Jets sign Stevan Ridley


The Stevan Ridley free agency tour has come to a close, and he’s landing with the Jets.

Ridley is signing with the Jets, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Ridley also paid visits to Miami and Washington.

The 26-year-old Ridley was the Patriots’ starter at the beginning of last season, but he suffered a torn ACL in October, ending his time with the Patriots. He’s not all the way back to 100 percent yet, but he is expected to be good to go for the Jets by the start of training camp.

In four NFL seasons, Ridley has 649 carries for 2,817 yards and 22 touchdowns.

83 responses to “Jets sign Stevan Ridley

  1. Best of luck to him. He deserves to be given a chance to continue his career.

  2. Patriot fans will now say he was a fumbler and all they need is Tom Brady… Reality is that they hadn’t won many playoff games recently until they picked up Revis. Truth hurts…

  3. I’m pretty sure this one won’t end up quite as good for the Jets as when the signed Curtis Martin away from the Pats.

  4. Pats fan here. Could care less about acting classy, the guy was injury prone and got his bell rung by bernard pollard to lose the AFC championship, good riddance fumble boy.

  5. He plays hard and when his confidence is good he’s a good back.

    But very often the confidence to just hit the hole and go downhill is not there and he dances behind the line a lot trying to find a hole. As a result has a lot of low gain / no gain sort of plays.

    Plus the fumblitis usually at a critical time.

    Good guy though, can’t recall him causing the slightest bit of trouble during his time in NE.

  6. Good player, but in this day and age, why would you spend any money on a RB coming off an ACL when you can easily draft a similar player coming out of college for next to nothing after the 2nd round? This is not Peterson or McCoy. Jets need to be spending their cash more wisely.

  7. cguy7 says:
    Apr 8, 2015 7:57 PM
    Patriot fans will now say he was a fumbler and all they need is Tom Brady… Reality is that they hadn’t won many playoff games recently until they picked up Revis. Truth hurts…

    Except it’s not true.

    They have been in the AFC championship game or the SB how many times since 2010? I think they would have had to win some playoff games to there.

  8. Hey if you can’t beat the Patriots, you might as well steal their players just as you’ve been stealing their playbooks all these years.

  9. Ridley is a good player. As with any player though, the Patriots won’t over pay him.
    They will draft a serviceable RB and/or utilize what they already have on the roster.

    They’ll squeeze the same 800-900 yards per season they got from Ridley out of someone else among their current stable of low paid RBs…Blount, Gaffney, Gray, White, or some combination thereof.

    And when those guys reach the point where they can command more money on the free agent market than the Patriots are willing to spend, they will repeat the process.

    Good player. Would have been nice to re-sign him. But I doubt anyone in Patriot Nation is losing any sleep over his departure.

  10. Nothing bad to say about Steven – he’s a good football player. Sorry to see him go, but that’s life in New England. They clearly believe they have better options and value on the roster, and how can you argue with them? They know how to build a roster.

  11. Great runner when he got into the flow of the game, but can’t catch to save his life and you hold your breath every time he touches the ball in a close game.

    If he can turn it around and cure his case of fumblitis this could be a nice pick-up by the Jets.

    Always ran hard for the Pats; best of luck to him.

  12. This never works out for the Jets. They’ve been trying for years to make up for gifting the Patriots Danny Woodhead a few years back (and then watching him run past). I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason Zach Sudfeld is still on the Jets’ roster. My guess would be that Ridley will have a key fumble in a Pats-Jets game.

  13. Good palyer, smart player, works hard, not afraid to put his nose down for blitz pickup

    the rest is noise.

    hard guy not to like

    I wish him well

    still hope the jets go 0-2 against the pats, but this was a good value pickup for them.

  14. I’m almost surprised he didn’t end up with the Eagles. Seems Kelly has signed just about every other running back who is looking around.

  15. If he stays healthy, there will be a solid backfield for gang green. But a backfield that needs a good signal caller under center, nonetheless.

  16. The Jets will sweep the Pats this year. Book it! It’s a brand new day for them and the Bills.

    Not even deflated balls will save the Pats this time.

  17. Good pickup for sure. Stevan Ridley is gonna look good in Green. -Curtis Martin

  18. Hey Pats fans….Can Travaris Cadet play corner? OR….Can Scott Chandler play defensive tackle?

  19. I can’t wait to see him cry after he fumbles the ball to the Patriots defense.

  20. 3.6 YPC before injury. Yards Per Carry has decined every year since his rookie year. That combined with Ridley coming off a major injury makes it more of a depth signing then having Ridley as a lead back. That being said, he gave Patriots 3 solid years at RB. If he recovers 100% from his injury, he gives the Jets a solid back-up to Ivory with the ability to be the lead back if needed. He is coming off a major injury and his signing is a bit of a gamble. His contract should be structured to protect the Jets and reward Ridley through incentives should he reach them.

  21. Jet fans are all talk blah blah blah. Belicheat, pat fans will say he fumbles now, pats are cheaters. Shut up! You havent done anything since 1969!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You jet fans should never open mouths. Ever.

  22. Good team player. Lost a lot of touches and kept any issues that caused in house. Good guy too. wish him the best, well except for when he plays the pats that is.

  23. If the Patriots added a former Jet everyone would say it was Belichick breaking yet another unwritten rule just to get info about the Jets from that player

    No one cares if the Jets do it though because they’ve been irrelevant for over 40 years

    Truth hurts

  24. Jets got a great player… Wish him well except against the aFCEast opponents, especially the Pats!!!

  25. I liked him as a back when he first came into the league, but he developed a fumbling problem pretty quickly and fumbled in a lot of big spots. He always seemed to be in Belichick’s doghouse. That combined with the ACL ensured that he wouldn’t be back. I definitely wish him the best though, just not when they play the Patriots

  26. I always appreciated what Ridley brought to the pats so good luck to him! That being said with an incompetant owner like Woody Johnson the jets are no closer to a superbowl, they should have rebuilt a bit more yet now they’ll probably go 6-10 or 7-9 and nobody wants to be middle of the pack.

  27. What a clown. His offers must have been weak to have to sign on the dotted line with the NYJ.

  28. I always enjoyed watching him run hard for the Patriots. Hated to see his good season stopped by injury. Wish him the best (for 14 games per year).

  29. Ivory can’t catch out of the backfield. This is a good move because you don’t have to go with a high pick to get someone who can catch it out of backfield. Now you can go WR or D with pick 6,37 and not have to worry about your backfield. Ridley is an upgrade on Chris Johnson no doubt. CJ2K often seen running his screen routes on the wrong side of the field. ACL’s are not what they used to be guys. I think the division is getting flipped on its head. 9-7 will win it and will come down to tie-breakers. Pats O-Line is weak and will cost them. Brady has to face Ryan’s D, Bowles newly loaded secondary, and Wake and Suh 2x a year. Teams will figure out the pick plays, 4 man lines, and 4 yard slants.

  30. LOL! Another desperate move by the Jets. It’s amusing to think that by them getting all of the Patriots leftovers will help them beat the Pats.

  31. Is it just me or does anyone else find the Jets obsession with the Patriots kinda creepy??? This is NFL’s version of Single White Female.

  32. Can’t wait to see Ridley stick it to Belicheat & the NE pasties.
    He’ll fumble.

  33. Pats are nothing without Brady. Can’t wait to see him retire and see the Pats fans moan about not making playoffs again. Classless fan base that comes to pft to brag as if they’ve accomplished anything in 10 years. It even took the Seahawks to self implode to get that SB win. Everyone saw the game. Brady saw the loss too. Then OC Bevell tried to grow a brain.

    Since the SB it’s Pats this Pats that. Whatever.

  34. Best of luck to him.

    Never really reached the heights he should have with the Pats, who favour more of a running back by committee system.

    His fumbling issues have probably been overblown, though.

    Personally, I would have gotten a healthy back on the 3rd day of the draft and paid less for similar production, but its up to the Jets how they spend their cap money.

  35. I’ve met Curtis Martin, and you sir, are not Curtis Martin. – Walter Mondale

  36. Thank you Ridley for putting your body on the line for our team! We appreciate your sacrifices..Too bad your going to play the Jesters now, good luck minus the two times we play you..

    Go Pats

  37. Will miss Ridley in NE. Very productive back. Hope his knee is healing and he can continue to play well. Just put the rock on the ground a couple times when you play the Pats. Good thing you got your ring because you wont be getting one with the Jets that’s for sure. Next man up Pats.

  38. “The Jets will sweep the Pats this year. Book it! It’s a brand new day for them and the Bills.”

    Lozl whenever someone guarantees something with the words “book it” it never comes true

  39. Everyone says the Pats players are bad or overrated until they hit the free agent market.

  40. Pats fan here. Always liked Ridley and think he’s a bit underrated and underutilized at times.

    People forget that it wasn’t long ago that this guy was a 1,200, 12 TD RB and is a hammer at the goal line.

    Ultimately it didn’t make sense for him to sign in New England. He’s trying to prove he can still play, so why sign in New England where the game plan and carries fluctuate so much each week?

    It’s a lot easier to beat out Chris Ivory then Blount, Gray, White, Gaffney and whoever else they might add.

  41. Good luck to Ridley. He’s a hard working guy and an excellent teammate.

    That said, Belichick has balls. He let both Vareen and Ridley walk, two guys that have been his #1 and #2 backs for several years, and Ridley for short money I suspect. That means Bill has a plan for 2015 that he trusts: the guys on his current roster and possibly augmenting the roster in the draft or at the cut-down dates when veteran backs often get let go. Most coaches (and GMs) are out hoarding players and over-value the guys on their roster. Rex attacked free agency (even though McCoy wasn’t a “free agent”) like a dessert buffet.

  42. My gut tells me that Bill thinks Ridley is undersized for the type of player he is. That’s the only reason he would let him go. Bill likes big and fast.

  43. “Magic Mike Mccagnan is the man ”

    Jets fans said the same thing about Tannenbaum and Idzik. You remind me of a guy I know who kept getting remarried. He kept thinking it was the wives, not him.

  44. Works hard, put up with BB’s stern discipline. Good luck… Ex-Pats will always snag a job.

  45. “Jets fans said the same thing about Tannenbaum and Idzik.”

    Listen, Tannenbaum did some great things for the Jets. He was aggressive and made some bold moves. He also had a few head-scratchers that obviously stood out over the good. No Jets fan EVER said Idzik was the man. You’re fabricating nonsense because you hate the Jets.

  46. If Tanny sucked so bad, Tigerlily, how was he able to fleece your team out of a Hall of Fame runningback ?

  47. “I’ve met Curtis Martin, and you sir, are not Curtis Martin. – Walter Mondale”

    Just have to make the point of order — you’re thinking of Lloyd Bentsen.

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