Charles Tillman visiting Panthers

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Cornerback Charles Tillman played for Ron Rivera for three seasons when Rivera served as the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.

Now a free agent, Tillman is kicking the tires on a possible reunion with his former coach in Carolina.

According to David Newton and Jeff Dickerson of, Newton is in Charlotte for a meeting with the Panthers Wednesday night.

Tillman has been limited to just 10 games played over the last two seasons after twice tearing the triceps in his right arm. He played in eight games in 2013 and just two games last year before having his seasons prematurely ended with the injuries.

Tillman had two of his best seasons with Rivera as his defensive coordinator from 2004-06. Tillman racked up 10 interceptions and five forced fumbles over that span. The duo also helped lead the Bears to Super Bowl XLI in 2006.

20 responses to “Charles Tillman visiting Panthers

  1. Charles please tell me you went down to see your ole buddy Ron and to get some good smoked meat….your next injury might not be as easy to rehab, and there more than likely will be a next one….stay strong my friend, life on the other side isn’t so bad….

  2. Sure makes sense to go after someone who was good in 2006. Wish teams and coaches can evaluate talent from outside their little group of fossils they coached.

  3. During that span, while everyone was riding Nat Vasher to his pro bowls, I always agured those pro bowls belong to Tillman. I’m truely going to miss Peanut, best corner in Bears history.

  4. During that span, while everyone was riding Nat Vasher to his pro bowls, I always agured those pro bowls belong to Tillman. I’m truly going to miss Peanut, best corner in Bears history.

  5. Hmm. He’s up there in age and tore is triceps twice in the last 2 seasons, but he’s had more than enough time to heal. Sometimes older players can squeeze another good year out if they have been away from the wear and tear of the game for long enough.

    And it was’t all that long ago that he was forcing all those fumbles and effectively containing Megatron on a regular basis.

    Do it for the right money, Carolina.

  6. Peanut been a great player for the Bears and I hope his career can continue. Great guy who has been a quiet leader. What ever he does I wish a guy like him the best. I thought he might end up in Tampa with Lovie.

  7. Yet another guy who could likely help the Steelers’ secondary but hey, to Colbert and Tomlin, it’s been a winter and spring to kick back, have some laughs and get ready for the draft. Sure, the team can address the entire secondary and a couple linebackers via the college ranks. Sure. No problem. All is well.

  8. It makes sense, I guess, as long as “Lovie endorses” it.. but,

    Injuries, age, etc.. blah blah blah…

    This breaks my heart as a Bears fan.

    One. Decent. Human. Being.

    I know. What has he done lately. It’s these guys that make that statement so hard to understand…

    .. and let go.

  9. Really wish Peanut would entertain a move to Safety. Would help the Bears fill a hole, and he could end his career in a Bears uni. One of the all time great Bears!

  10. Best Cornerback ever to put on a Bear’s uniform. One of the best of alltime in the NFL.

    Name me one CB that has 42 forced fumbles in his career and 10 in one season other then Tillman. (he didn’t even play the past 2 seasons from injury)

    Really wish Pace signed you Charles, good luck Peanut!

  11. Regardless of where Peanut finishes his playing career, the Bears better pull out all the stops toward bringing him back as a DB coach. Can’t think of a better role model for young Corners.

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