Browns have real interest in moving up for Mariota


The NFL has two types of teams: Those with franchise quarterbacks, and those trying to find a franchise quarterback.

Within the latter characterization is a subcategory: Those so desperate to find a franchise quarterback that they’ll do anything to get one however they can and whatever it takes.

The Browns sit atop that subcategory. After burning a first-round pick in 2012 on Brandon Weeden and a first-round pick in 2014 on Johnny Manziel, the Browns are truly interested in using their two first-round picks in 2015 to move up and get Marcus Mariota, per multiple league sources.

Cleveland has selections No. 12 and No. 19. They acquired the 19th pick from Buffalo after trading down only five spots last year, from No. 4 to No. 9, so that the Bills could get receiver Sammy Watkins. Given that the price to jump from No. 9 to No. 4 in 2014 was a future first-round pick and a future fourth-round pick, it’s hard to know whether the No. 12 and No. 19 picks would be enough to get Mariota.

One major factor will be how high the Browns have to go to get him. If the Titans don’t take Mariota at No. 2 (and there’s a definite belief in some circles that they won’t, regardless of whether they should), the Jaguars at No. 3 and the Raiders at No. 4 surely won’t take him, because they each picked up competent young quarterbacks in last year’s draft. Would No. 12 and No. 19 be enough to give up a shot at edge rusher Dante Fowler, Jr. (for the Jaguars) or receivers Kevin White/Amari Cooper (for the Raiders)?

If not, Washington becomes the hot spot at No. 5. They’ve been trying to create the impression that they’d take Mariota if he’s there. That could be aimed at ensuring someone else takes him in the first four picks, pushing the guy they really want into their clutches. Or it could be aimed at creating leverage for a trade, with the “or else” in the negotiations being that, absent an offer that gets their attention from a team that covets Mariota, Washington will simply take him.

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  1. The browns are absolutely dumb and hopeless. I know it’s really easy to hate on Manziel but seriously you’re going to give up on a guy you drafted in the first round after only a couple starts? I feel so bad for browns fans does anyone have it worse than them?

  2. If I’m Mariota, I pull a Manning in 2004 and have someone state on his behalf that he doesn’t want to go to the Browns. He’ll have no career there.

  3. If he doesnt go to TEN at 2, then WAS at 5 is in the drivers seat for a trade-down. Cant see how NYJ at 6 pass on him.

    If we draft enough of them, one will eventually work out, right?

  4. If they can trade 12 and 19 for Mariota, then they will trade Mariota for the Eagles #20 and Bradford. Maybe the Eagles throw in a 4th rounder to boot. Everyone wins. Except Bradford. And the Browns. The Browns don’t ever win

  5. Potentially three first round picks on quarterbacks in four years.

    Has any other team used that many first round picks on QBs in such a short period of time in history? I can’t think of one.

  6. Haven’t we learned from the past?

    I’m not saying Mariota isn’t worth a top 3 pick but, it’s still a gamble. There are no guarantees. However, year after year we give up picks to move up, and then we don’t have the picks needed to fill all of the holes. We go from 7 picks down to 4-5 picks, and after a few years wonder why we have no depth. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I wish Mariota a long and successful career but, not with the Browns, and not at that expense.

  7. So the Bills 19th pick will be used to help the Browns get what the Bills need, a franchise QB. Whaley’s got a good eye for talent on defense — but terrible judgment when it comes to offense.

  8. Please Tell Me The Browns Are Just Baiting Chip Kelley…Please, Please, Please…

    A Long Suffering Browns Fan.

  9. Browns spend 100K to find out from a 3rd party that best QB in draft was Teddy Bridgewater. They turn around and draft Johnny Football. Bridgewater currently looks like the new kid Marlo Stanfield showing up to the quarterback corner staring down the Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady Barksdales. Meanwhile, Johnny is like bubbles. If I’m Mariota, I would be terrified of having to play for the Browns.

  10. While Mariota and Manziel are cut from the same cloth athletically and stylistically, they couldn’t be more different with regards to how they approach leadership, discipline and integrity. Truth be told, if they both end up on the same roster and become close friends, it could be the best thing that ever happened to Manziel. Maybe 5 years from now, they’ll be two of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, though obviously not still on the same team.

  11. It might be a good year to have those top picks and trade down. If I’m near the top of the draft, I definitely trade down for the #12 & 19 overall picks. And, if the Titans don’t take Mariota, there could end up being a bidding war to move up to take him.

    Best case scenario for my team is if Mariota lasts to #11. Everyone knows the Browns would take him at #12, so anybody that wants him will have to trade with the Vikings to get him.

  12. With the Redskins many needs trading back would be a good thing; I just don’t see Marcus lasting that long. The flip side for the Redskins is that if you think Marcus is THE guy then don’t you have to take him?

  13. Musta got that juicy nugget from Mary Kay Cabot… Browns smoke screen. He’ll be there at 12 if we want to hit the bust trifecta… Everybody move along now…

  14. Although I don’t think Mariota is an excellent QB physically, I do believe that mentally he has what it takes.

    I also think being a great NFL QB is more about the talent in the space that lies between your ears as opposed to the arm attached to your shoulder.

  15. the Browns go out of their way to draft Mariota and he flops, with the Browns luck, that franchise is a mess. Even worst than the pathetic Vikings…….. 4 SB losses…… HA.

  16. I don’t see how the Redskins can keep Mariota and RGII on the roster, and the same with the Browns having Manziel and Mariota on the roster. Pick one or the other and roll.

  17. In other words, the Browns have real interest in taking -insert QB name here- in the 2016 draft also. Their biggest problem is they can’t develop these guys- and to some extent don’t even try before moving on to the next guy. Mariota deserves better than this.

  18. Funny how 11 teams including the sorry Vikings are drafting in front of the Browns. Oh. and Brian Hoyer and a drug addict were our QB’s… Above average team with no QB or WR’s.

  19. A smart front office will admit their mistake in Manziel and take steps to fix the problem. To wait another year on a qb who not only fails at being mature enough to be a professional. But one that struggles in the basic fundamentals of the position.

    With that said. I don’t know if Mariota is the guy to fix the problem.

  20. So if the Skins are threatening to take him at #5, it would appear that the #4 pick Oakland owns would be the one they’d want. But the fact for the first time in a long time Oakland has all of it’s own picks makes that trade less probable.

  21. If they draft Mariota the GM should be fired for gross negligence because of his use of a first round draft pick on Johnny Football last year.

  22. Here is the problem with this story; the Buccaneers need a QB and have the first pick in the draft.

    All of these stories involving the Browns trading two picks in the low teens to move up to draft Mariota or Philly trading Bradford and the 20th pick to draft Mariota and basically any story that involves these longshot scenarios are just that – longshots.

    Don’t for one minute believe the Bucs are locked in on Winston. You don’t bring the top two QB prospects in on back to back days if you only have eyes for one of them.

  23. How much more exciting is this draft looking than the ‘great’ Luke Joekel/Eric Fisher saga a few years back

    Must admit i’m falling for the hype should be trades galore

  24. i think TB changes gears and takes MM, so it is academic.

    the broader question is where and when do the other QBs go, and do any of them amount to anything ?

    that’s where the analysis should be now, the remaining, non-MM, non-JW QBs…

  25. Mariota is going to Titans as the 2nd pick, at least he will be ready to go for the new coach in 2016

  26. Browns trade with the Redskins get Mariota….Redskins get multiple high round picks to fill needs Browns get best QB in draft…Browns trade Manziel to Eagles for a 7th round pick. At least get something for someone going nowhere on the Browns…I don’t care much for Chip but I do believe if there is someone in the NFL that could get something out of Manziel he could.
    See I’ve figured it all out and 3 teams benefit from 2 trades.

  27. Here’s a good deal for Washington

    Picks 12 & 19 – 3rd rounder 2015, 2nd rounder 2016

    Browns get Mariota – win/win for both teams.

    It will help the Browns remember to not draft a QB in 2016 🙂

  28. It’s not funny the Browns pick after the Vikings. If Marioa falls to us at 11, we are going to say the Eagles are trying to move up, and take both your ones, plus assorted other picks, to move back one spot and take the guy we wanted all along, like we did in 2012 and 2014.


  29. Too bad for Marcus that he can’t opt for the USFL like Jim Kelly and Steve young instead of getting drafted by a dysfunctional train wreck like the Browns.

  30. With the Browns track record of evaluating QB talent this should be a huge red flag and cause for other teams to run as far away from Mariotta as they can. Poor kid. I really liked him too.

  31. “I know it’s really easy to hate on Manziel but seriously you’re going to give up on a guy you drafted in the first round after only a couple starts?”

    Its called cutting your losses. They’ve seen enough to know that they made a big mistake in drafting him.

  32. I don’t think it’s the QB’s they’ve drafted that are the problem (well except maybe Manziel) – I believe it’s the coaching. If the Browns had landed Tom Brady back in 2000 he would have gone the way of these other train wrecks.

    Conversely, I believe if a QB is drafted by BB he’ll at least be able to be called a decent franchise QB – maybe not at TB level since that does take some inherent talent on the QB’s part – but these guys didn’t come off the street, they were good somewhere before being drafted and should be able to be molded to at least be at Joe Flacco level.

  33. You know whenever the toilet gets clogged and wont flush but you keep trying to flush it which only makes it worse. And no matter what you do nothing works. All you can do is shrug your shoulders and walk away. That’s the Cleveland Browns.

  34. Where are the facts to back up the claim that the “Browns have real interest in moving up for Mariota”? Nothing here but a bunch of speculation. Another baiting Browns write up to feed the haters their daily dose.

    Hoping the Browns trade down and try to acquire a future 1st rounder to put them in position to pick up Cardale. Plenty of talent will go in the bottom of the first, so build the defense and forgot the QB for a season.

  35. As someone above said, it’s better to admit the mistake and move forward. Carroll and the Seahawks made mistake after mistake at the QB position before getting lucky, but they had to stones to admit their mistakes and move forward.

    That said, it’s hard to know what’s truth and what’s BS right now. Are the Browns leaking this in hopes of making another deal or is the interest genuine? Who knows? One thing for sure is that even the Browns know they can’t just sit back with their current QB roster and expect to compete as they tried to trade for Bradford. As a Browns fan, here’s hoping they get it right finally because there’s some talent on this roster.

  36. Marcus’ agent needs to declare that his client isn’t going to any team that picks in the top 6 or Cleveland. That should weed out the dumpster fire franchises and give him an actual opportunity to land with a team where his career has hope.

  37. Imagine if Cleveland knew how to draft? They had so many first round picks in the past few seasons, yet they amounted to nothing.

  38. Personally, I’d like to see them skip a QB early this year. Use the two first rounders to make the team better. McCown/Manziel/Shaw/Whoever can get them through this year. If it’s a good year, great. If not, next years QB crop seems to be much deeper. Even if you have to pick later in the first round (and I don’t think they’ll be better than 8-8), there’s still better value. And if you have to give up a first and a second, or the next year’s first, at least you’ve got a team for the new guy. Think a bit longer term.

  39. Marcus Mariotta should investigate if there is such a thing as a “career ending draft selection” insurance policy available similar to a career ending injury insurance policy.

    If the Browns draft him he’s going to need it.

  40. There’s a third type of team: One who kills potential franchise quarterbacks… like my Browns.

  41. If the Browns had the first and second picks they would take both Mariota and Winston, but would have a hard time deciding who to take first.

  42. I’d love for the Jaguars to make that trade. They’re picking 4th in the Second Round too (36th overall). So they’d have 3 of the 1st 36 picks? Yeah, I’d make that trade. There’s going to be a player they like sitting there at #12. Get on the phone, Dave Caldwell!

  43. Washington should ask a ransom from Philly to give up their spot. Give a questionable QB to a division rival, hobble their draft for a couple years, and get a few extra draft picks in the process. Spend them on the OL and receivers, and build your QB back up. Best path to Washington being relevant in the division again.

    And I say this as a Cowboys fan.

  44. cafetero1075 says:

    If they really wanted Mariota they should of started Manziel all year.

    That is funny; is Manziel worth less in a trade than RG3?

  45. Instead of year in and year out chasing a “franchise” quarterback in the first round, it might make sense to build a complete team and THEN draft a quarterback.

    You can’t properly evaluate how successful a quarterback can be if there isn’t a team around them. Reaching to draft someone, and packaging picks to do it, is killing this franchise. Calm down, draft best player available, and build a team.

    The fan base has stuck with you rabidly, without any signs of improvement, since you came back in 1999. What is another year or two if you’re actually taking a stab at being a winner, even if it is the “boring” way?

  46. are the Browns the NFL’s most snake-bitten franchise in history or just the most inept?

  47. Mariotta couldn’t do anything against Ohio State, and that was, arguably, with more weapons on offense than he would have with the Browns. What makes people think he is going to be a franchise QB in the pro’s? I don’t get it…

  48. southpaw2k says:
    Apr 9, 2015 10:32 AM
    Potentially three first round picks on quarterbacks in four years.

    Has any other team used that many first round picks on QBs in such a short period of time in history? I can’t think of one


    RG3 trade comes to mind…

  49. carcettiformayor21211 says:
    Apr 9, 2015 11:49 AM
    You know whenever the toilet gets clogged and wont flush but you keep trying to flush it which only makes it worse. And no matter what you do nothing works. All you can do is shrug your shoulders and walk away. That’s the Cleveland Browns.


    It could be The Amazing Steaming Stoolers also.

  50. no more QB’ s in the first round please….especially ones that have never played in a prostyle offense and worked primarily out of the shot gun dinkin and dunkin with a gimmick offense. Continue to build up the team and bring in as many qb’s as it takes…just not in first two rounds.

  51. Ready to swing and strike out on QB #3, Cleveland? You missed on Weeden, you gave up on Manziel already, and now you are going to ruin Mariota’s career before it starts.

  52. If I’m Mariota:

    “I’d like to thank the Bucs, Browns, Jets, Washington team and Titans for expressing interest in drafting me. However, to those teams, I respectfully request that you do not draft me as I will not report to you if you do. I am making this decision in the best interests of my future development and in the best interests of my family. I should not need to explain myself as I am sure that you understand.”


  53. Cleveland is just a mess….you have to wonder if they have a plan in place at all?

    If I were running it:

    1) I’m not trading to move up, I need talent and need to create depth—-they need to admit they are not that close to being a legit contender—-I may trade down from 12 looking for a late 1 and hopefully 2 or just a 3 in return. Maybe I kind trade with Jerrah :-)….with the 19th pick I take OT Flowers, with the 28th I take DT, Eddie Goldman.

    2) If Manziel is back from rehab and ready to go, the QB is his job to lose..period. If he is not back and/or not ready to go then I go with McCown.

    …while posting this the Browns called my cell phone and asked if I’d come in and talk about a job 🙂

  54. The old draft chart says the 12th and 19th picks are worth 2,075 points. The second overall pick is worth 2,600 points. Third pick is worth 2,200, fourth is worth 1,800 and fifth is worth 1,700. Cleveland would probably have to cough up a third, later round pick to go third. And they could get a late round pick back if they trade with Oakland or Washington. But if they trade with Tennessee, they need to cough up 525 in value. That’s a high second rounder! Awfully steep price…two first rounders and a second rounder. I don’t see them trading with Tennessee. If they have any sense, they call bluff, wait, and then trade with Washington or Oakland. Then again, this is the Clowns. They’ll probably trade with TB and give up 5 first round drafts picks to do it.

  55. Titans are taking him….does anybody really think Mettenberger is the answer.

    If Ken passes on Marcus, he will be unemployed next season when the Tians have the #1 overall pick, with a really thin QB class in next years draft.

  56. The Society For Protection Of Rookie QB’s calls for a ban on Brown’s drafting any QB. Veteran’s at least have a bank account, and thick skin.

  57. Smoke Screen. The Browns are dead set on getting Sam Bradford. Don’t you think they sure as heck know by now that drafting a QB is an unknown? This is a story to get Ol’ Chip Kelly interested and could potentially be used as a bargaining chip.

  58. I would take the Browns roster without a qb over about half the leagues rosters. People just love to hate on the Browns. Gets old reading bout this garbage. “Yada yada Browns suck” am over those bs headlines. If I was a Browns fan I would tell u all to suck it. But I am not.

  59. I find it funny that Vikings fans are so arrogant about how they continuously draft in front of the browns. Yes, those 2012 &2014 trades did not work out for cleveland, but the Vikings are still picking in front of them almost every year… is that good??

  60. Hopefully the Redskins get the Cleveland team to deal with them and they can pick up a QB they want later and get extra picks.

  61. If it was me and i was drafted by the Cleveland Clowns i would hold out until the end of time! Too even say that you would give both of your first round picks to move up in this draft is probably the dumbest thing i have ever heard! I am a lifelong Clowns fan and from where i sit i would just rather the Clowns move away again and never come back, its the only way the factory of sadness will ever end. This is truly a team with no direction, no clue, no idea how it should be done…..Just a really sad Clowns fan, but then again what’s new about that?

  62. There is no way Mariota makes it past the 3rd pick. The Jaguars want out of the #3 spot and it won’t take much for them to move back.

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