Bucs working out Jameis Winston, a day after Marcus Mariota


As the Buccaneers try to create the impression there’s still a decision to be made, they’re getting a side-by-side look at the top two quarterback prospects in this class.

After putting Oregon’s Marcus Mariota through a private workout yesterday, the Bucs came back across country last night so they could be back in Tallahassee for a workout with Jameis Winston this morning, via Albert Breer of NFL Media.

The same five team officials from yesterday’s trip (General Manager Jason Licht, head coach Lovie Smith, director of player personnel Jon Robinson, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian) will be there to put Winston through his paces.

Again, it seems almost certain the Bucs have settled on Winston, and the next three weeks are just a chance to make sure he doesn’t do anything to change their mind.

After a lengthy pro day workout and the information they’ve already collected, the more interesting question might be what more is being gleaned from today’s session, whether it’s a set of throws they want to see him make, or whether they’re just watching the way he works when he’s not surrounded by cameras.

26 responses to “Bucs working out Jameis Winston, a day after Marcus Mariota

  1. It blows my mind that this kid would be in consideration to be the first pick. I guess some organizations just don’t value integrity in young athletes these days. I sound like an old fart, but I am only 33.

  2. This the lamest attempt to convince other teams to overpay to move up to #1 I’ve ever seen. If I was Mariotta I would have said “no” to the workout because the Bucs were wasting his time.

  3. I guess thats while these two boobs are not attending the draft too tired from all this working out !

  4. If you take winston. I cancel tickets. Not that anyone cares. Community and character are important to me. Cant believe they think this guy will be trouble free. You could even trade down and still take this thief

  5. Integrity doesn’t win you ball games, so Winston will be #1.

    Maybe the Internet lynch mob can start its own league where only the most classy people can play. I bet that would give the NFL a run for its money.

  6. Sure there’s the “smoke screen” angle.. but there may be another.

    If somebody pulls another “Washington trade for RG3” to get Winston, Tampa bay has to consider how far down in the 1st round they could afford to fall, and still think Mariota might still be available.

    Can they afford to drop 5 picks? 10?

    But I have to be honest, I don’t remember there being so much “due diligence” when Andrew Luck was drafted.

    I still think Tampa Bay is wondering “Is Winston really worth a #1 overall on?” Because if you spend that pick, you’re staking your coaching/GM job on that guy. In 3 or 4 years, if he’s not performing well.. TB will clean house again.. from the GM down. That’s what’s at stake with Winston and #1 overall.

  7. Ok, character is one thing. Clearly, Winston can’t even spell it, let alone possess it. But I just don’t see the sure-thing NFL superstar in him that a lot of propaganda geniuses would have me believe.

  8. You can have bad characters but not as a franchise face. I would like to see the bucs take down the player banner in front of stadium once he does the stupid thing at some point that would be a funny thing. Sad but true integrity doesnt matter in nfl from top down I could care less if a guy smokes pot. But woman abuse and stealing are beyond the pale. Thats just me. Bucs deserve this guy

  9. “kcchefs58 says:
    Apr 8, 2015 9:55 AM
    Integrity doesn’t win you ball games, so Winston will be #1. ”

    You can’t “win” if you’re suspended or in jail. Winston doesn’t have Jimbo or a corrupt small town police department to cover for him anymore.

  10. Teams have to do their homework when it comes to the issue of character, and they have to get it right. There have been a lot of good players get passed over through the years because they were incorrectly labeled as bad character guys, and vice-versa. But one thing is certain, it’s impossible to win with bad character guys. Especially QBs.

  11. You an read it here first since no one an see the writing on the wall Bucs will not draft either QB!! They are getting ready to trade down which is the best choice anyhow

  12. To all the “high roaders” commenting about how you will cancel your tickets if the Bucs sign JW, I say great! We don’t need your sorry a** anyway!

  13. granadafan says:
    Apr 8, 2015 11:14 AM

    You can’t “win” if you’re suspended or in jail. Winston doesn’t have Jimbo or a corrupt small town police department to cover for him anymore.


    Or maybe, just maybe, he won’t have any legitimate off-field issues. Yes, there is reason for some concern, but if the Bucs (or whomever) is sold on him as an athlete, then it’s worth the risk. After all, there has never been 100% certainty with any draft pick in the history of the league.

  14. If Tampa is willing to overlook Winston’s character issues for talent then I guess their will always be a team for Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and even Aaron Hernandez to go to…
    It is said when people are willing to overlook violations against society just to win in a GAME…

  15. Winston will be an epic failure and the sad part is the local media Seminole grads pushing the agenda …

    Mariota will be a star and Winston will end up somewhere between Darren Sharper and Jamarcus Russell

  16. hey Lovie has to be sure before he chooses which qb’s career he is going to kill by selecting him with the pick. rest assured they will not be setting records like they did in college except maybe the number of hand offs in the get off the bus running that poses as offense for Lovie.

  17. The Bucs won’t win consistently with Glennon…so what’s their options? They have 3 excellent catching WR’s/TE…SOMEONE with a strong arm and someone who wants to learn how to play in the NFL is needed. Winston has to be the guy. yes he is gamble, but so are 200 of these guys in the draft. It also doesnt matter their picking number one…they have to build the team & it ALWAYS starts with a QB. The Bucs are over thinking this…..draft him & let him play !

  18. Cant wait till he gets his money. Things will slide. Look at the other headline about talib. Another judgement call by bucs. Same with tanard jackson and jeremy stevenson. Should i go on. We need guys like brooks alstott lynch not thiefs

  19. Bring back Rich McKay.

    He drafted Brooks, Sapp, Alstott, Dunn, and a plethora of others. He made a few mistakes in free agency but mostly spent money keeping the Bucs’ own draft picks. He wasn’t a fantastic scout for talent but put together a great front office that was.

    He would have NEVER signed Anthony Collins, Michael Johnson, etc.

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