Report: Dolphins kicking tires on possible trade up into Top 10


The Miami Dolphins made a big splash this offseason in signing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to a massive six-year, $114 million deal.

Could they be eying another splash in the draft?

According to Rob Rang of and, the Dolphins have reached out to teams with draft picks in the Top 10 to gauge the cost of trading up.

Miami only has six picks in this year’s draft. The Dolphins have a two fifth round picks and a first, second, fourth and sixth round pick. With so few selections, they may lack the draft capital needed to move up unless they are willing to part with 2016 selections as well.

The Dolphins need some offensive help to aid quarterback Ryan Tannehill. They could be looking to move up to grab either West Virginia receiver Kevin White or Alabama receiver Amari Cooper. Miami has looked into several free agent wide outs recently with Greg Jennings, Michael Crabtree and Wes Welker all visiting the team.

If the Dolphins make the move, it shows a significant urgency to win now. With Suh’s contract set to take an enormous chunk of the team’s salary cap after this season, it will be more difficult to piece a team around him in future years.

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  1. ALL 3 AFC East teams have PATRIOT ENVY, and spending themselves into CAP HELL for 5-7 yrs,,,JETS/Dolphins are going to be so upside down in 12-24 months they are going to have to dump/eat huge contracts for people like Suh, mevis etc etc

  2. Phins are going to be in cap hell very soon. I know it’s all about win now in the nfl but aren’t they leveraging a little too much of their future?

  3. Id raterh see us go up and get the best wr in the draft than to sit tight and get the 3rd or 4th best wr at #14.

    Or bring on Gurley at #14.He would help out tannehill a lot.

  4. the idiots have already mortgaged the farm signing suh , now they want to give away future picks,Doophin fans we are screwed.

  5. Assuming this isn’t a smokescreen, which it probably is, one suspects they’re preparing for the possibility that Cooper or White are there in the 8-10 range.

  6. This is hogwash, they won’t do that, they need more draft picks and they will trade back, to gain picks… Mark it down. To loaded a draft for trade up.

  7. White is a one year wonder and a reach. He may be the 2nd coming of Julio Jones but Jones was a legend from day 1 in High School.

    White might be Devin Thomas: Future all world special teamer. Personally, I think he is going to at least be very good.

    I would take him if I were Oakland because one pick does not break a team. Giving up depth (see Washington) can break a team if the pick does not pan out or even if it does, in some cases.

    Even in Julio’s case, Atlanta lost some depth but he is a marvel to watch and worth the price of admission.

    Cooper does not dazzle you but neither did Jerry Rice. Both were always open.

    He might be a HOF’r and he might be the old Steeler Jim Smith (who I loved, btw) and who seemed to catch a TD every other play but is forgotten because he was a role player. A very talented role player.

    Cooper will be traded as a pick by the Giants if he is there at 9. Giants hit lotto with OBjr and since jobs are on the line this year, they need help at Safety and Oline and noone is worth that at pick 9 this year.

  8. Well this could be a smoke screen. Just a couple weeks ago they were talking about trading to get more picks. If they do try to move up I’m thinking it will be to get something other than a WR because they will have several WR options at #14 and later in the draft. Especial when they’ve made it clear they are likely to sign a veteran WR as well. Maybe they are looking to add to the Oline or maybe ILB or even CB. Though I Seriously doubt they trade up for WR.

  9. Smoke screen pure and simple. No doubt they are targeting a wide receiver in the first. They can stay put and get Parker or trade down and take DGB. I believe Kevin White to be best WR in this draft as well. DGB might have more upside but also a ton more baggage. I think it would be irresponsible and senseless to give up our first second and probably more to move a few spots when there is plenty of WR depth through the first and into the second.

  10. If this is true, and I’m the Raiders, I offer up the 4th pick for Miami’s 1st, 2nd and 5th rounders (I believe that roughly corresponds with “the chart”). At 14, I take the best available edge rusher (our biggest need), best available WR at 35 (should still be a decent one available), and use the additional second, at 47, on a RG or RT. The extra 5th could still yield some decent depth, maybe at CB or LB? My 2 cents.

  11. And this is why a NON QB contract like Suh’s is a huge mistake.
    Even worse is the Dolphins have the worst front office in all of sports.

  12. WHAT!!! You don’t need to trade up. You need to trade back, to get more picks. We cant afford someone in the Top 10. That’s too much guaranteed money and would be in serious trouble come next year.

  13. Which is exactly why you don’t give a low impact positions qb money. Dolphins won’t win jack with his existing contract.

  14. they should stand pat and take whichever top tier player is available …

    they have enough needs that they will plug a hole with a starter at pick 14 and can adjust from there …

    no more Dion Jordan trade ups please ….

  15. Great. Get ready for more trade-wasting of draft picks, (i.e. Dion Jordan). We are the dumbest franchise in the NFL. Not only have we cap-strapped ourselves for years to come with the Suh deal, we may now waste what draft picks we have left on what will almost certainly be a another stupid Tannenbaum player move. The names may change, but the inept, post-Robbie Dolphins continues to drive this once-proud franchise into the ground.

  16. With it being rumored that they are looking at Devante Parker, I think they would trade into the 10th spot to jump in front of the Vikings

  17. Yes Suh’s contract will cause the Dolphins to take a huge cap hit. Then they will also have to pay Ryan Tannehill, which becomes another huge hit. This may seem crazy in that Ryan had a decent year and had good stats; That said he was a stretch being drafted at number eight. He has trouble connecting on the deep ball and is often not accurate. He’s not an elite or Franchise QB. So without much trade capital it makes sense to offer QB Freeman or Moore. Well that may not be enough. They could be looking to move Tannehill. He’s good but not elite. With Freeman and Moore signed and much cheaper options at QB; Take a shot and build a team other than paying a DT and then a marginal talent who will never be a Franchise QB.

  18. Love how people are saying Miami will be in cap hell. Well if that’s the case, so will Seattle as they have to pay Wilson and the other studs on their team. Miami fans who follow the team knows miami will be fine. They cut a lot of fat contracts this year. Players that would have been cut regardless of signing Suh. The cap is expected to increase another 10m next year. Miami will trade or cut wake after next season, they will pay Vernon on a new contract. Pouncey will sign a long term deal and how Miami structures his deal, it will be cap friendly. Tannehill will get his money and many other guys on the roster are on their rookie deals. Miami can draft a WR and have cheap players for the next 4 to 5 years. We can draft a Gordon on the cheap and if miller wants to break the bank, release him. Miami will be fine, they have plenty of money next year and will create additional funds replacing older guys with younger. The only player that Miami will miss is Clay and letting him walk was smart.

  19. Drafting a rookie is way cheaper than signing a FA. But in a draft said to be heavy in good WRs is it wise to move up for one?

  20. All this talk about Tannehill and his deep balls. Watch his games you will see he is plenty accurate. His numbers increase every year as in yards Tds and fewer INT. As for his INTs at least 6 were balls that bounced off Wrs hands. Tom Brady is one of the greatest of all time, he isn’t throwing deep he’s throwing short passes and letting the Wrs RAC so this whole deep ball crap is just pointless. Maybe if Miami gets a solid line to protect Tanny he would connect on the deep throws. We had a totally new line starting this year. Go figure, when Miami adds improvements to their line, Ryan’s numbers get better. No one complains about Wilson because his defense is what wins. His numbers aren’t screaming greatness. If it wasn’t for their D, Wilson wouldn’t be in the SB

  21. I thought if Parker wasn’t there and no other BPA fills a need. Then they might trade back to possibly try to get Perriman.

    This could be insurance to get one of those top 3 WR’s.

  22. I am not the greatest football historian but my feeling is no team in the history of football has ever had success especially long term by blowing money, draft picks etc on a few players. Somebody posted they just don’t get it and I couldn’t say it better. I always think Redskins when I think of free agent splash with disasterous results but my Dolphins might soon get those thoughts if they keep this up.

  23. Trade away Wallace, let Hartline, Gibson, and Clay walk. Decide against signing Crabtree or Jennings for peanuts. Then mortgage the future to trade up to the top 5 for a guy you HOPE will be good in the future some day. As others have said, they don’t have enough picks as is it. Even SUGGESTING this as a strategy should get you fired.

  24. Cap Hell in 2016? I think not.
    We got rid of a lot of fat contracts for under performing players (8 mil for Ellerbe replaced by Jenkins $750K) an funneled that to a D-Line that needed severe help – Remember we had 4 games at the end of the years where we gave up over 200yds each and every game.

    Plus don’t be surprised if the Phins could restructure Suh’s deal next offseason – give hime 2 more years/more guaranteed money but spread it out.

    As for moving up for a WR – please God no!!!
    Plenty of options, we need OG’s, a 2nd CB a good MLB as well as a good WR and RB.

    Draft well and we can improve nicely.
    Reach stupidly for a better playmaker at one position while ignoring the chance to improve another will always lead to disappointment.

    Right Hootie?

  25. We’ve already given up a valuable third round pick. Now we’re talking about moving down and giving up even more picks?!

    Hickey knows how to draft (he proved that last year). Why not let the man do his thing and draft for us at 14?

    Our owner Ross has put his trust on a man (Tannenbaum) who gave some pretty terrible contracts to people like Mark Sanchez, and left that team in salary cap hell.

    I think we’re in a lot of trouble 🙁

  26. All this talk about cap hell… Miami will just convert money to bonus etc and Ross will open the checkbook well because he can..not many owners have the money this guy has. They will be just fine.

  27. jsbills55 says: Apr 9, 2015 12:05 PM

    Drafting a rookie is way cheaper than signing a FA. But in a draft said to be heavy in good WRs is it wise to move up for one?


    You mean like your Bills did last time? How did that work out? ( Sammy Watkins )

  28. I opposed to this strategy, Miami has too many holes to fill to waste picks for a trade up in a deep draft.

    However, it would please me if they land Vic Beasley as a result of such a move.

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