was it contracted there? Possibly, but probably not.

    Regardless of where it was, the important thing is that no other player on the Bucs, or any other team has contracted it.

    Hopefully Tynes gets a good settlement. No chance he gets $20m though.

  11. A few Browns players got injury settlements from staph infections incurred at Browns facilities a while back. Tynes will win this case. Its just a matter of how much he will get.

  12. If he had MRSA when he joined the team then the Bucs are even more responsible for allowing it to spread. It takes one simple blood test to identify the disease and since weight rooms and artificial turf are breeding grounds for the disease, well, all players should be tested

    Tampa Bay is the pits if humanity NFL wise. Goodell, if truly concerned on player safety, should shut the whole friggin Bucs organization down. Been following football for decades and never has their been a team Like Tampa that is a complete embarrassment to its hometown, it’s State, it’s players and it’s fans. Keeping Tampa in the league is most certainly for the $$$$$ it brings in.

    The Glazer family should be skinned for permitting this to fester. And yes, no matter how you spin it, theses deadbeat owners are directly responsible for the problem to escalate by not doing anything about it. What will the player receive ? Not sure but he will most certainly get something and good for him. Wonder how the Glazers would react if the MRSA bug was found in their children’s shower or grand kids playground and they got the disease. That would be unique

  13. He may be suing for 20 mill, but there will probably be an out-of-court settlement for a few million or so to make this lawsuit go away.


  14. Not only should the NFLPA be involved but what about the AMA or the various medical boards? If Tynes story is true about the Bucs doctors never saying a word but an outside doctor being able to instantly diagnose him you’re talking malpractice to the level there’d be little explanation beyond it being intentional.

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