NFL won’t choose an L.A. project any time soon


As Carson and Inglewood continue to race for the right to become the next location of a Los Angeles-area NFL stadium, the NFL won’t be declaring a winner for a while.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that the league likely will wait at least six months before deciding which plan to support.

“[W]e’re not planning for a vote in May or any time soon,” NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman told Farmer.  “We have a process.  It’s deliberate.  There are steps that need to be taken, and I think that’s much more likely to be later in this calendar year at the soonest.”

It’ll be much later.  As in as late as possible.  Picking a stadium proposal will mean approving one or more franchise relocations, since the Rams have locked in to the Inglewood location and the Chargers and Raiders hope to play in Carson.

If that happens in May or October (the months for the next two ownership meetings), one or two teams will spend an extended stretch as a lame duck.  That’s why the best approach will be to take up the issue at the ownership meeting in December, and to delay announcing anything until the teams that would be moving have played their last home games of the season.

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  1. Can we just put 2 or 3 teams there already so we can finally stop talking about “potential” teams in LA?? In my best Lundberg voice .. “That’d be great .. ok”.

  2. “[W]e’re not planning for a vote in May or any time soon,”

    Translation: Because the vote already happened.

    #firegoodell #goodellownstheowners #goodellforprezonastrandedisland #funnymunny

  3. The Rams will be lame ducks anyway. The NFL will say there were 50,000 tickets sold but everyone there will know the actual attendance was closer to 30k.

  4. “…delay announcing anything until the teams that would be moving have played their last home games of the season.”

    Exactly this.^^

    St. Louis already knows the Rams are leaving, and without the need for public money to build a new stadium, Kroenke has a HUGE advantage.

    Chargers are returning to L.A., too, IMHO, and hopefully the Raiders get a deal done to stay in the Bay Area. St Louis Raiders would never feel right.

  5. They need to figure out which location will be the most profitable to the NFL. Nothing more. These people may seem like idiots but they are sly and calculating

  6. Just like Goodell and the owners. Long, careful consideration where dollars are concerned, but damaging decisions about the game happen overnight.

  7. Or, the League could wait too long, and find itself irrelevant to the process. Al Davis already proved that if an owner is determined to make the move, the league can’t stop them. If they keep waiting, Kroenke (who in fact seems determined to move) could view it as clearing the way for him by putting a competing Chargers/Raiders move on hold.

    I’m not typically in favor of teams moving, but since it appears that at least one team is finally moving to L.A., I hope Kroenke comes out on top. I’ve got nothing against St. Louis or its fans. In fact, I truly hope they get a replacement team sooner rather than later. It’s about how it’s getting done. After years of the NFL using the specter of an L.A. move to bleed various communities, Kroenke simply said I plan to move there and here’s the stadium I plan to build. I’m sure there will be some tax breaks and some deals with the local utilities, but he’s not demanding hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to build there. I’d get a real chuckle out of the league getting cut out of the process because they tried to slow roll the situation in an attempt to try and bleed a last bit of funding out of some local communities.

  8. The NFL obviously will stretch it out and suck every penny they possibly can out of the cities the teams are presently playing in. Not surprising, wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s professional football, it’s about the money!

  9. Whether the league throws its support behind either project is really moot.
    Stan Kroenke doesn’t give a damn whether the league supports his project or not. He could not care less about the league continually making comments that seem to suggest that it holds any cards in the matter.
    Stan Kroenke is moving his Rams to LA, and there is not one damn thing the league can do about it, or stop it.

  10. In the meantime, since the St. Louis Rams have already let people know they want to skip town, the Rams stadium is going to be empty next year.

  11. They may have to wait until the severe drought is over before using billions of gallons of water to make concrete etc.

  12. They shouldnt. They havent been able to keep any teams there. If they do put a team in LA, they need to have a successor lined up for when LA fails. Like San Antonio or Wichita!

  13. Not until the NFL has the right to own the water rights in S California thus controlling the lives of 10 million people telling them when they are allowed to shower and shave

    That commish thinks of everything

  14. The league should not look to be greedy and approve any stadium that has the majority funded by taxpayers, especially in California (which is broke). Anyone who believes the Davis family is going to privately fund a stadium is nuts. The Spanos family is not in a much better place either. This is probably a charade by the league to squeeze concessions from Kroenke to other owners. They eat their own in the NFL.

  15. This whole NFL in LA story is so exhausting. Wake me when it’s over. (and LA still won’t have a team)

  16. I love the way people still believe the lie that Kroenke is paying for the whole thing out of his own pocket. He and his partners are providing the financing, to be reimbursed through TIFS and other rebates, fees and “eligible costs” by – THE TAXPAYERS. In the end Kroenke will not have spent a dime of his own money for LA’s new college football stadium.

  17. It’s taking them longer to examine the air pressure in the Patriots footballs than to relocate a franchise…

  18. “We’re still strong arming a few more markets with threat of an LA move. We’ll keep you posted, but we expect a decision after the process has run it’s course.”

    -NFL for the last 15 years

  19. Well, then it’s a good thing it’s not entirely up to the NFL and Goodell.

    Any team can move as they please, just like the Raiders and the Rams did, without the NFL’s approval. They won in court under Antitrust laws when the NFL sued them, which supercedes the NFL’s bylaws.

    Oh we will have a team sooner than later, king Goodell, with or without your blessing…..and you can suck on that for a while.

    And it’ll be the Rams in Inglewood at the old Hollywood Park track, or City of Industry.

    Book it, son!

  20. Let the speculation begin. First of all I think the NFL is probably resigned that there will be two teams in the LA area. So will it be the Raiders and the Chargers? I don’t think so. That would be the easiest schedule-wise since they are already in the same division. However, historically the NFL doesn’t like same town or vicinity teams being that cozy and in the same division and league. But moving Oakland or San Diego to another league or division would be a big hassle. Now switching to the NFL views on new stadiums, they certainly would want a project that doesn’t require public financing because they have more control and there is less risk. Kroenke’s project fits that desire. Because of these considerations, I’m thinking the NFL would probably vote to allow the Rams and San Diego to locate to Inglewood. The Raiders, will probably be given a some finace money by the NFL to stay in Oakland or move to St.Louis. St. Louis will get a team no matter what either Oakland, Tennessee, or a Florida team. That’s my projection.

  21. There is absolutely no way that the Oakland Raiders remain the “Oakland” Raiders for very long. They are currently on a year to year lease with the Coliseum, which they share with the Oakland A’s. The A’s, by the way, just signed a 10-year extension with the Coliseum last year. Anyone who has ever been to Raiders games can see that the stadium is not very conducive to football, and is even worse for watching Baseball. Yet, the A’s have become the main tenant, with the Raiders moving to “sub-lease” status. Thus, the Raiders will need to find another place to play. I see their options as follows:

    1. Build a new football-only stadium in Oakland, (very unlikely – Oakland is broke, like every other city in California, and Davis won’t put a lot of his own money into the projects. Talks with the city have been going on for 5+ years, and have gotten nowhere.)
    2. Move across the bay and play in Levi’s stadium, (a possibility, but not too likely, as they would still be the 2nd team there. They can still remain the “Oakland” Raiders, though)
    3. Move to a new stadium in LA with the Chargers, (this is the most plausible scenario, but would not be popular with either teams fans, [like that matters to the NFL].
    4. Move to St. Louis, (not sure the city would build a stadium for any other franchise except for the Raiders).
    5. Move to San Antonio, TX, (this was an idea floated by Davis to try to get Oakland moving on a new stadium – it went nowhere).

    So the Oakland Raiders will be the LA Raiders again.

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