Boldin wants Kaepernick to tune out noise he has embraced

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At a time when 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick hopes to improve his game by changing it dramatically, a teammate has offered some clear advice for Kaepernick:  Don’t.

“To be honest with you, I just think he has to just block out everything else around him,” receiver Anquan Boldin told SiriusXM NFL radio on Wednesday, via  “Stop listening to what people have to say about you.  Stop listening to what people want to see you do.  And just be yourself.

“I think sometimes when you try to go off suggestions of other people and try to please other people, you forget who you are and what got you there.”

That’s great advice, but Kaepernick already has embraced advice to change his game, trying to become more of a pocket passer, staying patient and looking for open receivers in lieu of tucking the ball and running away with it.

“Trust your skills,” Boldin said.  “Trust the athletic ability you have and just go for it.”

Again, it’s great advice.  But it conflicts with the path Kaepernick already has selected.  Which sends the kind of mixed messages that ultimately could create a dilemma for Kaepernick, who’ll be facing questions from teammates about abandoning his physical skills at a time when a conscious effort is unfolding to do exactly that.

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  1. That’s good advice from Boldin. I always admired his game, even when he was with the Ravens. HE was the true MVP of the Ravens superbowl year. He made just a ton of key completions when he just won 50-50 jump balls from Flacco that year.

    It’s no coincidence that the next year they give Flacco all the money, let Boldin go, and don’t even make the playoffs. 2 years later and they are STILL trying to replace him, while Flacco keeps trying to play “chuck, duck and hope for a PI call.

  2. The problem being social media is a fickle mistress, you cant separate the good from the bad

  3. “Trust your skills,” Boldin said. “Trust the athletic ability you have and just go for it.”


    “Kap, if you’re going to be a crappy passer – which you are – at least run enough that defenses have to spy you and leave me with lighter coverage.”

  4. Good advice from Boldin. Kaep gonna shut up a lot of people this season. Not many QBs in the league that got the credentials as Kaep. He’s going to be straight.

  5. Hard for Kaepernick to trust his skills when his skills are limited to bad passes and a run.

    I think it was Johnny Unites who said he knew it was time to retire when fans cheered him completing a pass as if he had just thrown the game winner in the super bowl. Fans cheer Kaepernick in the same fashion. Kaepernick can go 9/20 and fans think he should get sized for a gold jacket.

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with Kaep taking time out of his own offseason and learning from an accomplished veteran like Warner. All he was doing was working on getting BETTER at his position. Stop it with the constant criticism. He already knows that his legs can bail him out. Now its time to get cracking on improving his pocket presence.

  7. Boldin just doesn’t want him to take Warner’s advice because Kap will start throwing him into killshots

  8. He’s not really that talented. He’s just super fast in the open field for a quarterback of his size. I’m not hating on the guy. I just think he hit his ceiling two seasons ago. He is who he is so Boldin is right.

  9. Sooooo …. Boldin is telling Kaep not be listening to him telling him not to be listening to him …?

  10. “Running quarterback who’s not a very good pocket passer and played well his first two of years until teams figured him out and exposed his weaknesses??? This sounds very familiar.” – Vince Young

  11. Wille beamen syndrome. Dude is so in love with himself and loves to hear people talk about him good/bad. Social media has brings out the narccicist in people.

  12. I am not a 49ers or Kaep fan but I’m not gonna hate on him or the team. I do believe he wants to be great and it looks like this off season, he’s putting in the work to make that happen. I think working with Kurt Warner shows that commitment. I wish him success in WORKING to get better (just not against my Saints.)

  13. I am pretty sure Boldin is telling Kaep to ignore the media and haters, not to ignore his coaches. Kaep can both get better at his weaknesses while still using his athleticism to stress the opposing defenses.

  14. Boldin should stop equating a QB with WR. I don’t think everyone is asking Kap to abandon his skill set. He just needs to improve on his weak points, like reading defenses and recognizing the open, or soon to be open man. He would be incredible if he could just meld that physically gifted guy, with a true QB.

  15. Love how people presume to know what’s in any player’s head. Only Kaepernick knows what his game is and will be. He is still a young player trying to figure it all out. I’m betting on him to succeed. Go Niners!

  16. His O line was revolving door last season, thanks in no part to the most overrated fatty G mr. turnstile himself: Iupati. Good riddance. Unless Kap can get more than 1.5 seconds to throw the ball nothing Mr. Warner teaches him is going to help anyways.

  17. It doesn’t have to be an either/or thing. He can still use his natural athleticism on top of the new skillset he has gained from his work during the off season. There are a lot of haters out there who seem to miss the fact that Kaep has put in the work during the offseason on his own dime to perfect his craft when he could be traveling or just kicking back at the beach. I wish him nothing but success except when playing the Cardinals!

  18. What difference is it really going to make… The owners have gutted the team 49ers are in for a hard time for a few years
    I am not a fan or a non fan I am a Falcon fan saw my team gutted 3 years ago and I don’t think they will be all the way back even this year…. But SFO is in for a few bad ones unless the get extremely lucky

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