Gronkowski autobiography coming in July

Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski last read a book in the ninth grade:  A Mockingbird To Remember.  He’ll be writing one before he reads another.

Via the Boston Globe, Gronkowski’s autobiography will be released on July 14.  And it will be called It’s Good To Be The Gronk.  And it will be published by Boston nemesis and former Yankee Derek Jeter.

While the book likely will be light and fun and funny (intentionally or otherwise), Gronkowski should devote some space to talking about the physical adversity he has faced playing football, with multiple surgeries and infections and injuries on top of injuries.  While he has found a way to maintain that happy-go-lucky enthusiasm, he’s been through a lot — and those who regard him as an oversized goofball need to realize that.

If, that is, they’re inclined to read another book after polishing off A Mockingbird To Remember.