Greg Jennings leaves Dolphins without contract, deal remains possible


The Dolphins continued their search for a veteran addition at wide receiver on Tuesday when they visited with Greg Jennings, but their meeting ended with the need still unfilled.

Jeninngs left the trip to the team’s headquarters without signing a deal, just as Michael Crabtree did when he visited the Dolphins recently. In Crabtree’s case, there was reportedly interest in bringing him aboard but the team wanted to pay him considerably less than Crabtree wanted to be paid.

It’s not clear if the same impasse is in place with Jennings, although it doesn’t seem there was a lack of interest in Miami’s part. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that a deal that would team Jennings with Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills remains “very much a possibility.”

The Panthers have also met with Jennings and there have been reports of interest from the Jaguars as well, but, for now, Jennings remains professionally unattached.

31 responses to “Greg Jennings leaves Dolphins without contract, deal remains possible

  1. Remember the days when nobody wanted to play in Buffalo? Now it’s Miami , and they’ll finish 6-10 this year.

  2. Vikings should match whatever the Dolphins or Panthers offer Jennings and bring him back – unless they either intend to take a receiver early in the draft, or want other teams to believe they want one of the top three receivers at #11 so they can trade back.

  3. Jennings (and his sister) are starting to regret turning down that money from the Packers a few years back. #washedup #Anotherdivareceiver #ChadJohnson,TO,andRandyMossSayHi.

  4. If he still has enough gas in the tank for two solid years, they must pull the trigger on this. His experience/leadership alone with the young wrs will be worth it. It also opens up the draft board a bit.

  5. Probably because Greg Jennings still considers himself a top 10 receiver. Only in your and your sister’s world Greg.

  6. Dolphins: “Greg, you’ve had an excellent career so far and we like your veteran experience and savvy that you’d bring to the Dolphin family. You’ll be turning 32 in September and we’d love for you to be that steady, lead-by-example veteran WR in our locker room. What did you have in mind for a contract?”

    Jennings: “As I’m only 31 and would like to play until I’m at least 35, I was thinking a 3 year, $20Million contract with a $6Million signing bonus and base salaries of $3-$4Mil/year. I’ll let you structure it to best utilize your cap.”

    Dolphins: “What would you think about giving south Florida a 1 year trial, say for $1Million?”

    Valyncia Jennings, who’s been sitting quietly in the back of the room, jumps up & says “c’mon Greggy, you’re not getting the respect you deserve” and storms out of the room.

    Dolphins: “Let’s give Reggie Wayne and Santana Moss a call…”

  7. Isnt it funny how old players on the downslope of their careers and without a team feel they are still worth the same money as when they were young and still had speed. they should take the offers and be thankful teams are willing to pay them to be on their teams.

  8. Jennings has great hands, more of a possession receiver who’s ability as a route runner is unparalleled. He would be absolutely perfect for Tannehill. This would be a great fit for both parties and this is coming from a vikings fan who watched him his entire career.

  9. Jbucklando, Vikes fan as well, and agree completely. I wouldn’t mind having him back.

  10. It takes awhile to get the stench off your body after wearing that gad-awful purple colored uniform.

    At least in Miami, he might look forward to a playoff game in his future.

  11. You know this guy can’t be too smart because he went from Aaron Rogers to Christian ponder as his quarterback. He should’ve stayed in Green Bay taking less money. See what greed will get you… that just goes to show you a great quarterback can make a mediocre receiver great…

  12. packerfanwi1028 says:
    Apr 8, 2015 7:41 AM
    They probably got turned off by his sister
    That wouldn’t surprise me. They already have to deal with Miko Grimes.

  13. Jennings owes Aaron Rodgers a lot of money. One day he may grow up and realize that, not so much his crazy sister though. It’s too bad he burned his bridges in Green Bay.

  14. Well there’s something you don’t see every day… Greg Jennings making a catch in a vikings uniform!

  15. It’s easy to say Jennings is not the same as he was with future HOF QB’s that he had in GB. But he might have more than people think when they consider the trash he had throwing him the ball in MN.

  16. Greg Jennings’ scoreboard…

    Crappy Cologne Commercials Since Leaving GB: 0

    Enjoy your irrelevance, Greg. You’re a cautionary tale for every wideout who’s even considering leaving their franchise quarterback.

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