Mayock moves Mariota ahead of Winston


Oregon’s Marcus Mariota is the top quarterback in the draft, ahead of Florida State’s Jameis Winston — according to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock.

Mayock said that as he continues to study Winston, he continues to see flaws.

“There are two issues for me with Winston,” Mayock said on NFL Network. “No. 1 is on the field, he threw 18 interceptions this year, and on the team that arguably had the best talent in the country, he continued to put his team at a disadvantage almost weekly. The first half against Louisville, Miami and Florida were awful. now, he came back in the second half to play tremendously well as we all know. Off the field, regardless of what did or didn’t happen in that alleged rape, he continued a pattern of poor decisions throughout his career. So the bottom line, for me, is can you trust him off the field?”

Mayock said he has fewer concerns about Mariota.

“The more tape I’ve watched, the more I’ve appreciated what he’s asked to do in their version of the spread offense: He reads combination routes, he takes tremendous care of the football, and he wins games. Now, he’s not as natural a thrower, but in the correct scheme I think he can be productive,” Mayock said.

Following Mariota and Winston on Mayock’s quarterback rankings are Baylor’s Bryce Petty, Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson and UCLA’s Brett Hundley.

86 responses to “Mayock moves Mariota ahead of Winston

  1. Who did Mayock choose as top QB in the draft last year? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah….

  2. My opinion.. The alleged rape, the prosecutor could not find anything. Title XI investigation did not find anything.. If he did commit this crime he should be in prison no question about it.. But it’s sad that people will always bring that up like he did when the justice system did not find anything. The petty stuff like grabbing soda from Burger King, shooting with a BB gun, yelling stuff on campus in front of people are just stupid stuff .. But don’t sell Mariota as a “nice guy” and Winston a “bad guy” judge it by their talent.

    And btw if we are talking about turnovers.. Mariota had 27 fumbles in 31 games. In the NFL they will recover the fumbles.

  3. New York cops? REALLY hard to give them any credibility on any arrest or statements they make anymore.

  4. Mayock is full of it. He said that the Cowboys erred when choosing their all-pro center in 2013. He said he should have gone in the 3rd round.

  5. LOL not that I like Winston, but what do you expect when they replace Benjamin with Freshman. You would have to be an idiot to expect near the same production.

  6. I think they’re both gambles. Personally, I like Mariota better than Jameis. But, I wouldn’t take either in the top of round 1.

    But what do I know. I thought Bridgewater was 1000x a better prospect and he fell to the 32nd pick. I thought Johnny was an undrafted free agent and he was picked before Bridgewater.

  7. 18 interceptions is a valid point but FSU got every single team’s best shot for 22 or so games straight and the bottom line is he only lost 1 game. Winston’s command of a pro style offense and his overall command of his football team was absolutely superb.

  8. Neither are first round talent. Mariota is a poor man’s Kaepernick and that’s not good. Winston is a potential inmate waiting to happen.

    On pure quarterback talent I take Winston in the 3rd round. Mariota somewhere in the 4th.

  9. Just like he moved Manziel ahead of Bridgewater. But….I think I actually agree with him this time.

  10. Mayock could be docking Winston for all the wrong reasons

    1st Off – Fisher is known for making 2nd half adjustments. For all Mayock knows they may have planned to attack the opposing teams defense in a particular way pre adjustments. After studying over what defense were doing and tweaking some things they would come out and attack the defense a different way.

    Its not so much is he playing better or worse. Its that they came out expecting the defense to do one thing and it did another.

    Its happened to Payton Manning, Its happened to Rogers, Its happened to Brady. They go in halftime, come back out and then you see success……but no one docks them.

    I can’t agree with Mayock on this one and I think he’s coming to the wrong conclusion and not thinking outside the box of exactly WHY those transgressions took place IMHO.

  11. I like listening to Mayock. He will be the first to tell you the best pro day he ever saw was Jabustus Russell. He has alot of insight and is the first to tell you he is wrong.

  12. Mayock also said Jamarcus Russell was one of the best QB prospects he’d ever seen and had him rated #1 on his board.

  13. If I n a QB, then I wait until next year when I can get Cardale Jones or Braxton Miller.

    Winston is a certified criminal.
    Mariota played in a spread offense, those QBs never work out

  14. The Draft gurus (Schefter, Mayock, Kiper, McShay, etc) all talk to GMs and senior team execs every day. For Mayock to switch could indicate that the Bucs haven’t fallen for the Jameis song and dance.
    For all his natural talent, Jameis is high risk.

  15. Deflatedfootballs,

    I suppose when he shoplifted crab legs, he was actually trying to set them free because he’s a member of PETA???

    He may not get arrested his first season. He may not get arrested his second season. But there’s not a chance in hell that he makes it three seasons without an arrest or a substance abuse violation. Book it.

  16. Remember folks when the last football game was played in January, Marcus Mariota was the consensus #1 QB entering the draft. At the combine, Mariota somehow fell below Winston and has been stuck there since.

    This exact thing happened one year ago when Teddy Bridgewater was the consensus #1, then the Combine came and suddenly Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles were “better”. After watching all season, I think most would agree that Teddy Bridgewater had a better season than those two and is further along in his development.

    Always trust who is the best QB in January, not April!

  17. And by the way, the QB that Maylock went absolutely crazy over, Matt Ryan, threw 19 ints as a senior and had a lower QB rating in a much, much, much weaker ACC.

  18. Mattock wants to be right about the top pick so just when news comes out that the Bucs visited with Mariotta a second time and this time they flew to Eugene to meet with him. I think that Mariotta is their man. Otherwise it is a very expensive smokescreen but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless they are already in negotiations with Winston’s agent and they are feigning interest in Mariotta to drive the price down. Winston’s answer to the baseball question did not satisfy me, and if I were a GM I would prefer Mariotta. I think Winston may use baseball as leverage in future contract negotiations.

  19. Sorry but I don’t think using a top 10 pick to draft a QB from a spread offense to be your immediate solution at QB is the right way to go. Thats the kind of move that gets a GM fired.

  20. Winston was dealing with a lot of distractions and a lot of, um, turnover on offense.

    But whenever the chips were down and he needed to make a play, he did.

    Even against Oregon, that game got away from FSU because of a freshman fumbling twice when trying to fight for extra yards.

    Everyone remembers Jameis’ awkward fumble but the game was over by then anyway. Jameis repeatedly made plays to keep that game close.

  21. I can’t imagine either of these two young quarterbacks succeeding at the NFL level, but of the two, I think Mariota has the better work ethic. Winston’s talent is meaningless if he doesn’t get his head in the game.

  22. Hmm…….lets take a look at Mike Mayock’s position-by-position prospect rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft:

    2014 NFL Draft

    1. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M
    2. Blake Bortles, Central Florida
    3. Derek Carr, Fresno State
    4. Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois
    T-5. Zach Mettenberger, LSU
    T-5. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

    Mayock is simply a loud talking, attention loving hack. He’s a TV personality. If he were actually a great talent evaluator he would have a job with an NFL team.

  23. And Mayock should be moved out of NFL Network!

    Let Daniel Jeremiah do the draft now!!!!

    Spread QBs stink!!!

    Mayock’s spread QBs made #1:

    Sam Bradford
    Geno Smith
    Blaine Gabbert
    Johnny Manziel

    These guys stink!!! Can anyone spell “losing streak” for Mayock????

  24. Mariota also had way more support from the run game than Winston did. Top ten vs 80th overall. Winston simply had to do more with less and still won just as many games as Mariota last year.

  25. The Same Guy who Said Blaine G, Jake Locker, C Ponder would be better Pros Than Cam Newton. How did that work out. Those guys are barely in the league and Newtons The Pro Bowler.

  26. And For all The Winston is a Criminal hate. You Guys Beloved Peyton Manning has Been dealing with a SEXUAL ASSAULT Case since around 1997 that he has had to Pay the Victim on 3 Different occasions. I WONDER why that never comes to the ForeFront! Lol Americans.

  27. imnotsorryisaidthat says:
    Apr 8, 2015 6:56 PM
    mariota is the safer pick..Winston the better


    Off the field yes he is a safer bet but how is a guy that never played in a pro style system, barely took a snap under center, and was a one read or run offense is a safer pick

  28. Let’s do simple logic….

    QB A excelled in a pro offense, has great size, great arm talent, great ability to win games under pressure

    QB B excelled in a spread offense, his legs were more dangerous than his arm, has decent arm talent and has never had to huddle or go through nfl passing progressions

    Seeing as how NFL QB’s have to pass from the pocket to be successful and running is pretty much frowned upon… QB B is a little unsettling for me.

  29. I just can’t see a team such as the Bucs who have long had trouble getting fans to come to the games, draft someone like Winston that will likely keep more fans away than those who are so willing to turn a blind eye to his obvious red flags….

    If they do draft him then the Bucs will deserve the bad that comes with it the next few years… Those who play with fire, usually get burned!

  30. Mariota looks like Bert from Sesame Street.

    Once I realized that, I haven’t been able to un-see it!

  31. Winston will be a bust. Marriota will be a bust everywhere but Philly. If your picking M.M. Better have a deal in place with the Eagles.

  32. I think Winston will have success early & Mariota late. But Mariota most likely will have a better overall career.

    That being said, I wouldn’t draft either in round 1.

  33. Laugh if you want but instead spending a first round pick on an ESPN-hyped Heisman spread offense QB, I’d draft o-line in the first round and try to snag Oregon State QB Sean Mannion in the lower rounds of the draft. He actually ran a pro-style offense in college.

  34. Mayock’s ranking means nothing. The Bucs, will NOT allow Mayock’s so-called experts ratings, persuade them at all. When it comes time to take the card to the Commissioner, on April 30th, the Bucs will select QB, Florida State, Jameis Winston, period.

    This is the same talking head that had Johnny No Football at the top of his rankings last year. This means that Mariota will not be a Bucs, you can take it to the bank, just another smoke screen, that Mayock’s uses, to help that team he’s agree not to identify, to have Mariota slide to.

  35. Anyone who pays even a little bit of attention to how this pre-Draft hype works knows that this isn’t about Marriota or Winston. It’s about Mike Mayock.

  36. Problem with Mariota is he fumbled often in college. When the guys start hitting a lot harder in the pros, the ball is going to be coming out even more. Add in that none of the “mobile” quarterbacks has thus far done much. Cam Newton has been the best I suppose-and that is kind of like being the awarded as the smartest kid on the short bus.

  37. Mayock just continues to contradict himself year after year…its hilarious how this guy still has a job…the only thing hes ever been good at is his yearly mock draft…but other than that whats this guys credentials? Hes never been a scout or a gm so how is this guy supposed to be anymore qualified than any of us armchair gm’s sitting in front of our computers right now? I honestly think Daniel Jeremiah is much more qualified than mayock when it comes to evaluating players and talent…at least the guy has been a scout with a couple different teams…and a couple good teams to be exact

  38. I don’t pretend to know either of these QB’s, so I will spare you with all of the arm-chair QB stuff. Mariota is the safer “guy” and Winston could be an absolute stud. However I fear if he doesn’t get it together between his ears, he will be Jamarcus Russell 2.0

  39. If this guy was such a good talent evaluator wouldn’t a team be smart enough to hire him?

  40. I’ve watched Marcus throughout his Duck career and love the kid. He was the best college QB last year.
    BUT…that kid from UCLA will make the best pro QB.

  41. All these draft experts are like someone going to Vegas and saying “I’m gonna bet a million on red” or “I’m gonna bet a million on black” and everybody makes a huge deal out of it but nobody really pays attention to where the ball actually lands or holds their feet to the fire when they are wrong a solid 80% of the time.

  42. kcchefs58 says:

    These guys are wrong about prospects as much as the average fan. Experts my ***.

    Eh, so are the teams scouts.

  43. Good news for Jameis because Mayock had Gabbert ahead of Cam and Manziel ahead of Bridgewater.

    Give time and he really can pick’em.

  44. Well, I’m just an I.T. guy that loves football, so I’m shocked that Mayock notices less than what I do in Mariotta:
    – No ability to progress to 3-4 receivers
    – No ability to actually call plays in the huddle.
    – Not comfortable with basic 3 and 5 step drops.
    – Can’t throw the deep ball.
    – Can’t throw the back shoulder fade.
    – Can’t throw the out route with heat.
    – Runs a gimmick offense predicated on pace; he won’t have such a luxury in the NFL.

  45. Neither guy is worthy of a first round pick. That they will both get picked in the first round shows exactly why the bad teams tend to stay bad in the NFL.

  46. A lot of excuse making for Winston here. Kinda like the Manziel fanboys last year.

    GMs know the red flags. Can you trust a young man with off field issues being the face of your franchise?

  47. Mocks and big boards change all the time, and it seems like Mayock shuffles around his top 5 at any position from time to time. Keeping his material fresh for readers/viewers, I guess. Trying to invigorate the dead period between FA and the draft.

  48. Funny that he brings up the Louisville game where two of those picks are because receivers ran the wrong rout.

    Mayock doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  49. I really don’t like either one in the top of the first round but 18 interceptions against college CB’s could be equivalent to about 30 against Pro CB’s

  50. Sounds like the Bucs are all-in on Winston. If that’s so, the Titans should take Mariota; make him a back-up for a season and learn the position at the pro level and then start him next season.

  51. Nice to see Mayock come over to the dark side with my fellow Buc fans and say Mariotta is the pick……we have said that since the bowl game
    Lets look at the points why Jameis is not the pick…….1)I am so tired of hearing that he is the most “pro style” ready. As Josh Norris has pointed out, Jamarcus Russell, Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel looked good in college in “pro style” offenses…………How has that worked out?
    2)In an interview with Peter King he has said that his dream is to play both professional football and baseball.
    3)If you are picking in the top ten, more than likely you are not playing behind an All Pro offensive line…… I would like someone with a better 40 time than Peytons’
    4) Aceing the White board in the classroom does not mean that you can take it to the field under pressure. Too many interceptions and poor throws.
    5) Under pressure will he revert back to his baseball windup reminescent of Byron Leftwichs.?
    6) Ducks……..Bucs……..coincidence?…………I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Matt Ryan threw 19 INTs his senior year at BC, and like Winston, he also made magic happen in the 4th quarter when the game was on the line. He was the 3rd overall pick in 2008 and continued being a pretty clutch QB.

  53. I don’t think Winston or Mariota are top of the draft picks. Winston probably has more natural talent than Mariota, but the off-the-field issues are troubling. Mariota will work harder at developing himself, so I don’t see him being like Manziel. The guy I think might be just as good, or maybe even better, than these two, is Hundley. If I were the Bucs GM, I’d take Leonard Williams in the 1st round, then take Hundley ( maybe even move down, depending on QBs taken in the 1st round). Let Glennon and Hundley compete for the job.

  54. Now, he’s not as natural a thrower, but in the correct scheme I think he can be productive! Thats the biggest thing though, are the Bucs going to change how the Offense is or will they stay with the Pro type.

  55. Mayock is more full of crap than your average Shehawks fan. Last year he had Johny Football as a top pick, Gabbert a franchise QB before that! How does he get paid by anyone for spouting the crap he does? Smh

  56. Both Petty and Grayson will be better. Grayson is the best QB in this draft. Has also played in a pro style offense. Mariota doesn’t even know what a center is and can’t even call a single play.

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