Dolphins bring Wes Welker in for a free agent visit

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At this stage, very little that can happen in free agency is going to create much of a ripple.

But the Dolphins are still trying to throw cannonballs into the deep end.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are bringing in free agent wide receiver Wes Welker for a visit today.

Of course, the Dolphins had Wes Welker once before, before he became WES WELKER. But after trading him to the Patriots in 2007 for a second- and a seventh-rounder, Welker has had five 100-plus catch seasons.

His numbers have tailed off each of the last four seasons, and there were reasonable concerns if anyone was going to give him a chance because of age (34) and injuries. But the Dolphins are clearly looking for help at the position, given their pursuit of Greg Jennings.

Now it’s curious to see how much they think Welker has left.

53 responses to “Dolphins bring Wes Welker in for a free agent visit

  1. Perfect picture of Welker. That is a nano-second before he gets another concussion. Wes please retire so that you don’t sound like Bernie Kosar in 10 years.

  2. Good b/c Welker is 100x the WR that Crabtree ever will be.
    Plus, the ‘Phins need a white WR, every team does b/c every team must be “diverse” in terms of skill position players. Yes, political correctness should work for European-Americans too.

  3. Funny… full circle? Rather have Jennings however. [just leave his big-mouth sister behind] I think Welker is toast at this stage.

  4. I hope they don’t plan on moving Landry from the slot, he could be the best receiver in the league at that spot, dude is a beast and plays hard.

  5. Don’t do it Wes. Go retire and enjoy all the millions the Pats and Donks paid you.

  6. It’s doubtful that Miami or any other team signs a wr before the draft. The Dolphins are simply looking at the vets out there so they are ready to proceed and up their offer to either Crabtree or Jennings post-draft. Welker looks like the back-up plan.

  7. Gas in the tank or not, in 20 years he’ll be glad no one signed him for another year.

  8. Leave the Dolphins and thrive.
    This isn’t the 1st time this has happened.
    Pathetic franchise.

    Come to the Dolphins and your career is stagnant/dies.

  9. He must be one of those guys who will come back and say no one told me how dangerous concussions are, the fish should stay away from this guy, he will not
    help this team, they are trying to go cheap. Bill

  10. “Dear Wes, please come back to sunny Florida where your NFL career began. Come home, and have the few remaining unconcussed braincells you still have scrambled!”

  11. I like Wes Welker, but no thank you. Sign Jennings! The Dolphins might miss out on Parker at #14, so I understand the need to secure a decent veteran WR. I also think many of my breathren Fins fans are not thinking about Matthews and Hazel who have above average potential (replacing Gibson and Hartline roles with similar 600-800 yard roles). The rest of you are Trolls who are always commenting nonsense. Unless, you are a Texans fan (the only Team that can beat the Dolphins consistently for some wacky reason), you are insecure because you know as bumbling bad as we are… we can still beat your wonderful team every year.

  12. Lance Moore is out there, too, after a season in which the Steelers had no clue about how to use him.
    Welker or Moore would be a nice pick up for the ‘Fins.

  13. I think Wes Welker should retire. He had a great run with NE, and got his money in Denver.

    After seeing some of the ducks that Peyton threw to him last year, (literally setting WW up for some big hits), I just think the same thing will happen this year with Tannehill throwing him the ball.

    Hope you retire Wes and enjoy many years of off-field success.

  14. Agreed, that pic is perfect. He is a high character guy in the locker room, doesn’t make trouble, and might make a good option to check down to in Miami after they lost Clay to Buffalo. Wallace is gone. They need somebody.

  15. The thought of him getting another concussion makes me queazy. Please retire Wes and get on with your life. No reason to risk it. NO REASON!!!!

  16. Value your brain, bro. Now is a good time to go. You’ve had a good career. And, while I admire your competitive spirit, the time is now so you can have the best life possible with a working mind.

  17. Wes, go back and look at the film of Jerry Rice still trying to hang on with the Seahawks and Broncos. Let it go.

  18. A few years from now Wes will have a new nickname – Mumbles.

    His career ended when he dropped that easy catch in the SB.

    Same as Caldwell in the AFC Champ game 2006

  19. The Patriots got Welker. The Dolphins got Samson Satele and Abraham Wright. Advantage : Patriots.

  20. Wes,

    First, thank you for your efforts while a part of the Denver Broncos.

    Second, please consider retirement for your own good. You have nothing left to prove to anyone.

    The drop-off we all saw after your last concussion should serve as fair warning. One more hard hit could have far reaching and devastating effects for the rest of your days.

  21. Hopefully they are not entertaining these washed up receivers because they don’t see anyone they like in the draft. Ready to explode.

  22. This move is at least 2 years too late.

    This move might be 8 years too late because hiring Cam Cameron killed Welker’s tenure everywhere Welker was: San Diego and Miami.

  23. Looks like the fins are going threw the motion getting all their ducks in line for after the draft.

    If Parker is not there then maybe work something out for Perriman.

  24. If we can sign up for insanely cheap, sure. If not, don’t. And yea he probably should just quit while he’s ahead. Or not ahead. Or doesn’t have a head.

  25. Dolphins should not use their first round choice on Parker in my opinion and dear lord don’t waste any pick on Perriman.

    Bringing in a guy like Welker would help Landry, I think folks forget this is only his second year. A vet like Welker could teach the young gun a lot.
    Miami likes to use multiple wideouts on the field, can never have too many savvy players.

  26. rajbais says:
    Apr 8, 2015 12:26 PM
    This move is at least 2 years too late.

    This move might be 8 years too late because hiring Cam Cameron killed Welker’s tenure everywhere Welker was: San Diego and Miami.


    Welker was not traded by Cam Cameron. Welker was traded during Saban’s tenure

  27. Miami is perfect for Welker at this stage of his career. Time to hike up the pants, settle in for the early-bird buffet at 4 pm, and Bingo twice a week at the senior center…

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